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Vehicle Theft vs. Joyriding: Things That Tell Their Difference

Joyriding PenaltiesJoyriding is a popular scene that you probably think only happens in movies. This happens in real life, too. The truth is, joyriding is a crime punishable by law. Although often considered a lesser offense, violators may receive punishment by jail time and sometimes with fines.

Vehicle Theft vs. Joyriding

In general, the act of stealing a car with intent to gain ownership is vehicle theft. Often, vehicle theft is a felony offense. Using a car temporarily without consent, on the other hand, is joyriding and it's a less serious offense than vehicle theft in most states.

State Laws and Joyriding

David A. Nachtigall and other criminal attorneys say that states define joyriding differently. Some states define it as the act of borrowing a car without the owner’s consent, while other jurisdictions define it as the act of taking a car with the intention of gaining temporary ownership.

In some states, joyriding is a lesser-included offense or an offense for committing some elements of a bigger or greater crime. States that disagree consider the two as different crimes. Therefore, a person can be facing two charges at the same time for an unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Moving on, other states broadly define vehicle theft as any act of using a vehicle without the owner’s consent and automatically classifies the offense as a felony. Joyriding is only for crimes too much for a felony conviction.

Joyriding Penalties

The punishment for joyriding may be a combination of any of the following:

  • Jail time for not more than a year
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • License suspension
  • Community service
Enhancement of Penalties

Like in any criminal offense, punishment for joyriding may escalate under some conditions. For example, failure to return the vehicle within 48 hours or using the vehicle to commit a crime would mean a more serious joyriding offense.

Joyriding may be fun, but can be a cause of unwanted charges. Seek help from a lawyer even if you think joyriding is less serious than vehicle theft.

3 Dangers You Will Avoid with an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer in UtahEstate planning can be a complicated legal process, which you shouldn’t hand to any attorney. By all means, you must hire an experienced practitioner in this area to assist you with what you want to achieve and help you tiptoe around its pitfalls.

An expert estate planning lawyer in Utah, Alabama, or whatever city you live in America can help you navigate through this important legal process, especially in avoiding missteps that often lead to these regrettable dangers:

Lack of an Estate Plan

Not having any type of estate plan is a cardinal sin. Regardless of your net worth, you should never let the fate of your wealth be decided by your state when you die or become incapacitated. There may be procedures in place, but they’re not necessarily designed to serve the best interests of your family.

While you’re still able, you must ensure your assets would be distributed your way. If you want proper, fair, and stress-free wealth disposal, it’s just the estate planning way or the highway.

Family Disputes

Having an estate plan only takes care half of the job. Careless drafting of your trust or will may cause a rift between your loved ones. No matter distasteful it is to mix family members and money, the relationship between the two is often unbreakable.

Without an experienced attorney handling this matter on your behalf, your estate plan might leave ambiguities instead of certainties to your beneficiaries.

Conflicts with Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning usually complements estate planning because, after all, you can’t leave something you might no longer have in the future. However, these two processes don’t always reconcile. Some asset protection techniques are anathema in estate planning, and vice versa.

If you’re going to hire an attorney, make sure he or she is adept in both areas to ensure the two processes would work for, and not against, you.

You need estate planning more than you want to believe. But if you’re not going to hire an apt lawyer to use this legal process to your advantage, you might as well not waste time on estate planning at all.

Why You Need to Work with a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent in Denver Dealing with any real estate can be a difficult and complex process. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting out properties, you need to find legal assistance for certain circumstances to protect and fight for your rights. Here are the importance of hiring a real estate lawyer and how they can help you deal with legal property battles:

The Roles of an Attorney

A real estate lawyer in Denver, CO is responsible for overseeing any legal work that surrounds selling, renting, or buying residential properties. They will fight for your rights and make sure your interests are protected in court. They will evaluate the sales contract, purchase papers, mortgage loan documents, and other legal documents involved in the proceedings.

Providing the Necessary Requirements

There are specific requirements for real estate transactions and you need to know which forms and paperwork to submit — which a real estate agent can help you figure out. Failure in doing these may result in loss of money and time. Some mortgage lenders even require their buyers to work with a lawyer because they want to avoid or minimize mistakes. If you don’t hire a lawyer, the lender may stop you from getting the loan.

Protection from Financial Loss

Real estate lawyers have the knowledge and experience when it comes to property transactions, so you can protect yourself from financial loss when working with them. Sales contract are complicated and failing to spot even the smallest mistake can cost you. It’s also a long process to correct loan documents that have errors.

Working with an experienced lawyer that specializes in real estate cases is important to make sure you’re doing everything right when buying, selling, or renting out properties. Real estate involves a lot of money, and it’s best if you know you’re doing everything right legally.

Brand Development Guide for Your Business

BrandingWhether you are an established entrepreneur or a newbie in the industry, you need to advertise your enterprise’s products and services. To ensure that your company’s brand becomes a recognised one, you need to get the help of the experts. An advertising firm will help you develop strategies that can spread good words about your business. With the right agency, you’ll find that implementing the strategies is cost effective rather than expensive.

Some of the Services Provided by a Media Buying Agency

If you hire an advertising agency, you can be assured of the following services:

  • No additional costs: The advertising agency that you hire will have tie-ups with media houses. This will ensure that your company will be well advertised on all media platforms without any extra cost.
  • Expertise: The agency you hire will provide you with expert advice on developing a suitable advertising campaign, an expert from Sphere reminds. The advertising agency will thoroughly study your market and the requirements, and based on that it will advise you how to advertise your company’s products or services in the market.
  • More leverage: The agency that you hire will be able to negotiate the time slots better than a novice. This will ensure that your enterprise’s products and services are advertised in the prime time slots, ensuring that every dollar you spend is worth it.
  • Cost saving: Better advertising strategies means better brand development, hence, more customers. In the long run, hiring an advertising agency will prove to be profitable for your enterprise.

You should consider hiring an expert advertising agency if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. No matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t let your target market know about it, your business won’t reach its potential.

Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit: How Much Will You Receive?

Cerebral Palsy LawsuitCerebral palsy is a lifelong medical condition, characterized by abnormal body movements and lack of muscle control. While this is not a progressive brain disease, the effects experienced by the child may change over time. If you suspect that your infant’s condition is due to negligence or malpractice, it is best to consult a lawyer to know if you have a viable case.

When filing a case, however, remember that this lawsuit is not usually settled quickly. If the case goes to trial, it may take some time until a settlement is finalized. When you won, however, you are entitled to receive compensation for the medical expenses of your child.

Actual and Punitive Damages

In general, you may be entitled to receive money for actual and punitive damages. Actual damages are the compensation used to cover expenses related to treating the condition, as well as the loss of income because of the condition. This also covers the emotional pain and suffering due to the cerebral palsy birth defect, Tyrone Law Firm explains.

Punitive damages, on the other hand, is the compensation awarded because the doctor was negligent, which then contributed to the birth injury. This may also mean that the attending physician was under the influence of an illegal substance or other related cause. This type of lawsuit damage can only be recovered in cases of medical malpractice.

Concerns About Compensation

The amount of compensation, however, will vary from each case. In some cases, the amount may reach thousands of dollars, while in some cases it can be over a million dollars. When determining compensation, your case and individual circumstances are considered, which may include the type of cerebral palsy and severity of medical negligence.

Many states have a limit to what a victim can recover. This only means that you can only get a certain amount of compensation regardless of the proof or the circumstances. This is why it is important to consult a lawyer to know more about your case and determine your rights.

To get proper medical compensation for your child, work with an experienced cerebral palsy attorney. If the birth injury is because of other people’s negligence, they may be responsible for the cost of your child’s cerebral palsy treatments.

Understanding Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial TreatmentCraniofacial surgery corrects congenital deformities of the jaws, face, and skull. In several cases, the surgical procedure is required to fix major functional issues. For instance, to increase the space in the skull to allow the brain to develop, to offer protection for projecting eyes or to make feeding and breathing easier.

Since craniofacial treatment team performs the surgery on children, parental approval and consultation are necessary before proceeding. Parents are asked to think about the treatment very carefully since decisions regarding the surgical improvement of acute functional complications are usually easier to make.

Complications That May Occur After The Surgery

According to CranioFacial MD, problems like cleft palate repair complications resulting from craniofacial surgery are rare. Undoubtedly, the more complicated the surgery, the higher the chances of complication – though severe problems are uncommon even after a complex craniofacial procedure.

Craniofacial Surgery Team

Young patients with craniofacial deformities consult the interdisciplinary team. The team consists of experts cooperating to ensure they offer the best treatment. They include:

  • Maxillofacial and oral surgeons
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Orthodontists
  • Paediatric neurosurgeons
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Paediatricians
  • Geneticists
  • Psychologists
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultants

Craniofacial Treatment Techniques

Bone grafting involves removing bone from one area and using it to fill gaps or to support another bone. A victim’s bone is the most appropriate material and is indeed much more dependable than any synthetic material –providing low infection risk, a real potential for growth, and longevity. Skull and hip are the typical donor locations for bone grafts, although tibia or the ribs bones can also be used. Genioplasty

Any surgical procedure to the chin which does not include the tooth-bearing region is known as genioplasty. This technique can be used to move the chin backward, forward, downwards, or upwards, and are usually performed through an incision where the lower gum joins the lower lip.

Since growth and development significantly affect the treatment procedure and satisfactory results, a young patient should have regular and thorough assessments by treatment specialists until early adulthood. Several patients might need extra care in their older years.

3 Clever Reasons To Get Self-Storage Units

Self-Storage in PerthAcquiring and accumulating possession is a common trait of many people, mostly because it grants them a sense of pride in their accomplishments. People collect a lot of items ranging from household items to cars to properties; you name it.

While some hoarding tendencies are to be desired, encouraged even, others are destructive and dangerous since they endanger your health. Keeping too many things in too little space messes with your hygiene and poses a health hazard. Rather than throw precious items away on the grounds of limited spaces, you can opt to hire an extra storage space for a great number of reasons.

It is good for your health. 

Tripping over items in your house is very inconvenient and may even lead you to suffer a life-threatening injury that could ruin the quality of your life. In extreme cases, although rare, people with a hoarding disease often are run out of their homes by their possessions. Too much stuff in a house forms a perfect breeding ground for pest and other disease-causing animals posing a significant risk to your health.

It allows you to hold onto your possession. 

In Perth, for instance, Perth Metro Storage explains that self-storage amenities boast a wide variety of storage spaces to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need to stow away a few boxes or a truckload of items, you are bound to get a facility that lives up to your expectations. Make sure to shop around before renting a storage facility.

It comes at an affordable cost. 

Although the prices vary from one location to the next, storage units are much cheaper, whether renting short or long term, compared to renting retail spaces. As such, they allow you to stash away your items for a long time without breaking the bank. Additionally, you only need to rent a space the fits your need and not an inch more, which brings down the costs further.

An additional storage space improves your quality of life and wellbeing, without costing you a fortune or losing your precious items.

Sound Advice for Aussies Planning a Home Extension Project

Home Extension in PerthYou should consider adding a new wing or a cosy extension if you have no means to move to a bigger house. These days, Australian builders and contractors offer competitive prices for their services. Whether you are in the market for a new porch, or maybe a multi-room addition, you will have no shortage of quality affordable design and construction services. Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Know exactly what you want. 

When you’re doing your research, you will inevitably many articles giving advice on how to boost the speed and efficiency of a construction project. Here’s the one advice you must remember. There is no question you are better off working with reputable architects, engineers, and building contractors. However, all successful projects share one thing: the property owner knows precisely what he or she wants and has clear and realistic expectations of the design and construction teams.

Study the trends. 

You do not have to do what everyone else is doing. Granny Flats WA explains that in Perth, notable contractors for home extensions and renovations don’t simply abandon old methods for new ones. However, you can save more money on materials and design elements when there is a wide repertoire of options. Be open to new ideas. Learn about current trends not only in renovations and home additions but in building design. That will open up more possibilities.

Utilise online resources. 

The possibilities are endless if you have enough money set aside for the project you have in mind. However, before you start planning, determine regulations and permissions. Online guidelines are available to property owners so make the most of it. Make sure you spend time reading the small print. Contractors can give you a summary of requirements, but why rely on second-hand information when you can read extension guidelines for yourself?

You may also explore additional information online regarding loans you may avail for your home expansion project. Aside from that, you can also check out websites offering financial costing services so that you can anticipate expenses and prepare an accurate budget.

Beautiful Inside and Out: An Overview of Collagen

Collagen Face Mask in SingaporeSome health and beauty products these days seem to have one ingredient in common: collagen. Though collagen is already present in our bodies, science found a way to include it in products that effectively make people, especially women, feel and look better.

You might be asking yourself: what kind of enhancements does collagen provide? It has a variety of functions, which proves that it is an essential component in the human body. NutraCeutical Ingredients Pte Ltd, a manufacturer of collagen drinks in Singapore, sheds some light on what collagen is and how it works.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein – the most abundant – found exclusively in mammals. It is responsible for 30% of the proteins present in the body and found in strong, tough parts of the body, such as the tendons, ligaments and bones. It contains amino acids such as Hydroxyproline, Proline, Arginine and Glycine.

How Does it Work?

Found in areas like the gallbladder, kidneys and along the digestive tract, collagen is responsible for keeping cells and tissues together.

Collagen helps the skin keep its suppleness, firmness and elasticity. It also aids in the skin’s cell renewal. It gives strength to different structures inside the body. It also protects the skin from absorbing and spreading microorganisms, environmental toxins and pathogenic substances.

What Are the Other Uses of Collagen?

Collagen is present outside the body, too. It has various uses, such as drug delivery systems in medicine. It also comes in different forms, such as:

  • Collagen Shields – Designed for bandage contact lenses, these shields progressively dissolve in the cornea. The function is to protect the healing corneal epithelium from the patient’s constant blinking. It also provides lubrication to minimise the friction between the eyelids and the cornea.
  • Films / Sheets / Discs – One of the main biomaterial uses of collagen films is as barrier membrane, which is used for treating tissue infections.

Collagen, though usually found in the body, has various uses in the outside world. Science has proven that this may be helpful as a biomaterial, such as for healing burns and infected tissues. These days, there are products containing collagen, which only proves that people keep coming up with more ways to use it for better health and beauty.

Out with the Old and In with the New: Rain Gutters

Utah Home with Rain GuttersYour rain gutters play a crucial role in maintaining your home’s structural integrity. When they function properly, they enable rainwater to freely flow from the roof surfaces and straight down to your gutters, where it will be directed to the downspouts and then drained away from your house.

While cleaning them yearly can increase their service life, they will inevitably require repair or replacement to ensure your home is well protected. Watch out for these telltale signs to determine when you need to say goodbye to your old rain gutter and hello to the new one.

  • Rust Spots, Holes or Cracks – Although you can fix several of these with sealant and some flashing, if you spot over six sizable areas where these are apparent, you may need repair before the rainy season begins.
  • Separated Gutters – Gutter systems only work if they’re properly fastened in a continuous path. You may require gutter repair if you notice your gutters separating more regularly.
  • Broken Fasteners – While you can easily refasten these, if the issue persists, your gutters could be the problem.
  • Incorrectly Fitted or Sagging Gutters – Water will eventually pool in particular areas and then spill over if the pitch along your gutters isn’t pitched evenly.
  • Pooling Water or Dirt Channels – After a rain shower, you might see some evidence of water spilling over the gutters. A rain gutter repair specialist in Salt Lake City,, says that you can attempt to resolve the issue, but you should consider replacement if you notice the incident happening more frequently.
  • Peeling Paint – This usually means that water has been seeping from your roof and onto your siding so a replacement could be necessary.
  • Gutters Detaching from your Roof – You can refasten all you want but if this occurs time and time again, your fascia boards could be deteriorating.

If you feel that you’ve been spending your money and time into repairing damages here and there due to rain gutter damage, it’s probably better to call in the pros and get a new rain gutter system instead. If you end up replacing your gutter system, consider outfitting it with a protection system to ensure your new gutters will function for a long period.