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Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Stress Reliever

PlumbingA disorganized and poorly equipped bathroom may worsen your stress after a hard day’s work. It might even keep you from getting your well-deserved rest. Having the following add-ons will help you relax, improve your mood and transform your bathroom into a stress reliever.

Steam shower

Companies like T.J. Huggard Plumbing LLC agree that hot water and steam reduce stress, increase blood circulation and clean your skin. You’ll have not only relaxation, but also a healthier body by having steam showers at home. Switch your regular sprays to steam showers for your comfort and health.


Subtle fragrances or colognes will help you relax in the bathroom. These will counteract the pungent and dangerous odor of bathroom cleaning materials. Create non-toxic, bathroom deodorizers instead to save money and stay safe.

Screens and Curtains

To ensure privacy, you might want to add screens or curtains in your bathroom. They give off additional privacy and protection against peeping neighbors. With the right design and color, these things will enhance your bathroom’s ambience, as well.


Music has a way of soothing frayed nerves. Improve your relaxation efforts by putting a music player in your bathroom. It’s a perfect addition, especially if you’re fond of singing while in the shower.

Dim lights

Give yourself a spa-like treatment at home by applying dim lights in your bathroom. Mellow lights give off a relaxing feeling compared to regular ones. You may alternatively use candles for a softer glow.


Plants contribute to a bathroom’s appeal and relaxing atmosphere. Use houseplants that clean indoor air and drive bad odors away. You’ll have beautiful decorations and cleaner air with them.


Clutter in the bathroom may abruptly turn your relaxation time to cleaning time. Put organizers for your toiletries to reduce clutter and enhance your bathroom’s visual appeal.

A well-equipped bathroom can improve your mood and your outlook in life. Thus, invest in bathroom additions to turn it into a place where you can relax and wash the stress away.

3 Things You Need to Know About Candida

Microscopic CandidaYou may not have heard of it, but Candida is a type of yeast living inside you right now, and without proper control, it could be behind most of your body ailments.

This is not entirely your fault, though. The environment we live in is the likely culprit behind our exposure to these bacteria. Exposure to Candida is a universal thing, but many still have no idea what it is or what it does.

It’s Normal to Have it

The microbiome of a well-balanced stomach is a delicate garden consisting of numerous microorganisms living in harmony. Your gut-flora is home to a trillions-strong community of microscopic bacteria and yeasts residing throughout your digestive tract, with a particular concentration within the bowels. In short, Candida and other microbes are supposed to be there.

Too Much of It can Cause Problems

Just like with many things, too much Candida, or an overgrowth, can lead to numerous health problems. Remember that your digestive system is connected to the rest of the body, in one way or another.

Candida Wellness explains that numerous factors and catalysts affect the balance of bacteria in the stomach. The most common forms of imbalance today occur when you take prescription drugs and other medicines.

Too much of the yeast leads to Candidiasis, a type of infection. This can cause a range of serious conditions, including constipation, skin rashes and hives, diarrhea, insomnia, poor memory, fatigue, headaches, respiratory problems, and a whole lot more.

Natural Treatment is Better

One factor behind the spread of the yeast is because of exposure to many things that carry the yeast. It only follows that natural products and treatments are the best way to deal with Candida overgrowth.

This includes a simple yeast detox, where you skip food that promotes yeast growth. You should also repopulate the good bacteria in the stomach by taking in good bacteria

There are many things we don’t know about the inner workings of our bodies. Knowing as much as we can, though, is definitely a step towards achieving better health.

Beating the Heat: 3 Factors that can Affect Your Home’s Cooling Needs

Home LayoutSummer in Utah may still be a few months away, but it does not hurt to prepare for it as early as now. Summers in the Beehive State can go from pleasantly warm to searing hot. If you want to stay cool during this hot season, you have to pay close attention to your cooling unit.

There are several things you must take into account to make the most of your air conditioning system. Every home has different cooling needs. You can save on utility costs and extend the service life of your unit if you understand precisely how much cooling power you require. Here’s a look at the factors that may affect your cooling needs:

Size of Your Home

When shopping for an AC unit, consider the size of your home. Properties with smaller areas need just the right size of air conditioner to keep it cool. Anything larger will make it too cold or cause you to pay more on utility costs. Likewise, small AC units in a large home have to work harder to keep the temperature low, consuming more energy than they should.

Layout of Your Home

In most cases, you will only need one room cooled at any given time. Having a non-centralized cooling system, however, can make it difficult to regulate the temperature in other rooms. Look if it is possible to install ductwork in your home. Do not worry if your home does not have the space for ducts, as you can always install a split ductless system. Fortunately, says air conditioner professionals in Sandy know how to install such system.


Every modern home has to have adequate insulation. So, before you install or upgrade your cooling system, have your home’s insulation checked by an inspector. Check for possible leaks or holes that may compromise the performance of your AC unit, and install additional insulation if necessary.

Look into these factors to make sure you stay cool during summer. You can beat the heat by preparing for it early on.

Proper Dining Behaviour: 4 Pointers on Restaurant Etiquette

Modern PlatingDon’t talk when your mouth is full. We learned that lesson so many times it’s actually a little bit on the common sense side now. But, this isn’t the only rule when it comes to dining etiquette, so The Mero Kitchen & Bar shares some information from an expert on how exactly you should act in these situations. Get your napkins ready for a crash course on fine dining etiquette.

Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick from The Etiquette School of New York is the author of “The Art of the Meal: Etiquette for Simply Everyone,” and she has a few tips when dining out in fancy restaurants.

Who Should Order First?

Napier-Fitzpatrick recommends that you should make it clear that you’re the host and that your guest should order first. Of course, it could be an awkward moment when the waiter finally arrives but you can clear away the confusion quickly with a simple request like, “Will you please bring the menu to…” or “My guest is ready to order now.”

Where do you keep your things?

Should you place your phone or purse on the table? The short answer is no. Not only will it distract you (in case somebody texts or calls) but it will also distract your waiter and guest. Keep them away out of sight and let your guest know that he or she has your complete attention.

But, should you take a picture of the food you’re eating? Almost everyone does it nowadays it’s now considered normal. The only exception is if you’re dining with a client. Napier-Fitzpatrick adds, however, “If the client wanted to take pictures, I would of course let them.”

When Should You Talk About Work?

Business matters are best left when the main entrees are finished. You wouldn’t want to take away your guest’s attention from their meal by getting down to your purpose right away. When you’re already talking about work, Napier-Fitzpatrick warns, “Avoid complaining about colleagues or work during the meal.”

Who Should Pay For the Meal?

Generally speaking, the host should always pay for the meal. Napier-Fitzpatrick even recommends that you should contact the restaurant ahead of time and give them your credit card to avoid having to go through the confusion of asking for a bill afterwards.

Even if you’re in a small suburban area like Indooroopilly, fine dining etiquette is an important part of impressing your client or your date. Don’t forget your table manners and you might just finally close that deal you’re working on.

Learn From These SEO Mistakes

E-mail MarketingSearch engine optimisation is a complicated matter, which forces some people to use techniques in an exaggerated or improper fashion. Unfortunately for them, the only thing they achieve is make other people laugh.

If you are planning to hire an online marketing company, read these stories first and spare yourself from being a part of another funny SEO story:

E-mail Marketing Helps Cater to a Bigger Audience, Including Matt Cutts

While it is true that e-mail marketing is one of the most organic ways to generate real traffic for a website, some SEO companies use software that sends e-mails to random people. By doing this, e-mails are sent to practically everyone and could even include Google’s The top guy for detecting web spam.

You are lucky if the recipient just decides to make fun out of the incident, but you could get into trouble if it reaches someone who could file a complaint against you and take your website down.

Backlinks can Sometimes Backfire

Leading SEO firm Bambrick Media explained that “Search engine optimisation is a valuable tool companies use to bring traffic to their website, bringing more potential clients and customers.” Another way to generate traffic is by visiting other websites and posting comments that contain a link to your website. Through SEO services, your website could be harbouring unrelated links, and your link could be all over the place. Soon after, you could end up getting a notice to delete a link to another website that was probably from the same company that is asking you to delete it. It hurts to know that you paid for something you will eventually delete anyway.

Some SEO Companies are better Than Google… Or So They Think

Some SEO specialists can be so intent in making a sale that they claim to provide better services than what you are currently getting through Ad Words or other SEO tools provided by the search engine itself. Remember that the search engine provides the page rankings, and SEO companies are just following the rules that were dictated by the search engine, no exemptions. Do not be fooled to think otherwise.

Optimising your company’s website is a serious business, but if you are not able to find the perfect company that can do the job for you, you may end up wasting your money and your time only to find out that you are still just another insignificant website within your niche.

On Your Property: What to Do With Your Newly Acquired Lot

newly acquired lotLand is one of the most expensive commodities in the world. It is where people build their homes, businesses, recreation – and practically their dreams. Because of this, people pay a premium for it. And when they make the purchase, they generally have a future planned for it: the site of a new house, a family business, et c. But, what should be done when it is not yet time to lay the foundations on your new plot of land? Action Asbestos shares some things to consider doing with the property in the meantime.

Clearing the Property

If the property you bought still has any buildings or structure on them, you will have to clear them out. They will have to be inspected for safety issues, and cleared of pests. This is to make sure that when the time comes that you will make use of the buildings, they will be ready for use.

When you want to start on a clean slate however, then removal of previous buildings will have to be conducted. Consider enlisting the help of a few friends to help you with the task. But if you find the work to be more than you can handle, do not hesitate to hire contractors for the demolition job.

Set the Boundaries

Of course, newly-bought property must be protected. If you do not have yet any immediate plans or uses for the lot, make sure to still keep it safe either way. Set boundaries by erecting fences around the perimeter to keep any outsiders from trespassing. This applies both to animals and people. If the situation comes to trespassing, be sure to be informed of the laws regarding squatting and trespassing on private property in Australia.

Hire a Caretaker

What is says on the tin. Given that you have no immediate use for the land, and cannot attend to it daily, you will have to enlist help in keeping it in order.  When your property is far from where you are residing, consider hiring a caretaker to, well, take care of it. This will come in handy in the future if you were to start using the land or even sell it.

Investing in Commercial Property: Why Investors Should Keep It Local

Commercial propertiesThe Australian economy continues to experience growth. Apart from the strong appeal of its housing sector, the industry also sees an increase in recognition on the commercial property market. That presents a glimpse of the country’s property demand supply.

Investing in a commercial property is a big decision, which can be both promising and daunting. Many consider it as one of the safest, easiest and most profitable options. But it is not for everyone. Whether it’s retail, industrial or bulky goods properties, you need the right information to secure the right investment property.

If you are planning to build wealth through commercial investment trust, read on to know the reasons you should keep it local.

For Higher Yields

Locally controlled commercial property sector is big news. It recognises good capital growth and high returns. When you invest locally, it means you help mobilise capital to support the local businesses and innovations related to the industry. In addition, you can monitor your clients and communicate effectively with the property owner regarding its financial performance.

The fundamental driver for growth is steady demand. If more and more investors decide to keep their investments locally, it supports the country’s economy. Spending more money locally means the profit stays in the community, preventing the economy from weakening or experiencing problems.

To Withstand Economic Issues

Investing in a commercial property locally protects your business, especially during unpredictable economic times. Being familiar with Australia’s property market allows you to understand the complex factors at work. It can help you grasp the potential risks and come up with possible solutions. Success in investment demands carefully reviewing rewarding opportunities and potential pitfalls.

The key to a sustainable economy is keeping the investments local. Every money spent can have a significant impact on the economy, which professionals can measure in income, wealth, jobs and tax revenue.

If you think that it is time to add commercial property to your investment portfolio, it is best to arm yourself with the right information. The move can pay off financially, if you know how to.

Anti-Gravity Yoga: More Than Just Yoga

Anti-Gravity YogaFor some who have only heard of anti-gravity or aerial yoga, Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast, aerial performer, and choreographer, invented this type of yoga. Anti-gravity yoga does not only mean yoga but also includes exercises from Pilates and calisthenics that use a yoga hammock. This type of yoga ensures a total-body workout.

Benefits For Those With Back Issues

The series of exercises can lengthen the spine due to you hanging freely from the hammock. Apart from this, people who do this regularly have given positive feedback on how it improved the conditions of their backs. According to AntiGravity Fitness, regulars even report less back pains during the day.

Ultimate Stress Reliever

This exercise does not only entail rigorous movement, but fun as well. It helps improve your balance because it uses a yoga hammock to make the series of activities. And imagine doing your exercises hanging upside-down – even just the thought of it is exciting!

A Surprise For First-Timers

If you have not experienced this type of yoga then it is best to drop all of your preconceptions. Many are afraid to use the hammock because of several doubts, such as “the hammock might not hold”, “I might fall”, “I may be too heavy for the hammock”, and so on.

This, however, has already been a tried and tested method; the hammock has been known to support something as heavy as 2,000 pounds, or 970 kg.

Though it may be for women and men of all sizes, pregnant women are advised not to practice anti-gravity yoga since some of the exercises include aerial inversions and so on. Aside from that, anti-gravity yoga is definitely for people from all walks of life, any body type, with or without experience in any kind of exercise.

Bulletproofing Your Buy-Sell Agreements

courtAs a business owner, you would want all your transactions to be as secure as possible, eliminating pitfalls that might pop up in the future. With your hands full with your daily operations, there is no way you can dissect all documents, especially buyout agreements.

What is a Buyout Agreement

A buy-sell or buyout agreement is a binding contract between business partners about the future ownership of the business. A buyout agreement can stand on its own or contain several provisions in your written partnership contract that control many business decisions.

There is no one-size-fits-all buyout agreement. Every business will have a unique requirement. What you should do is to make sure your buyout agreement will not lack anything and will cover everything you would possibly need.

Take Care of the Legal Side

One thing you can do is to ensure that all your legal requirements are all covered. Business lawyers in Denver, like, will provide you the assistance you will need to do just this.

Say your business partnership does not end, you may still have an argument over whether you should buy out the departing partner’s ownership interest and for how much. If you are the one being asked this question, you must predict what your share will eventually be worth.

Foresee and Manage Risk

Focus on the risk. You may want to delve more on the future dangers that may endanger your position. You will need more than years of expertise for this. That is why it is very necessary that you consult with someone knowledgeable in the commercial laws or you may risk losing your business or position in a court battle.

Car Financing with Bad Credit? It’s Possible!

Credit CardHaving a car is one of the best things in life! You can go from state to state and have the time of your life. You can even spend it with family and friends to share unforgettable moments and build better bonds. But what if your credit standing is not good at all? Can you still enjoy the privilege of buying your own car?

Bad Credit Doesn’t Mean No Car

If your credit score is borderline bad, some lenders might still see more good than risks. The key is to shop around until you find a lender that will finally say yes. You must not have a “just give me the loan” attitude. Instead, make deals and be ready to compromise. Here are some ways to do just that.

Don’t Expect the Worst

Even two applicants that have the same credit scores don’t look the same in the eyes of lenders. This means that there are other determining factors that you can count on. Look for car dealerships that finance bad credit such as Always put your best foot forward and try to sell your advantageous qualities to get that seal of approval.

Aim High

Keep in mind that it’s way easier to repossess a car compared to a house. This means that your car loan will involve less cash over a shorter length of time. The same credit score that puts you at a disadvantage for a mortgage loan can very well be enough for a car loan.

Don’t Do It Alone

To keep your spirits up and help you negotiate, it’s best to ask someone to accompany you every step of the way. Ask that person to pretend to have a role to play so you could have an extra set of ears and eyes for great deals.

Don’t just give up on that car loan you’ve always wanted just because of bad credit standing. Remember these tips and you’ll be on your way!