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FCA Compliance Training: Helping Finance Firms Meet Industry Standards

Compliance makes sure firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) meet its requirements. Businesses should take it seriously, as the agency has the power to issue warnings, impose fines and ban key individuals and firms. To avoid penalties and other consequences of failing to meet standards, some companies attend FCA compliance training programs.

Firms need to follow the detailed rules in the FCA’s Handbook that are relevant to them and the FCA’s 11 Principles for Business, such as the requirement to treat customers fairly. The handbook includes chapters on systems & controls requirements, training & competence requirements and complaints handling guidelines. It also discusses the Conduct of Business Rules, which set out the detailed standards for each product category.

Here is a list of compliance areas your firm must consider:

  • Recruitment – making sure new employees are competent and hold required certifications
  • Training & competence – understanding the way businesses should supervise staff, the standards for achieving competence and the requirements for personal development
  • File reviews
  • Complaints – recognising a complaint, handling it correctly and offering compensation where appropriate
  • Submitting data returns to the FCA
  • Anti-money laundering – identifying and reporting suspicious transactions
  • Risk management –determining risks that exist within your firm and learning ways to manage these risks

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The FCA may inspect your compliance systems and documentations any time. Do you want the FCA to see your records as they look now? It is not enough to conform; you need to provide evidence, too. Compliance training will teach you efficient ways to perform important tasks concerning the FCA. A rule of thumb is to record what you have done and make sure you can locate these documents when needed.

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating business compliance:

  • Do you carry out sufficient file reviews?
  • Do you treat customers fairly?
  • Do you offer sufficient information to clients?
  • Do you disclose fees in a transparent manner to clients?
  • Can you prove that your key personnel and advisers are competent?
  • Do you have documented procedures for anti-money laundering, complaints handling, data protection, sales practices, training & competence and whistleblowing?

Compliance responsibilities, even in the smallest firms, are extensive. The penalties for non-compliance can be significant. To avoid problems with the FCA, many firms work with compliance consultants who can provide an expert and impartial view of their arrangements.

Cloud Server Hosting: Launching Your Business through the Clouds!

Hosting websites through cloud servers is the hottest trend in the computing world with many businesses using them to their advantage. Simply put, cloud servers are virtual servers that operate in the cloud computing circles. This is why cloud servers are also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers or VDS. Essentially, cloud servers operate as units that are independent of software. This implies that the virtual server has all the software it needs for running. It has no requirement for any other software that has been centrally installed.

cloud server hosting

While providing website hosting, cloud hosting services also act as a utility service than as a product. This means that clients can utilise their services as much as they want based on the demands of their website. As a form of service, which has been given various acronyms like Saas (Software as a Service), Pass (Platform as a Service), Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service), Eaas (Everything as a Service) and Haas (Hardware as a Service), cloud servers offer several advantages to businesses.

Plenty of freedom

Hosting websites through cloud servers gives businesses the freedom to modify all their server software requirements. With a cloud server, it becomes possible to modify even the core of the operation system unlike with private servers.

Greater stability and security

According to Internet Solutions, this is the biggest benefit cloud servers can offer businesses that consider stability and security of business-related information an important aspect in their operations. As cloud servers are isolated from the business environment, websites are safe from harm, including any hardware snags. Even if others overload their cloud servers, it will not affect your business because the resources are dedicated to you. This will give your operations greater stability.

More cost-effective

Cloud servers are also economically advantageous because they’re more efficient than private servers. For the same costs, you can receive more resources and use a faster server with a cloud server. Also, you can upgrade it more easily and quickly at much more affordable prices.

Finding and Financing the Right Homes in North Carolina

North Carolina provides idyllic scenes for setting up a home, especially in Asheville. If you’re thinking of building a new property, financing it should be the topmost priority on your agenda. If you can pay ready cash, it becomes much easier to arrange and draw schedules every 2 weeks for the contractors and subcontractors. If, however, a bank or finance company is giving you a loan, you first need to know how they make their draws.

French Bread Crossing offers the following guide to help you make the most out of your property:


You may have paid out a large sum and the bank is delaying your payment or paying you on a monthly basis. This may lead to problems in the construction flow. The good news is there are certain financing agencies that may help you address the problem.


The second most important point is land. Even though you may own a property, it doesn’t mean you can automatically use it for construction. The local county inspectors need to check your property before issuing a well drilling or septic system permit. Also, in Asheville, you have to apply for a sewer tap and water supply.

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The third issue concerns accessibility to the construction site. Make sure that there is a proper and safe access to the site. See to it that there is enough room for heavy vehicles to deliver raw materials.

Home Design

Once construction begins in full swing, start planning your home design, focusing on functionality and color scheme. This is essential to make your Asheville home “fit in” with your neighborhood. Take a long and hard look around to check what other residents of the neighbourhood have done or are doing with their own homes. Taking digital photos and reviewing your options will certainly help. It will also help you find a number of affordable ways to add to your home’s aesthetics to improve its appearance.


Check the credentials and track record of your subcontractors before hiring them. Otherwise, they may cause delay in the project, leading to cost overruns. Include a penalty clause in the contract in case they fail to deliver on time.

A Brief Guide on Urinalysis

Urine tests are standard for pre-employment procedures, driving license renewals, and overall health checkups. While peeing is a natural force of habit all its own, you’ll be surprised how hard it can be doing it on cue. The problem is, one can experience a case of bashful bladder syndrome when asked to pee in a cup while in someone else’s presence. So what do you do then?

urine test

The procedure

Urinalysis is a procedure used to evaluate your overall health. This test is administered to determine or monitor a variety of disorders.It is done by examining the appearance, concentration, and the content of the urine. Health disorders thatmay be detected through urinalysis range from urinary tract infection, kidney disease, to diabetes.Urine tests can also be administered for drug screenings and pregnancy tests.

The preparation

You can normally eat and drink before being administered a urine test. That is, unless otherwise stated by the doctor. If so, you may need to fast for a certain amount of time before the scheduled urinalysis. You may also want to inform your doctor of any medications you are currently taking, as this could affect the examination process. These include vitamins and supplements.

During the test, you’ll need to give around 30-59 milliliters (1-2 ounces) of urine. In some cases, you may even need to refrigerate the plastic container containing your urine sample if it can’t be collected within 30 minutes. Once the urine sample has been sent for analysis, you may resume your normal daily activity. Test results take about 15 minutes. If sent to another laboratory, it may take several hours.

For the times when you can’t readily supply a urine sample, you may procure drug-testing solutions. There are many different sources that provide them with guarantees for a worry-free drug-test.

The Need for Speed Needs an Eye for Detail

People react differently whenever they get a traffic ticket, some will accept it and just pay to get it out of the way, while others will choose to fight it.

Deciding to fight a speeding ticket can take a bit of research and some patience, but it’s a very viable option that can work to your advantage. There are a few ways of fighting a ticket, but they all involve a keen eye for detail and a bit of grit.

fight a speeding ticket

The first is finding out the law, some states have a no contest plea for first time offenders. The no contest plea reduces the fine, and the district attorney won’t release the citation to the insurance company.

If you can’t use the no-contest plea, 1) why did you get a ticket again? 2) there are other ways of fighting speeding tickets. You’ll need as much information about your case as you can get, and filing a discovery of motion gives you access to everything: from the officer’s notes to the calibration certificates to the radar gun.

Literally anything can derail a speeding ticket, all you need to do is find that one detail error and you’re good to go. Double check he citation number, the location of the intersection, and the time of day; if any of these are wrong you can use it to request for a dismissal. This method takes some work, but don’t worry because it apparently happens all the time.

Dozens of speeding tickets are written every day, hundreds every week, and thousands every month. It doesn’t require much imagination to think how many of those cases had the wrong information on them.

A majority of speeding ticket cases don’t go to trial one way or another, weight your options, and see how you can defend yourself from unjust speeding tickets.

Filmmaking Tips Amateurs Should Learn from Hollywood Rebels

Don’t write and shoot that crowd scene when you know there has been a lavish festival last week that you can get as a stock video footage of. Play to your strengths and push yourself. Each film you make should teach you something you didn’t know before.

If this is your first time to create a film, we’ve rounded up a few filmmaking tips from Hollywood’s rebels:

stock video footage

Know That You Can’t Beat Hollywood This Early

Tempting as it may be to imitate the gloss and style of your favorite blockbusters, the game isn’t in your favor. You can try and your failure may be interesting in its own right, but you can just do your own thing.

Be Nice to Everyone on the Set

We all know the importance of showing respect for your crew in the independent film world, and this remains true for large-budget studio movies. The set of David O. Russell’s Three Kings was notorious for his open feud with George Clooney. As a result, Three Kings – which Harvey Weinstein thought was the best film of the year – didn’t even get one nomination at the Academy Awards.

It’s Okay to Recycle and Remix

It’s okay to recycle. That’s what Quentin Tarantino does. He takes pieces from old movies and from stories he heard on the streets. With all the media out there, there’s plenty to choose from. Use clips and shots from royalty-free resources, like Motion Elements, and mesh them with your own idea to create new classics. It’s not theft; it’s showing off your cultural film knowledge.

There are many royalty-free stock video footage and After Effects template out there, so there’s no reason not to surround yourself with new media resources. Practice these tips to up your postproduction game this year.

Jump into Your Pool Project

It can be nice to dip in the pool and cool down to relax whenever you want. Late afternoons and evenings are also more pleasant by the side of the pool, with the light reflecting on the water. Parties are certainly more fun.

swimming pool builder

Not all homes can have a pool, however. First, you should have enough space, especially if you’re planning to construct an in-ground type. Ask for recommendations from reliable pool builders to determine whether you should also go for certain fixtures, such as water jets and fountains. Their advice will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Partner with Professionals

Discuss your options comprehensively with builders to compare various pool types. If you can’t find appropriate options from home magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens Australia, think about drafting a plan for a bespoke pool. Specialists from companies, such as Brisbane Pools and Landscapes will help you with this goal.

Pools that Won’t Bust your Budget

One of your concerns might be the cost of the project. Make no mistake, it can prove costly. But there are ways to minimise your expenses. Compare rates from pool builders before hiring a contractor. Proper planning is important to have your pool without going over the budget.