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The Undeniable Love Affair Between Yuppies and Ortigas

Yuppies' Haven in OrtigasYoung professionals (otherwise known as ‘yuppies’) are the epitome of work and play. These single and urban working individuals are popular for their ability to work hard all day and party harder at night. It’s no wonder that a majority of them look for places that promote the same values.

Fortunately, Ortigas is just around the corner.

When it comes to convenience and fun, the yuppies of the North (and even of the South) flock to Pasig for a place with jobs and living spaces. Located in the heart of Metro Manila, Ortigas boasts of establishments and condominiums a young professional’s salary can afford.

It’s not just about the food and retail strips in Ortigas. It can also be about the following:

Accessibility, Always

Not all yuppies have the privilege of living in Ortigas; some come to work from the North or the South. Going to work, however, is no problem since the center is easily accessible for both public and private means of transportation.

Bus terminals are abundant along EDSA while jeepneys and UV express services pick up passengers through different routes. Those who prefer taxis can wait at strategically placed terminals while those who ride trains can reach their destination within just two MRT stations away (Shaw and Ortigas). Yuppies with their own cars also enjoy the numerous parking spaces available outside of office buildings, hotels, and malls.

Vibrant Night Life

After a long day at the office, young professionals want to relax and unwind with their friends. The idea of long car rides just to reach their destination is not an option. But if they work in Ortigas, they’ll find more activities to fill the night within their reach.

Foodies can satisfy their cravings with the nearby food strips. Apart from the fast food outlets in malls, Ortigas also thrives in high-end restaurants with excellent menus. Yuppies can toast their day’s worries over some drinks and good company.

All work and no play make the young professional go away. It’s a different story with Ortigas, however. The city strikes the perfect balance between the two — and yuppies are suckers for it.

What to Expect After an Assault and Battery Arrest in North Carolina

Assault & Battery Arrest in North CarolinaComplications arise in the heat of the moment. Your temper built up, and you lashed out on another person. If you threatened someone with bodily harm and that person felt fear for his life, you’d get an assault charge. If you lay a hand on that person, however, you might get a battery charge. Each offense will come with corresponding punishments.

“Simple” to Serious Assault and Battery

“Simple” assault and battery crimes include assault and battery, assault, and affray. These fall under class 2 misdemeanors. The district attorney uses this charge when you have no prior conviction and when the victim only has minor injuries. The crime is punishable by probation, and a sentence of one to 30 days. The judge may also impose a fine of up to $1,000.

Serious assault and battery crimes include serious injury, use of a deadly weapon, and domestic violence, among others. If the crime is a class A1 misdemeanor and you have no prior conviction, the judge may sentence you to probation, supervised probation, or jail time of one to 60 days. Your jail time goes up to 150 days if you have a criminal record. If your case is domestic violence, you face further punishment.

Bail, Fines, and Other Costs

The fine is different from your bail. It’s what you pay for your temporary freedom, and gives the court a form of insurance that you’ll appear for the next court date. Bail is refundable. If you can’t make bail, you can call a company offering bail bonds in Smithfield NC. The bond service will put up your bail, provided you can pay a small percentage of your total bail amount. The bond is nonrefundable.

On top of the bail or bond, and the fine, you may also have to pay corresponding court fees. Overall, an arrest will cost you. But more than the financial cost, you’ll also have to deal with having a criminal record. And this will affect your employability.

When tempers flare, it’s best to back away from the situation. Let cooler heads prevail. And you will never run into the wrong side of the law.

Better Safe than Sorry: What You need to Know about Greenville Bail Bonds

Bail Bond in GreenvilleYou may have never gotten in trouble with the law before, but, as they say, there’s always a first time for everything. With just the simplest mistake, you could land in a tough position. In times when it’s better to be safe than sorry, you might as well be familiar with what to do and who to call if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

Greenville has over 90,000 residents, making it the tenth largest city in North Carolina. Out of all those people, you could find yourself behind bars for something you may or may not have done, knowingly or unwittingly. Either way, you can bail yourself out of jail in no time when you know the right person to call: your bail bondsman in Greenville, NC.

What is a bail bondsman and why should you call this person, though? Well, this is the person who can save you from spending the night locked up by granting you a bail bond.

What are bail bonds?

The fastest way to get out of your detainment cell is by posting bail, which is essentially a deposit showing good faith that you will show up for your trial on a court-appointed date. Once you show up in court, you get a bail refund. If you don’t, though, you’ll end up with an additional criminal charge and an arrest warrant. Your bail bond refund will be forfeited as well.

Not everybody has sufficient funds to post bail anytime, however, so this is where bail bonds come in. A bail bond is basically an agreement with a local bondsman who will post your bail in exchange for a certain percentage of the total fee.

For this reason, it is crucial that you know an honest and trustworthy bail bondsman who genuinely wants to help out. You can usually tell that they do when they are available 24/7 and are willing to negotiate rates with a down payment that you can afford.

Why are bail bonds important?

Stuck spending a night (or more) in a jail cell isn’t a scenario anyone wants to find themselves in, and it can seem especially depressing when you lack the funds to post bail. Bail bonds allow you to free yourself from lock-up, if not completely forgive you of your responsibilities towards the law. Although they cannot directly help with your case, they do let you contact a lawyer and form your defense unhindered. This, in turn, is one less stressful thing to think about in an already upsetting situation.

Your knowledge of Greenville bail bonds is, simply put, what could get you out of jail in the fastest way possible.

In case you find yourself behind bars, the first thing you have to do is to secure your bail and freedom. Only then can you work on your overall defense for your court trial. As such, having the funds for your bail is crucial. Get yourself a credible and reliable bail bondsman to help you get through detainment and move forward with your life.

Losing Teeth At A Young Age

Losing a ToothWhen talking about losing teeth, familiar images come to mind. Take the elderly, for instance. It’s almost automatic for people to assume that when they get old, they’d lose their teeth. Young people seem to have it better since they get to keep their healthy smiles. All they have to do is see whether their cosmetic dentist did his job well on the last veneer application or teeth whitening procedure.

Tooth loss, however, isn’t exclusive to senior citizens. There’s always a vulnerability to losing teeth early on in life, based on certain circumstances.

Premature Teeth Loss

An example of the consequences of premature tooth loss is 28-year-old Plymouth native, Amy King. Seven years ago, she was proud of her healthy set of teeth as any typical young lady is. But there came a time when she had what might be her most serious challenge to date. Due to a specific medical condition, she had to have all her teeth removed in a single operation. The reason is untreated gum disease, according to the physicians who tended to her.

It’s largely the same with children. Most youngsters lose/shed their teeth at the age of six. During this time, it’s a normal occurrence since baby teeth are making way for permanent teeth. Teeth that come out before the ages of 6 and 12 years aren’t considered premature. But there’s potential for this to happen early. Outside the age window (say, age 4 or 5), it’s already considered premature.

Again, the disease is a primary reason for premature tooth loss, alongside injuries. Gum disease can easily go out of control in children due to their penchant for sweets, as well as the tendency for the condition to go unnoticed. Furthermore, a May 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association cites conditions, such as diabetes in children, to cause premature tooth shedding.

The solution is simple: take care of the gums and the jawbone. These structures are the ones that hold the teeth in place. If they’re healthy, the teeth stay put — not to mention implants, should they be needed. It seems like gum disease is all that it takes for a young person to lose teeth so early in life.

Direct Response TV Ads: The Beauty of the ‘Call Now!’ Tactic

TV Commercial‘Call now!’ tactics are those television ads of different durations that were developed to form demand and interest in a certain product. The goal here is to transform that interest into an instantaneous and spontaneous sale. Companies who have huge budgets usually utilise this strategy for it also serves as the product demonstration.

This direct response TV strategy is available in several formats, such as long-form ads and short-form ads that last 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds. Businesses can also choose infomercials that are 27:30 to 28:30 minutes long. You always see these live shopping opportunities on channels like Ideal World and QVC. All of these ads utilise insistent reinforcement to produce demand by persuading customers that they need the product.

Scene 1: Short-Form Ads

If your business is just growing and you want television publicity on a budget, short-form commercials might be for you. These ads are those that accommodate itself into slots that will not be able to fit long-form ads. Featured on every run of station or run on a schedule (ROS), long-form ads do not particular slots. Instead, they just randomly float any time of the day or night.

Scene 2: Long-form Ads

Long-form ads circulate overnight based on their assigned time slots. These commonly run between two to five in the morning, and on weekends where the channel features ‘Paid Programming’. On the other hand, some independent stations deliver long-form ads in the daytime. This kind of long-form direct response television commercial provides businesses with the advantage of the time to exhibit and describe their product. This is essential when you want to introduce a new product and explain its upgrades.

Scene 3: Infomercials

Infomercials are perfect for marketers who want to correct potential objections by customers and strengthen confidence in a product. Once you combine short- and long-form direct TV ads, it will offer you a complimentary mixture of placements – the shorter ads will support the substance of the longer infomercials. This will eventually improve the recall of consumers.

Direct response TV ads are unlike general TV commercials for it asks the customer to take immediate action right there and then. If they see something they want, they will have to grab their credit card, dial the number and purchase the product. Thus, you will instantly determine if the ads work or not.

The 3 Secrets to Raising a Super Active & Productive Horse

Horse FarmWith more people embracing horse riding for both competitive racing and leisure, breeding horses make an excellent investment opportunity. Many people are willing to pay good money for the right horse. As such, you need to take measures to keep your horses healthy and in good shape.

Ensure a proper and balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to raising a healthy and active harras. You need to get it right from the start, though, especially when raising competitive horses. Training your horses to obey commands, jump over numerous obstacles, and learn new commands takes a considerable amount of effort.

As such, you want the colts to develop strong musculature and have the proper brainpower. The lack of proper minerals and nutrients could hinder development and lower the ultimate performance. With the proper horse feed, you give your horses a competitive edge in addition to a beautiful athletic body.

Espouse proper feeding and training habits

Unknown to many people, horses are creatures of habit so you can achieve better results when operating a tight schedule. You need to run a strict feeding and training program that hardly varies with time. Once the horses become comfortable with a routine, they register remarkable progress and master new skills quite quickly. Distractions and disruptions could lead to a drop in performance of a horse or the mastery of a particular set of competencies.

Espouse good grooming

You cannot hope to get the best performance from you horses if you neglect their grooming and hygiene. You need to keep the stables clean and tidy and have a regular grooming routine that includes brushing their coats on a daily basis. You need to sweep and clean the stalls at least once in a day and spray them several times a year. Such an approach keeps pest and diseases at bay, leaving your stock healthy and competitive.

Rearing competitive horses take a considerable amount of efforts and care. However, with proper planning and good strategy, you can keep your stock healthy and in excellent shape.

Women in IT: Is there Truly a Gender Bias in the Industry?

Workplace DiscriminationMen and women both have the potential to be skilled employees. Men tend to be strong networkers and generally confident in their abilities, while women are persuasive communicators and honest, hard workers. In the workplace, therefore, their combined traits can lead to higher levels of innovation and productivity.

Why, then, are there are fewer women working in the Information Technology industry?

Lesser Females in Science and Technology Courses

Starting from the educational system, there has been a clear gender gap when it comes to the number of female students who study courses related to science and technology. In fact, surveys show that only 18% of women graduated with a course in Computer Science in 2013, which has led to lesser women working in the IT industry.

Discrimination in the Workplace

There is evidence showing that employers prefer to hire men for an IT job than a similarly qualified woman, but the reasons behind the bias are unclear. In fact, former IT employees complain about experiencing sexist attitudes and “bro-grammar” cultures that often affect productivity in the workplace. On a similar vein, a 2014 study reports that women in IT roles are 45% more likely to leave in their first year compared to their male counterparts.

The Road towards Equal Opportunities

There are various opportunities in the IT field (cyber security, business continuity, data analysis, technology refresh, and network and server management) and most, if not all, are male-dominated fields. There have been signs of improvement of representation of women in IT, though — for example, Computer Science is, for the first time, the most popular major for female students at Stanford University. Furthermore, more employers are open to diverse work forces and employee skill sets, as it leads to better fiscal success.

The best way to move past existing gender biases is to set aside gender differences and acknowledge the experience and skills an employee possesses. In fact, getting an IT certification is the first step to impressing potential employers. IT professionals without certification should, therefore, regardless of their gender, make it a point to take a CompTIA A+ practice test in anticipation of the actual exam.

How You and Your Family Benefit from Estate Planning

Estate Planning AttorneyThere is no telling when one’s last day will come. Someone who seems fine one evening might die of an accident the very next day, while someone with a terminal illness may still last a few months. Bottom line, you need to be prepared. One method of preparation is estate planning and it can offer both you and your family the following benefits.

Protects Family Peace

Estate planning gives your family members guidance on what to do with your property and other acquisitions after your passing. Let’s say you have commercial real estate properties in Denver that would need attending to when tragedy strikes. An estate plan made with an attorney in Denver can assign people to take care of these unfinished businesses to save your family the trouble of handling your still existing property issues.

Protects Underage Family Members

Nothing is more heartbreaking than children losing their parents at a young age. When you plan your estate, you can be assured of their safety and care in case of your untimely passing. You can assign guardians to take care of them, along with whatever inheritance you will leave them. Also, you’ll be assured that everything you will leave will be passed on to them when they come of age.

Protects The Family Interest

Without proper estate planning, your family still need to make decisions and spend money for funeral and legal services, they might also end up paying too much tax. Money might also end up with family members or other individuals that are not meant to be part of the will. Estate planning prevents all that from happening since everything will be stipulated in the instructions you have set.

Death might be a morbid topic for many, but it’s inevitable. Estate planning can keep things in order while preventing unwanted trouble after your departure. While you are alive and well, it is best to choose a trustworthy attorney now to help you secure your future through estate planning.

Humanitarian Crisis: Immigrant Children Flee to the U.S. Seeking Safety

Immigration Law in ProvoThere has been an influx of immigrant children in the United States. Coming from troubled countries elsewhere, these children are escaping to the U.S. seeking safe haven. In crossing the border, however, are immigrant children faced with a brighter tomorrow or are they simply moving from one problematic situation to another?

Escaping Violence from their Home Countries

A large number of children come to the U.S. seeking asylum from their Latin American home countries, where laws against child violence are lax, if in place at all. In fact, according to the 2014 UNICEF report, countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela have the highest child violence rates in the world. With governments unwilling to protect them from the street violence and poverty, their only recourse from their homeland’s humanitarian crisis is to take their chances across the U.S. border.

In an alarming number of cases, however, children end up deported and sent back to their country of origin.

Children against Federal Lawyers in Immigration Court

Suspected lawbreakers are entitled to court-appointed lawyers if they can’t afford an attorney. On the other hand, children accused of violating immigration laws are not entitled to the same right. In fact, thousands of immigrant children act as their own lawyers in immigration courts, where they have to defend themselves against trained lawyers to plead for relief. One 15-year old boy who faced deportation recounts, “When the judge asked me questions, I just shook my head yes and no. I didn’t want to say the wrong thing.”

Legal Representation Makes a Huge Difference

A study by Syracuse University reveals that the court allows immigrant children to stay in the country in 75% of cases where they had a lawyer. In contrast, children that showed up in court alone were able to avoid deportation only 15% of the time. In general, legal representation leads to a positive outcome in immigration courts, and it also uplifts the morale of children who have suffered significant trauma in their countries of origin.

Children shouldn’t have to defend themselves in court from federal lawyers, especially in immigration matters. Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. agrees that everyone deserves the right to proper legal representation, and getting an immigration lawyer to help is the first step. It could spell the difference between improving living circumstances and getting sent back, after all.

Child Support Laws are Complex, So Seek Professional Help

Child Support Attorneys in AlbuquerqueFamily laws, although they vary from state to state, aim to protect and support the members of a household. They can be complex in nature, which is why it is important that you seek the help of a legal professional when you have related matters to deal with. This is especially true for cases involving child support.

To ensure you have greater chances of securing this for your kids, it pays to know how experienced child support attorneys in Albuquerque can help you.

A 101 on Child Support in New Mexico

New Mexico has its very own Human Services Department (HSD); an organization set up by the government with the goal of lessening the consequences of poverty in the state. It also provides information and helps parents seek child support.

At its core, though, child support consists of guidelines focused on the well-being of children. These laws basically require the provisioning of the sufficient needs of children, including food, residence, health, education, and their care.

Custodial and Non-Custodial Child Support Payments

How much a parent should pay to properly support a child depends on whether or not he/she has custodial rights. Several factors determine these payments, including gross monthly income, insurance premium, child care cost, and other necessary care expenses. A custodial parent typically has to pay greater than the non-custodial parent, which is why both parties should work together, or a child may not receive the proper basic support.

Your Responsibility as a Parent

As a parent, the health, safety, security, and overall well-being of your child make it to the top of your list of priorities. This is why both the father and mother should take responsibility in supporting their kid.

Whatever the reason for you having to seek child support is, know that legal professionals specializing in these specific laws will help increase the chances of your kid obtaining the necessary care he/she needs.