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Improve Your Investment Portfolio through SMSF

Everybody wants the best future. For most people, this is the main reason they invest their hard-earned money in something that would help them generate a passive income once they leave the property

But don’t think investing is only for those who have a lot of money. Through self-managed super funds (SMSF), you can create and diversify your investment portfolio and be on your way to financial freedom.

The truth about SMSF

Despite the understated reputation of this method, purchasing property through SMSF is one of the smartest moves to manage your investment portfolio.

There is something you need to know about this, though: SMSF, in itself, is not an investment. According to Sentinel Property Group, its true purpose is to provide you a way to save money that you can enjoy once you reach your retirement years.

The big difference in this program is that you have full control over the use of the money. Where you intend to invest your funds is solely at your discretion. Ergo, you can plan your own strategy to achieve the financial freedom you have been dreaming of.

Put simply, SMSF is not a replacement for your pension plan; it is a long-term savings program with the objective of offering an additional income for retirement.

The SMSF edge

Using SMSF for your investment portfolio has its perks:

• Flexibility – You can structure your SMSF to suit any investment needs. For instance, you can use it to finance a range of investments,such as properties, stocks, and other assets that can help you achieve financial freedom.

• Control – Probably the biggest attraction of using SMSF is the control you have over this budget. You alone determine how you want to use your fund, where to put it, and how the fund will work to your advantage.

• Tax Breaks – When you compare it to a conventional property investment venture, you will not be burdened with high income taxes. When you use your SMSF, you are lowering the rental income tax by as much as 15%. Moreover, once you reach sixty years of age, you are no longer required to pay any capital gains tax.


The Five Ws and H of User Experience

user experienceUser experience can make or break your business. It determines how visitors navigate through your site, allowing market strategies to generate leads. Whether you’re developing a new or existing website, this is among the factors that you should focus on. Here are the five Ws and H that might help you:

What and Why

User experience is about your audience, their attitude, behavior, and emotion towards your website. Online marketing advisers like ZooSEO report that focusing on these could increase your sales, as you’re making everything personal. A well-designed website makes money, so you should make it as user-friendly as possible.


Every business is targeting a specific demographic. Developing a website means knowing whom it is for. If you’re selling jewelry, for instance, your primary target audience is women. The design should be visually appealing to women, so they’ll be more encouraged to browse through your site.

Where and How

User experience is about navigation. Content should be accessible from the home or landing page. Making good use of top bars, sidebars, and drop down options makes it easier to jump from one page to another. Remember that not everyone has the patience to browse your website. Ask yourself a few questions to know if you’re doing enough for your site. Let other people give their comments and feedback. Look for an adviser who can tell you what looks good and what went wrong.


Know when to use specific features for your website. Parallax scrolling design, for instance, is highly interactive and looks good on desktops. If you’re in the retail business, however, you’ll only make it difficult for visitors to find the product they’re looking for. In addition, you could be affecting your site’s loading time.

Don’t underestimate the power of user experience. Many users nowadays don’t have the attention span to browse an entire site, so you should make everything easy for them if you want to win them over.

Four Myths about Getting Pregnant

pregnancyFor some couples, starting a family isn’t easy. Some women find it difficult to get pregnant no matter how hard they try. If you’re trying to get pregnant, knowing facts from myths about pregnancy, conception, and fertility may help you achieve your goal.

Myth #1: Getting pregnant doesn’t depend on how often you get your period.

You may have a difficult time conceiving if you have irregular periods. Experts say irregular ovulation is a common cause of many infertility cases. Depending on your condition, the doctor may recommend taking fertility drugs to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Myth #2: Having sex more often increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Many women think that increasing the number of times they have sex will boost their chances of having a baby. While it may sound reasonable, it’s definitely not true. Having sex more often means not giving enough time for your partner to develop healthy sperms. Remember, you only need one sperm to fertilise your egg. When you have intercourse more often, your man’s load and the number of healthy sperms he produces decrease, making it difficult for that one sperm to reach the egg.

Myth #3: You’re sure to get pregnant if you have sex 14 days after your period.

Unless you have a consistent 28-day cycle, you won’t always be most fertile on the 14th day. Fertile Concepts shares that the chances of conception among healthy couples under 35 years old are only between 20 to25 per cent. The clinic added that the best time for intercourse is up to three days before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation.

Myth #4: Having an STD won’t affect your fertility.

Certain sexually transmitted diseases can lead to infertility. Untreated gonorrhoea and chlamydia can result in inflammation of the urethra and cervix. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, chlamydia and gonorrhoea can cause scar formation on the fallopian tubes, which may prevent the egg and sperm from meeting. As these conditions may sometimes be asymptomatic, doctors recommend taking annual chlamydia and gonorrhoea screening.

Planning a family starts with making informed choices. Increase your chances of getting pregnant by understanding your cycle and following tested methods to improve fertility.

Water Features for All Types of Garden Landscapes

garden landscapingThe interesting thing about landscaping is that you can integrate different features to suit your mood, taste, preference and budget. A great way of adding a Zen-like appeal to your landscape is by putting water features.

Landscaping experts define water features as structures that feature water elements for functional and aesthetic goals. Water features can be something as simple as a corner pond with some fish or as elaborate as a manmade lake complete with dozens of aquatic life. These set a relaxing mood and also act as a haven for small birds and other aquatic life.

Water Garden

You can add a water garden to your home as a support system for aquatic plant life. Create one depending on the available space and funds. Find out which plants will grow best in the region you are in.


Small fountains can be integrated into your landscape setup, and it can be made out of natural stone. Ideally, it should be surrounded by flowering plants to make it really standout as a water feature. The great thing about fountains is that they recycle water, so you no longer have to add more all the time. Choose from different designs and styles available.

Water Statues

Popular with English gardens, water statues can be in the form of a cherub or an angel with water oozing out of a particular body part. This is a great piece to put in a secret garden, so you can have a private, secluded section of nirvana in the middle of everything.


Depending on the available space you have, you can essentially put a miniature stream on level or slightly pitched land. Who has not enjoyed the peaceful sight and sound of a babbling brook? Add small pebbles and rocks to recreate splashes and sounds of a stream found in nature.


Different pool styles are available, ranging from the typical lap pool to the luxurious infinity pool. Add a mini-waterfall to create an amazing effect.

Benefits of Social Media in the Accounting Industry

Accounting firms in Salt Lake City have now realized that competition in the world of business is increasing daily. This has propelled accounting firms to promote themselves through social media to increase their client base.

With the continued popularity of social networking sites, a website of the firm alone is no longer sufficient because of the growing competition. That is why most accounting firms are jumping on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons, adding their icons to their websites.

social media


The second reason is that social media is more cost-effective as compared to conventional media. This helps accounting firms cut down heavily on their marketing budgets to make their accounting services known to prospective clients. They also aim to build more effective customer relations, while also establishing their authority and expertise in their field of operations.

As most people go online first to search for information, finding a suitable accounting firm will be much easier today than having to ask people or refer to other sources of information. Conventional media, on the other hand, costs much more and takes considerable time for planning and implementation. Social media has helped accounting firms like Cook Martin Poulson upgrade their marketing information in minutes and to broadcast it instantaneously.

Social media makes it possible for accounting firms to share their information and announcements fast. Once their network of followers has been established, the latter can be updated on what’s new by the simple click of the button. Your firm’s latest updates and news can spread out far and wide in seconds.

In fact, as many as eighty eight per cent of practicing accountants in America have opened their own accounts on Facebook. This is more so, because of the good results they are getting in reaching out and connecting with colleagues and their target markets.

With so many social sites available today, it is always advisable to identify and study the network that matches your target audience and brand. This will yield the best possible results.