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Making a Difference: Top 5 Ways to Give Back to Your Community


For some people, giving back to the community seems to be on the last part of their priority list. They often make up excuses: no money, don’t have time, and busy at work.

Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do if you want a satisfying lifestyle. You don’t have to donate huge amounts of money or spend your whole life on one thing. All you need to do is to think of creative ways that will suit your preferences.

Donate Your Old Car

Do you have a junk vehicle and don’t know what to do about it? One of the biggest ways to give back to the community you live in is through giving your old vehicle to a charity, whether it’s a truck, SUV or RV. As donation processing organization Donate Car USA puts it: “Your vehicle donation helps support a charity of your choice in their vital work. Your used car donation helps these car donation charities substantially increase their contributions to the public good.” You’ll not only make someone smile, but you will also feel amazing about yourself.

Make New Friends at Animal Shelters

One great place to volunteer may be right next to your home, just waiting for you to drop by. Animal shelters are worth considering, as they can bring an endless amount of benefits. You can walk dogs or cats and play with other adorable animals. You are helping the animals in need of care and attention, while also spending your free time in a wonderful way.

Spend Time at a Nursing Home

Help an elderly for a day or during weekends. This can be a life-changing experience for you and the nursing home you’ll choose. You can hear great stories from seniors, if you take the time to listen. A small good deed can go a long way. No matter what you decide to give, it will be a great experience.

Organize a Clothing Sale

This is a great way if you have a thing for fashion. Start by getting all your clothes out of the closet and sorting through them. Figure out what you can give, be it new or used clothing and accessories. After that, have a garage sale and sell your things for a low price. Donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Cut Your Hair and Donate It

Your long, luscious locks can help make a difference in someone’s life. Cutting your hair and donating it can be a big thing for cancer patients and people suffering from hair loss. Non-profit organizations can use it to create swig.

Making a huge, positive impact in your community is fun and easy; it can also make your life better. It doesn’t matter whether you donate money, time or personal belongings. The feeling of helping the world around you is priceless.

Classy and Fun: Hosting a Successful Cocktail Party

Cocktail PartyCocktail parties are a great way to bring friends or business colleagues together. They are also easy to plan and can be very simple, too. A typical cocktail event lasts two to three hours, with guests interacting with each other while enjoying snacks and alcoholic beverages.

Here are the must-haves for your party if you want to host a successful cocktail event:

The Theme

It is always best to have a theme when planning a cocktail event. This does not mean, however, that your guests need to be in full makeup and costume. Your theme can be as simple as adherence to a colour scheme such as black and white. This can make your party feel more special without having to add to the budget.

The Location

Event experts from The Alliance Hotel suggest choosing a function venue that matches the theme of your party. Make sure to arrange furniture so attendees can move around the room easily. If you think that the space might be too spacious for guests, you can create mini food stations in different spots to encourage attendees to mingle and explore.

Snacks and Beverages

It is not customary to serve full meals at cocktail party. Simple finger foods and savoury treats are perfect for the event. Great choices for beverages include beer, cocktails, champagne, and wine. If you have money to spare, you can treat guests to more food than usual.

Guests and Invitations

Use e-mail invitations or social media to keep track of RSVPs. If you want to skip invites, pick up the phone and ask the guests personally. This is a better option if you’re inviting a small group of people. If you have dress code, however, you can mention it in the invitation.

Consider these things to organise a fun and memorable party. Do not forget to line up all the help you need to take some tasks off your shoulder.