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Facing Reality: Why Bel Air’s Property Rental is the Next Big Thing

Residential properties are rising up in Bel Air, Makati, and in neighboring cities. Different factors are making more people look for apartments for rent in Bel Air Village. Savings from transportation costs, location, and many conveniences make living in the city viable.

Before, the ideal was for people to move towards the suburbs and look for residential properties for sale. Now, there’s a growing number of people deciding to rent. It is perhaps the wiser financial choice for many.

Here’s why:

A practical reason for proximity

There are many reasons today’s young professionals are moving to Makati. The common reason involves the daily commute. Most suburbs are roughly two hours of travel to their office. If there’s traffic, this commute could go up an hour or two.

Bel Air, Makati, Aerial View

Bel Air Aerial View, Photo property of Chad M, License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

An affordable choice

You can save on transportation or fuel costs this way, too. Those who have an apartment near their workplace probably don’t even have to get a ride; they can walk to work.

A solution to stress

The time wasted and the stress built up from sitting in a bus or cab for hours make looking for apartments for rent in Bel Air Village the more attractive option. With your new home closer to your place of work, you don’t have to get up early, and leaving the office late will not be so bad.

Even if you don’t save money, you save time and effort, which can be more important in today’s world than material rewards.

RFID in the Military

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification technology, in which data transfers wirelessly via radio waves between transponders called RFID tag or labels and RFID readers. The data transfer occurs in milliseconds, without human involvement and without line of sight.

military labels

RFID labels can signal their unique identity, presence, location, and other user-defined information. The tags can also vary in memory, power, durability, size and frequency. For instance, passive tags have no internal power source, while active tags have an internal power source in the form of a battery.

For tracking cases and pallets in the supply chain, the Department of Defense (DoD) mandates the use of 96 bit, passive RFID or military tags, which conform to the EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2 standard.

RFID in the DoD Supply Chain

The implementation of military labels results in data quality, item management, asset visibility, and material maintenance improvements.

RFID addresses the lack of visibility of logistics data. Its use in the DoD supply chain has the potential to provide real benefits in inventory management, asset visibility, and interoperability in an end-to-end integrated environment. It also encapsulates the data accuracy benefits inherent in all types of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT).

Even though it’s a key technology enabler for the DoD logistics business transformation, RFID isn’t limited to military use. It can serve different purposes in other fields.


Drive with Ease: Choose the Right Boots

A good pair of motorcycle boots is important to keep you comfortable when riding. The right footwear can even prevent accidents like tipping over if you land your foot awkwardly, or if you step on loose soil. Purchase the right motocross boots with these tips:


Most motorcycle boots are made with thick leather to provide high abrasion resistance. Some boots manufacturers, however, produce boots with textile materials that are both abrasion resistant and more breathable. Look for those made with double layers of leather, textile, or plastic sliders.


To provide adequate protection, your boots should come up at least over the ankle. They should have solid construction for the right amount of support. While a high-top boot may feel stiffer, it offers the most protection for your feet.

Dirt bike


Quality boots are constructed with double or triple stitching to make sure they stay together even if an accident occurs. Soles are also sewn rather than glued to offer more feet protection.


How your boots open or close is a matter of personal preference. Lace is a popular choice as it offers ease when removing the footwear. The only setback of lace is your boots may come undone while riding. It is safer to use boots with buckle or strap laces.

Choose the best motorcycle footwear that fits your needs and budget. Visit a reliable MX boots store that offers a wide variety of quality motorcycle boots.

Be Practical: Choosing Clothes for Your Newborn

When it comes to buying newborn clothes, it is important to be practical. As babies grow fast, you don’t need to spend too much on many outfits in the smallest size. It also pays to buy baby clothes that are easy to slip on and off. Here are a few guidelines when choosing clothes for newborns.

One Size Ahead

Babies outgrow clothes very quickly so choose one size ahead of your baby’s actual size. Six-month old babies can wear clothes size 9-12 months. This suggestion, however, doesn’t apply to sleepwear, which should always be close fitting.

Choose Cotton

Experts recommend choosing100 percent cotton when purchasing clothes for babies. Cotton clothes are hypoallergenic and can keep your baby cooler in hot weather than those made with acrylic fibres. Wool and other types of fabric can also irritate your baby’s skin.

Fashionable baby

Stretchy Clothes

Choose clothes with stretchy neck holes or those with an envelope-like fold at the neckline. These types of clothes are great for sliding over your newborn’s sensitive head. You can also choose clothes with snaps at the crotch to allow easy access for nappy changes and prevent the clothes from exposing your baby’s skin.

Choose Simple Colours

When purchasing baby clothes, it is advisable to choose simple styles and colours. You can choose to experiment with other patterns and designs, as your baby grows older. You can add a vest, cardigan, tights, and dresses later on.

Choose clothes that are soft, comfortable, and easy to take care of. Visit baby clothing stores and shops to find comfortable and stylish infant clothing.

The Four Ds that Make the Liquidation World Go Round

Certain factors keep the liquidation industry running, and you could summarize these reasons in four Ds.


The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking and depressing time, and this instance also spells a lot of changes for most families. With an estate to divide amongst heirs, many resort to calling trusted estate liquidation companies in St. Louis to handle the sale and equal distribution of the assets. In some cases, courts order the liquidation of an estate, normally because of bickering heirs who can’t come up with a plan on how they’d keep the property.

estate liquidation companies


This is quite a common case you may have encountered through the media. Businesses that go bankrupt sometimes have to resort to liquidation to stave off creditors and pay off (at least a part of) existing debts.


Courts often rule the division of assets between couples who have decided to end the relationship.


Retirees who no longer have the capacity to manage a property and its assets see estate liquidation as a solution so that they can finally downsize and have a change of lifestyle.

All these factors play a role as to how today’s liquidation industry performs. Professional liquidators ensure that the asset merits the best possible value so that their client would finally be able to move on and dispose of the property and its other assets.

The Business of Selling Produce

Selling produce entails a big responsibility to the consumers. Food safety doesn’t start at home; it actually begins in the market. Apart from keeping the welfare of families in check, make sure all of the perishable goods you are trading are always in optimum quality to help prevent food poisoning cases involving your store. This definitely puts your business in jeopardy with the government along with many other lives.

Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables

Working with a reputable wholesale supplier of fruits and vegetables is paramount. Be it a small grocery store or a large food retailer, getting your fresh produce supply from a company you can trust takes care half of the job. You can gain confidence that every product that will be displayed in your stalls is safe and of premium quality with the supplier’s best practices.

Innovative Storage System

Only trust a fruits and vegetables wholesale supplier with a modern produce storage facility. Suppliers with adequate space and state-of-the-art equipment are more capable of housing substantial amounts of perishable products for a longer period without the presence of contaminants. An advanced storage system is the key to prevent early spoilage.

Efficient Distribution Process

Many suppliers today, like Wilson’s Fresh Produce, have high-tech distribution centres to make delicious and nutritious produce easily accessible. This lets you replenish your stock quickly, allowing you to meet all of your customers’ needs at all times.

Teaming up with produce suppliers that use modern practices means everything. Not only can you make sure your fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spice are fresh, but you can also gain some peace of mind that your customers are safe with your products.

What Makes a House a Home? Creating a Look You’ll Love

Why move when you can improve your home? Forget moving and make the most of what you have by extending up or out. The increasing prices of homes in Australia and the hassle of moving makes staying put an attractive option.

Extensions can make your home more enjoyable to live in. Space, storage, and light are some of the benefits you can reap when you add rooms. You can have a cosy, quiet space to sit in with a coffee and a magazine.

home extensions

Here’s how to make your project a success:

Look for a problem solver

Price is a big factor and should be a major consideration. Before you plan that extravagant extension, it is important to consult home renovation experts in Perth. They are problem solvers and can make your life better. Know the most detailed explanation of home extensions and the price.

Make it big

The front of the house is the most social area of the home. If you have decided to do an extension, make it as big as you can possibly afford. Of course, costs will vary with the design and the area.

Design your extension

Design the space that suits your lifestyle and aspirations. The priorities in renovating older-style homes are to make rooms and windows bigger, create indoor-outdoor living spaces, and make the house more open. It is a good idea to introduce flexibility.

An extension is an effective way to add space and value to your home if done correctly. So, make sure the money you spend achieves the results you need.

Fun All The Way: What Makes the Gold Coast Golden?

Australia’s Gold Coast is a fun and diverse city, offering fun-filled nights and action-packed days. It’s close to restaurants, shops, cafés, and nightlife. If you’re planning to visit the city for a relaxing break, then you are in for a treat.

Gold Coast Australia

Here are some things to see, eat, and do:

For foodies

Food lovers will love planning their itinerary as the country offers world-class restaurants and modern cafes along the Gold Coast. Spoil yourself and enjoy a dining experience at Hard Rock Café or at The Manolas Brothers.

Bar hopping

Sometimes it feels like a crime to stay indoors when the skies are clear. No trip to the Gold Coast is complete without experiencing its nightlife. Nightclubs within the city feature a mix of live bands, DJs, and guest appearances from international artists.

Adventure time

If there’s anything the Gold Coast is famous for, it’s the beaches. You can discover the beauty, mystery, and history along its sandy shores. Relax on the beach or take to the waves at the many surf beaches. Whether you want to learn to surf or chill at a beachfront café at the Gold Coast, the city will have you covered.

Apart from stunning beaches, the Gold Coast has a lot to offer. The combination of city hot spots, enticing beaches, and neighbouring attractions make it the perfect place for a fun-filled vacation.

Your Guide to Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the key to having a fully functional roof all-year round. By spending a few minutes every six months, you can identify maintenance opportunities that can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Roof Cleaning

What to Do:

  • Examine the roof and look for missing shingles and other signs of wear and tear. You can replace damaged or curling shingles on your own or hire someone to do it if you are not handy with such work.
  • Look for any signs of moss or algae. If your roof is collecting algae, you can put zinc strips. Do not forget to inspect the area for rust. Get rid of the rust by wire-brushing it off and painting the metal.
  • Check the flashing and make sure it is stable. If it is not, remove the old caulk and reseal the area. You can also consider installing EPDM or rubber roofing membrane to maintain your roof’s integrity. The rubber membrane is weather-resistant.
  • Check for signs of leaking such as mould in the attic or dark spots in the ceiling. Take action immediately; find a contractor to fix the leak.
  • Trim the branches hanging over the roof. This can prevent structure damages and keep animals away.

Do not ignore the small problems on your roof. Performa thorough inspection every year and contact companies offering roofing supplies and maintenance to protect your roof.


Things SEO Experts Wish Their Clients Know

SEO is not a game, but clients who resort to this marketing tactic usually think it is. There are some things that SEO experts would want their client to know. They, however, restrain themselves from saying so, for fear of offending the client and losing them. Below are only some of the things SEO companies wish their clients have an idea about.

“Content is King”

There are clients who are crazy about putting up fantastic effects on their website, but neglect the value of content. While designs and special effects have a say about driving sales, SEO experts want you to know that content is what really entice people into visiting your site and hanging around.

typing on keyboard

“We’re Marketing People, not IT Guys”

Many clients always mistake SEO experts for programmers and hackers. SEO experts may have knowledge about programming codes, but the things they really focus on are HTML Codes, analytics graphs, and social media marketing techniques.

“SEO Uses a Little Psychology”

SEO is about marketing, and marketing talks a lot about the human psyche. Therefore, it’s just right to say that SEO uses some psychology. The fact that SEO guys spend time researching keywords and studying colour palettes for website designs proves it all.

Furthermore, seo firms want you to understand that SEO is not a rocket science. This means not all efforts will bring in instant results. You need to understand that SEO may take time, especially if your campaign starts unhealthy or there are pre-existing conditions that put your website in the second page.