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The Importance of Engagement for Advertising Success

Engaging AdvertisingYou may think you have a spectacular ad and copy that will boost sales, draw traffic, and initiate a conversation about your brand. However, what you thought was different from reality. Instead of the positive things you dreamed of, you got nothing instead. Maybe you didn’t do enough market research or didn’t understand your audience well enough. Engaging your audience is important to the success of your online advertising campaign, so how do you do it?

Getting Into the Game

Some companies are working together with game developers to tap into their market. People love playing games because of the accessible fun it provides for long travel times or while waiting. Games like Candy Crush and Pokémon Go have started a phenomenon upon their release. Some provide in-app buying and incentives when leveling up, generating profits for partners and developers alike. Gamification is a proven tactic in online marketing, which can result in increased profit and conversion.

Staying Social

Red Rider Creative and other ad agencies in Salt Lake City agree that social media is still a potent platform to engage your audience and discuss your brand. Facebook hasn’t lost much of its appeal to advertisers despite the growing popularity of other platforms, such as Instagram and SnapChat. There is still a huge market that uses Facebook to connect with friends and family, or simply consume content.

Use other popular platforms to reach a wider audience and find a lasting connection with them. Initiate discussion by posting content that people in your niche love to read or watch. Content is still king of the Internet, producing shareable types boosts your authority and influence.

Look for Brand Advocates

The ideal recommendation you can get is from friends and family of target customers as they are likely to listen to them. Look for brand advocates who do not expect compensation, but are loyal in buying and using your products.

These are engagement tactics that boost your brand’s reputation and influence in your niche. Engage your audience to not only boost interest in your offerings, but also gain their loyalty.

It’s Not Pro Skiing If You Don’t Have These Items

Skiing in VailWhether it’s your first ever ski holiday trip or a routine practice, the last thing you want to experience is trauma brought by being unprepared.

For this reason, Vail ski shops suggest that you should always have a standard skier’s shopping list; because staying safe doesn’t revolve around how good your skiing boards are alone — but tons of other things not directly associated with the sport.

For a safe, responsible, and positive sliding and grooving around the ice, here is a list of things to consider buying or renting at a ski shop beforehand.

Skis, Boots, and Poles

These are your gateway to the wonderful sport of gliding through the snow. While you can choose to buy this equipment, it might be a better idea to rent them especially if it’s your first time. Skis, boots, and poles have no standard price guide and can be more expensive depending on the resort and country.

Jackets and the Pants

For hygienic purposes, though a ski jacket and pants might cost the same as buying ski gears, it’s a great idea to buy them instead of renting. Compared to the ski ledge, boots, and poles, you can wear the skiing attire on a cold night or even as you’re watching your favorite hockey team!

Goggles or Sunglasses

Depending on how fast you can go on the slopes and the weather condition, ski glasses will do a better job at protecting eyesight from potential accidents and fluctuating temperatures in some areas. However, for casual skiing with friends or families, a sunglass is a better fit for versatility and ease of use.

Helmet Gear

As a preventive measure, ski helmets are non-negotiable. Most beginners think that since they can’t yet perform tricks and traverse from different heights, headgear is unnecessary. But, considering how many fall on their first skiing trip, any impact to the head can be lethal.

On Gloves and Other Accessories

For optional equipment and gear such as the gloves, base layer, mid layer, socks, and backpack, the golden rule is to get a waterproof version of them. Remember, falling over snow sitting will soak whatever garment or material in contact. Of course, you don’t want to be feeling cold while skiing.

Skiing is a sport that everyone can enjoy. But, to keep it fun until the end, proper equipment safety and countermeasures should be included.

3 Condo Landscaping Ideas That Can Boost Occupancy Rate

Condo Landscaping IdeasLandscaping your condominium can increase your revenues if you do it right. People not only get attracted to beautifully designed condo units, but they also prefer buildings with gorgeous landscape designs. Besides, living in a condominium doesn’t have to be too different from residing in a two-story house in the suburbs.

Here are a few condo-landscaping ideas that will help increase your property’s occupancy rate:

  1. Functional Designs

MPFP, a renowned New York-based landscape architecture firm, always notes the importance of aesthetically functional designs. No matter how amazing the design is, it has no value if people can’t use and enjoy it. So, make sure that the landscape design of your condo matches the lifestyle of most of your residents or target occupants. For instance, don’t fill your building with flower gardens if you’re targeting bachelors.

  1. Designs for Community Building

Designing a condo to encourage residents to do activities together is a great way to build a strong condo community and attract new occupants as well. Consider a landscape that includes amenities like a built-in basketball court, a swimming pool, or any space for tenants with shared interests.

  1.  Spaces for Kids

If your goal is to attract families, make sure your landscape design is appropriate for kids. Children need spaces to run around in and play with each other. If it is not possible for you to put up a large playground inside your condominium, include, at least, a dedicated play space in your design plan.

With these three ideas, you can improve your condominium’s curb appeal. This improvement will likely lead to a higher number of potential residents. The next thing you know, you’ll no longer have any vacant units left in your condo, and your revenues will have skyrocketed.

Hollywood Smile: Caring for Your Teeth

Bright SmileMany Hollywood personalities have smiles that could make millions of people stop and stare. Some of them are born with near-perfect teeth, making them camera-ready and instantly recognizable. Many celebrities pay for extensive work on their teeth to give them that kind of smile.

Part of the appeal of Hollywood is what people see on TV: great looking personalities who get paid millions of dollars to flash that smile and exhibit their acting chops on camera. This is partly responsible for the awareness of many people of the importance of a great smile. You may never be on the Walk of Fame but at least a winning smile could get you brownie points in a job interview or in the eyes of your date.

Straight, white teeth don’t tell everything about a person, but they do give others a peek of how a person takes care of their looks and how they practice hygiene. This, in turn, makes the person feel better about themselves, boosting their self-esteem and giving them an instant source of confidence. And you know how important confidence truly is.

To make your teeth look and feel better, here is some advice.

Visit your dentist.

If you are one of those lucky people born with a near-perfect smile, then your dentist is likely to recommend only minor adjustments or none at all. What they may focus on, however, is taking care of those teeth so they’ll last a lifetime. They may also recommend whitening if your teeth have been affected by strong-colored food or drinks, smoking, aging, or a health concern.

Get braces early.

For the young, braces are advisable. But braces are useful at any age too. So if you’re late in the game, that’s perfectly alright. At least you’re doing something now. You may have to wear braces for a couple of years, but that length of time is worth the adjustment to your crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. After the dentist removes your braces, you still have to wear retainers. Don’t worry, retainers are known for being more stylish. Besides, you can always choose retainer designs fashioned after the colors or art you want, according to

Practice oral hygiene.

There is no excuse for not brushing your teeth, except maybe if you’re a full-on mountaineer who worries about one toothbrush’s extra weight in your survival pack. Add flossing to your routine, and visit your dentist for cleaning and checkups every six months.

Caring for teeth does take some effort but it’s not difficult at all. The more you care for your teeth, the less you have to worry about them. Who knows who might be looking — a potential mate, or a casting agent.

3 Jobs that Get You in the Door, Literally and Figuratively

Door ContractorWhat do doors have to do with your job? In figurative terms, they’re about opening new career opportunities. But, in literal and realistic terms, how do they relate to a budding professional?

With the sheer number of homes, buildings, and establishments built every day, there’s always a need for doors and people who work in relation to them. Take these three examples, for instance, and see how these jobs get you in the door, for real.

Door Contractor

At first glance, working as a door replacement professional under contract may not seem appealing at all. You immediately dismiss it as a string of short stints of fixing and getting rid of entryways, which isn’t reliable if you’re after a regular source of income.

But, being a contractor doesn’t have to mean you’ll always be on the lookout for your next project. With the right referrers and suppliers, you can count on regular customers and jobs. Work with a manufacturer or supplier who can and will refer you to their clients.

Decorator And Consultant

Decorators work hand-in-hand with interior designers, as they can bring the ideas to life. They provide the artistic element to the mostly structural (and highly profitable) industry.

Because doors and windows are all-time hits in the US market, there’s a lot of room for creative professionals looking for employment. Decorators and consultants (those who brainstorm with designers about the technical and functional aspect of the product) are welcome in thousands of companies.


A door is useless without proper installation. Though there are millions of DIY videos you can watch on the internet, the work of an experienced tradesman still makes all the difference. They get the work done, and they get relatively good pay from doing so.

Where do doors take you, career-wise? They take you to practical, often overlooked jobs that can open doors for you much like others do. They take you to the door, literally and figuratively.

The Unpleasant Things People Used for Whitening Teeth

Teeth Whitening in BloomsburyTeeth whitening once was an unsafe treatment compared with today. Having white teeth has always been a symbol of health and beauty, which is why people have always wanted the perfect sparkling white smile.

As advised by Fresh Dental London, teeth whitening today use specialised pastes that are cured using a whitening lamp. To ensure their efficiency, dentists undergo treatment at their practices carried out by qualified dentists. The treatment is quick, effective and harmless to the teeth.

People did not always have the medical technology of today. In the past, unpleasant and often questionable methods were used to whiten their teeth.

Pumice and Vinegar

The Ancient Egyptians, known for their use of eyeliner and extravagant wigs, recognised the value of having beautiful, white teeth. To achieve this, they would crush pumice stone into a fine powder and mix it with vinegar, then rub it into their teeth. Although being very harsh on the enamel, the method was very effective.


Urine is probably one of the most unpleasant substances used for whitening the teeth. The Ancient Romans collected urine from their toilets and swished the liquid in their mouth. Though having urine inside the mouth exposed them to a number of diseases, it did have a whitening effect due to the ammonia in the urine functioned as a whitening agent.

Sulphuric Acid

During the Georgian era in England, the wealthy used a material called dentifrice to whiten their teeth. This coarse mixture included unusual ingredients like crushed cuttlefish bone, bicarbonate of soda, and Spirit of Vitriol, or more commonly called sulphuric acid. It is extremely caustic and could cause severe chemical burns.

Fortunately, the methods of whitening have evolved with modern dentistry techniques. Dentists no longer need to use unusual, often dangerous substances for whitening the teeth with modern methods that are completely harmless to the teeth and health.

Mobile Must-Haves for Your International Trip

A travelling couple using a map and a smartphoneNo getaway is complete without a functioning phone. When packing your mobile arsenal, you remember the constants: a battery charger, power bank, a selfie stick and a portable Wi-Fi. Apart from the staples, these must-haves will help you be mobile-ready for your international trip. Make sure to pack them before you board.

A Travel SIM Card

It’s practical to bring around a SIM card that works in your destination. For a trip to London, a UK SIM from UK Prepaid SIM Card may be your communication line for the rest of the trip. You can choose from different plans that will last you throughout your stay, allowing you to manage your mobile spending.

There are roaming packages available, but you heard the horrors of impossibly high surprise charges. You don’t need that kind of stress on your holiday.

A Waterproof Phone Case

If the rumours are true, then the iPhone 7 will make a fantastic travel buddy. Why? Because it’s supposedly waterproof! You’re likely to bring your phone around, even when you go for a shower or swim. If you can’t resist taking snaps, even in a risky (read: potentially phone damaging) setting, slip your gadget into a trusty waterproof case.

This keeps you from getting into panic mode when you accidentally make a splash or when your phone falls out of your pocket.

Map Apps

Your phone can’t only come in handy when taking selfies and posting on social media. It has to help you enjoy your trip, and being able to guide you through your itinerary is one way to do that. In addition to usual apps like Google Maps, try the ones that help you find public utilities like toilets, because you’ll always need one. You’ll be surprised at how smooth the trip can be with them.

Your phone is a must-have for your international getaway. By loading it with handy features, you’ll be in for a fun, stress-free and mobile-ready adventure.

The Weight of Your Child’s Preferences in Custody Decisions

Child Custody Decisions in AlbuquerqueWhen it comes to child custody, the court decides based on the best interest of the child. This means securing proper care and attention, as well having an ideal living environment that will benefit the child’s welfare. This is applicable when parents can’t work out custody arrangements between their own. The court will consider different factors and even the child’s preferences in certain circumstances.

The Consideration

Child custody attorneys in Albuquerque note that in any custody disputes, the decision will never be solely according to the child’s wishes. For the court to give weight to the preferences, the child must be old and mature enough to create and make a decision about custody. Remember that your kid’s opinion will not be the controlling factor, but it may be a factor in determining custody in some situations.

The level of importance a court gives to the kid’s wishes may also depend on:

  • Reasons for preferences
  • Choices of other siblings
  • The child’s hostility toward either parent

Less Weight to Child’s Wishes

As the court will need to make decisions based on the child’s best interest, they may disregard the kid’s wishes if the chosen parent is not suitable to be a guardian. This is especially true if the person about to take custody is morally unfit and displays bad behaviors like habitual drunkenness. The court may also ignore child’s choice when he or she is not old enough to make custody decisions.

The Most Suitable Parent

The decision should ensure a safe and secure environment for the child. The parent who is capable of supporting the child (providing a nurturing home, education, and safe community) is likely to win custody. The other parent, meanwhile, can spend some time with the kid through parental visitation rights. The child’s preferences will not matter or will be given little weight if they don’t match up with what’s considered best.

Child custody is a complicated issue. It is always best to seek the help of a child custody lawyer. This is to assist you in the custody battle and educate you about children and family laws in your state.

Happier Smiles: Promoting Healthier Teeth & Gums for Your Little Ones

Child's Smile in New AlbanySave your child from the early development of dental problems by teaching them the importance of having a good oral hygiene. Help them develop a proper dental care routine at an early age with these steps:

1. As your child turns one, schedule an appointment and visit your New Albany family dentist. Early preventive care means saving money and the overall condition of your child’s oral health.

2. For babies, brushing the gums with a baby toothbrush or a damp washcloth is a good start. Don’t use toothpaste yet, though. Infants still don’t know how to spit out toothpaste, so it’s best to wait until they reach the age of two.

3. The moment your child can brush on their own, teach them good dental habits. These include the proper way to brush their teeth — the motions and where to clean. Let them be independent and tell them if they did something wrong.

4. Prevent baby bottle decay. Don’t leave your kids or baby with a baby bottle in their mouth. This practice might damage and even cause tooth decay, especially if it contains sugary liquids like formula, milk or juice. Water is okay, but don’t let your kids bite down on their feeding bottles for long.

5. Cut back on the acidic and sugary treats. Let your little ones drink water most of the time. During meal times, however, you can still give them sweet drinks as a treat or price.

6. A pacifier should only be until your child turns two or three years old. Otherwise, it might cause misalignment and further problems on the teeth. If it seems impossible to get rid of the habit — finding an alternative habit like thumb sucking, better talk to your dentist for professional advice.

Strong and healthy teeth can be traced back on your child’s dental history. That’s why if you want to keep their teeth in good condition for the years to come, you must teach the importance of good oral hygiene as early as possible.

Expert-Recommended Skin Care for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Skin Care in AustinDry and dehydrated skin can give you problems. You do not want to complicate things with a wide range of creams, oils, and formulae out there. A perfect complexion may be difficult to achieve for some, but you still have to try to find a regimen that works, and will help you attain your goals.

The good news is that you can improve the condition of your skin. If it is dry, you can put together a simple but effective regimen that is not too expensive or tedious to maintain.

How to rejuvenate dry skin

The simplest way to hydrate skin that is parched is to place a warm towel on your face. Once the skin is supple and hydrated, you can apply products specifically designed to rejuvenate skin. Some of the best moisturizing products out there contain alpha-hydroxyls, which is good for the skin.

Natural oils can also address the flakiness, and skin care experts in Austin like Red Stella Salon will attest to the effectiveness of organic products, and why you should avoid synthetic compounds if you can. Take time to find the thickest moisturizer within your budget range, and ask a skin care expert if it is good for you.

Addressing redness

Dry skin is sensitive and the cells are prone to injury. Soothing red, dry skin can be a formidable task, but you have to try with products containing bioactive peptides and Vitamin C. Because of the redness, skin becomes easily irritated. The results of applying lipid-rich barrier-repair products are rejuvenated skin that can still be nourished and hydrated. Be careful not to use harsh cosmetic products, which will only magnify the problem.

Aside from moisturizers and vitamins, you must also learn how to protect sensitive skin with the right kind of sun protection, such as for instance broad-spectrum sun block. This is important for people who are already presenting hyperpigmentation and other signs of sun damage.

Even proven and established skin care regimens might not work for you. If you have dry skin, ask a skin care expert for specific advice.