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What Does the UK Law Say About Marketing Remote Gambling?

The UK is one of the lenient countries when it comes to remote gambling as it allows you not only to set up operations but also to market it all over the country. Needless to say, it requires you follow certain conditions.

If you are a new PR officer or online marketer, it’s time to learn the rules, which are many and comprehensive. To give you some basic ideas on what you should and should not do, check out the list below:

Spam Marketing

The UK takes spam marketing seriously. The rules are found in EC (Electronic Communications) Directive Regulations in 2003.

If you want to buy gambling traffic as part of your aggressive online promotion, make sure the company you are dealing with can provide you with real people who voluntarily provided their information.

Advertising Codes

The kind of ad you wish to create should fall within the guidelines of the three advertising codes. The Non-broadcast Advertising Code (CAP Code) is the guide for marketing and non-broadcast communications, as well as sales promos. If you intend to create ads for TV or radio, you use the Broadcast Code (BCAP Code). There is also another code for socially responsible advertising.

Promotional Offers

It is normal for casinos to offer a variety of promos such as free bets and bonuses to attract players, but the Gambling Commission has specific regulations about them. First, any promo that may affect a player’s wager or decision to participate in a bet must appear prominently on the ad, which simply means the text about these conditions must be readable. In situations where space is not enough, players are allowed to create another page specifying these conditions as long as they can view it within a click.

Introducing yourself to the different rules takes time, but it is an effort you should take if it means not having to pay fines for violations or worse getting your site banned and damaging the business’ reputation.

Why You Should Buy Secondhand Diamonds

A pair of tweezers holding a diamond One of the most stable medium-to-long-term investments you can make with your money is in diamonds and jewelry. It is almost a given that these types of investments, unlike real estate, will appreciate in value over time. Disposing of them is also much easier and scalable. You can sell just enough for your needs.

Jewelry is also a great gift to give to loved ones because it has utility (you can wear it as jewelry), emotional value (it shows you care), prestige (jewelry says “class”) and monetary value. You cannot go wrong with jewelry. The question is, where will you buy these great investments? Your best bet would be to buy them from a reputable diamond pawnshop for the following reasons.

You’re sure they are authentic.

The people who run pawnshops are experts in spotting real versus fake diamonds and jewelry. That’s their business after all.

They are cheaper.

When pawnbrokers appraise an item used as collateral for a loan, they focus more on the material (the diamond’s 4Cs – Carat Weight, Clarity, Cut, and Color, and the type of metal for the setting). This means that they don’t really put too much premium on the craftsmanship of the jewelry.

They will not charge you with the actual amount of the jewelry.

They cannot price it close to a jewelry store’s price range because their merchandise is considered secondhand. Even if they are, they are as good as those you can buy in jewelry stores.

They also only allow a percentage of the appraised value as the allowable loan amount.

So when they sell these precious stones and jewelry, their objective is normally to recover the amount they loaned out plus interest and, possibly, an additional profit percentage.

Jewelry is a sound investment you can make with minimal capital. You can make it even sounder by purchasing it from a pawn shop. Make sure, however, that you are purchasing from an establishment that has a good reputation for fairness. If in doubt, have an independent appraiser check the jewelry first.

Four Weekend Breakfast Ideas for Your Family

Breakfast FoodA sumptuous breakfast with your family is the perfect way to kick off your weekend, particularly if you are planning for an action-packed one. Treat your family to one of these delicious breakfast ideas.

Cream Soup Base

A hot soup of delicious, comforting soup is ideal for cold mornings. The soup will warm you and keep you feeling brighter, especially if you’re having a lazy morning. A soup with a yummy cream base can delight your family. You can try the cream of cheddar or cheese soup. Use a mixture of chicken stock and milk, or go for all vegetable broth to compliment the cheese.

Breakfast Smoothie

A smoothie is a fabulous idea for a weekend breakfast. It is delicious, simple, and quick to make. All you need is some ice, milk, cereal, seeds, and raisins. Put the mixture in a blender and blend until smooth. Add some honey, soymilk and more ice, and blend the mixture again until it’s creamy. Serve in glasses with straws.

Scrambled eggs

Treat your family to some delicious scrambled eggs. They are simple to make and will take you just about 20 minutes to prepare. Mix the eggs with pepper and nonstick skillet to make them even tastier. Add some sprinklings of salmon and serve with a toasted bagel.


This is a healthy, delicious breakfast that is incredibly easy to prepare. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large ball, put all your ingredients together. You will need potatoes, garlic, olive oil, onion, pepper, seasoned salt, and butter. Put the mixture into the oven and bake for about 20 minutes. Raise the temperature to 500 degrees and bake until crisp brown.

Make your weekend morning extra special by rewarding your family with a breakfast that is different from what they are used to. Take the time to learn and practice a new recipe, and your family will thank you for it.

A Clean Office Improves the Health of Employees

Office Commercial Cleaning When you arrive at work, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like most employees, you may organize what’s on your desk so you can start work the right way. You may glance at your day’s to-do list, and look at the paperwork you need to do.

Throughout your first hour at work, have you thought about the things you’ve touched, and how the previous day’s mess could leave behind dirt that would make you sick?

Good Office, Good Cleaning Service

Cleanliness in the workplace is essential. A cleaning service will look after your workspace, keeping it tidy. But sometimes, a cleaning company for offices can start out strong only to slack off months later. This, according to Forte Commercial Cleaning is a common complaint among businesses.

So it’s important to find a reliable service that has proven consistency with its work. When you find such a service, your business will be able to reap the advantages of a spotless office, from sustaining your business image to improving the health of your employees.

Company Image

This is one of the most obvious reasons as to why you should keep your workplace clean. How your office looks will reflect the values that your company follows.

An appealing and tidy office not only delivers a good first impression, it makes a lasting impact on potential clients. It tells them that you pay attention to detail, and that you’re professional.

Employee Health

It’s easy for viruses to spread throughout the workplace, especially during flu season. If someone gets sick and still comes to work, there’s a possibility that person can spread the germs in the workplace.

Your employees may also develop sick building syndrome, an umbrella term used for ailments acquired after spending hours in a poorly ventilated building. Poor ventilation promotes toxins that affect indoor air quality.

Overall Mood

A clean office is pleasing to look at, particularly during winter, when depression peaks. Clutter only puts more stress on those who work surrounded by filth, which makes it more difficult to accomplish any task.

Cleanliness improves morale and concentration, making your staff more productive, which is crucial when it comes to meeting deadlines.

In hiring cleaning services, remember that it doesn’t only improve the sanitation of the workplace, but it also boosts the mood, health, and workflow of your team.

It’s All About the User Experience: Here’s How You Can Improve It

Man Working on His LaptopWhat happens when a visitor finds it difficult to navigate your website? Chances are they will click on the back button and look elsewhere for the information they need and the products they want. What separates the best sites from the rest is the user experience.

SEO specialists at Coforge Marketing share the following ways on how you can improve user website experience:

Leverage Multivariate Testing

Identifying the right mix of landing page elements is difficult; very few do well the first time. This is when multivariate testing comes in handy; this allows you to test different site features that convert at a high rate or not. You also determine the pages that need improvement and which feature works best for your objectives.

Images Matter

People are visual creatures, more so now, when attention spans are shorter. You need to make a good impression in the first few seconds; one of the ways to achieve this is to publish eye-catching photos. Adding relevant photos elicit the emotions and responses you want from visitors. Conduct A/B testing to determine which images work and use these to your advantage.

Add Product Reviews

If you run an e-commerce website, including product reviews on your pages enable customers to make decisions faster. They want to know if the product they are buying is worth their hard earned money. Including a review earns the trust of your visitors and improves conversion rates.

Offer Something for Actions Taken

People want freebies, giving visitors a discount coupon, special prices and offers and other similar promotions, whenever they take an action such as subscribing or filling out a form improves conversion rates and website browsing experience.

Highlight Testimonials

A testimonial is an assurance that people trust you; it’s natural for people to consider a brand that others trust. Highlight testimonials on your website to attract customers and entice visitors to make a purchase or subscribe.

These are strategies that improve user website experience; implementing these provides you with a competitive advantage.

Creating Content for SNS: Three Simple Hacks

Content Marketing Written on a NotebookIn digital marketing, content is king. Whether you own a big business or a startup somewhere in Connecticut or even in another country, you need to understand that a significant reason behind the success of any digital marketing strategy is engaging content.

With the number of digital media channels available, you need to understand also that optimizing content — going beyond simple SEO strategies — for each channel is a must. For now, let’s focus on content creation for social networking sites.

Focus on image, text, and design

Online content is read differently. Unlike reading print media, digital content is not read word by word, as people often just scan the page they’re reading. Therefore, it is important that your content would be designed in such a manner that would catch reader’s attention. It’s not just about using words, but how those words are actually seen on the page — color, font, design — including they layout and the images used. They need to visually stimulate readers first to induce them into clicking and actually consuming your content.

Make your content relatable and worthy

People share content when it moves them, makes them laugh, catches their interest, or they think it’s important. Produce content that can elicit some type of emotion from your target audience. One way you can do that is by thinking of what your target wants from your product or service and appealing to that. Present it in a creative manner and you’ve got the formula for a successful viral campaign.

Connect with your target market

Marketing on social networking sites heavily relies on making people share your content. Even if you follow the concept discussed previously, it won’t make that much of an impact if people do not trust your brand 100%; you need to show them that your business truly cares about their concerns. Dig through online sites and communities; look at people’s public posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Researching through the actual medium you want to use for your own marketing purposes should give you an insight on what your target market truly wants. Moreover, it will help create a strong foundation for ongoing engagement.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends: Why Your Small Business still Needs SEO

Florist in a Small Business Flower ShopIt’s 2017 and once again, those in business and in digital marketing are asking whether search engine optimization is still relevant. It seems like every year, there is a significant amount of traffic on the web meant solely for answering that question.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process or a combination of activities that make up that process, which is designed to help a website appear in the results of searches on engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Those who are still not familiar with this process may find it confusing and challenging. As a matter of fact, even those who have been practicing it for a while still find it challenging.

Optimizing a website to make them more “searchable” is challenging because search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to refine their search results. The purpose of this is to give better results that are more useful to users. Search engine companies are not always forthcoming about their new or updated algorithms, so this makes the process more of a trial and error game.

Should You Still Buy SEO?

The short answer to the question is yes. Coforge Marketing says you should still pay for SEO in Connecticut and in any other state or country around the world. Some digital marketers may be frustrated by the constant changes in the algorithms, and so they decide to just stop optimizing and choose the simpler task of posting only relevant and quality content.

Quality content is well and good – as a matter of fact, it is one of the most important parts of digital marketing efforts – but your top quality content will not get found by itself, based on its quality alone. You need to optimize your site and its content, as well as all the content you put out on the Web, to make sure it becomes easier for users to find them all and use them.

It would be great if you could do the optimizing yourself, but add it to creating great content and managing the business and you will find how difficult it would be to do it alone. The best course of action is to hire experts who are focused on nothing else but helping their clients optimize their online activities for easier and faster user searching.

The Importance of Guest Blog Contributions

"Guest Blogging" Written on a NotebookDigital marketing has paved the way for innovation and one-of-a-kind online techniques. One of them is guest blogging, a strategy that involves writing for a blog that isn’t an author’s own. Learn more about it and know how beneficial it is for your business.

Builds Expert Relationships

Guest blogging entails working with diverse companies and personalities who, like you, are also industry professionals. By providing guest content and asking other people to submit their work, you can meet and collaborate with experts who aid you in your field. If lucky, writers and companies may even invite you to their meet-ups and blogging conferences for free. Guest blogging is about building a community.

Linking and Social Media Growth

One of the biggest advantages of guest blogging is link building and a visible social media growth. According to an agency in New York providing SEO service, high-quality links come from submitting content to blogs who are part of one’s niche. Apart from this, guest blogging enhances social media growth as businesses receive a more extensive exposure online.

Captures Bigger Audiences

The analogy is simple: the more guest blogs you submit, the bigger market you capture. Guest blogging allows you to reach wider audiences since the websites you work with involve different markets coming from various industries. These people may not be part of your target audience, but online marketing is always good for business. Your circle of influence expands through guest blogging, leading to more online shares and probably a bigger revenue.

Increases Brand Credibility

Positive association with other businesses drives credibility for individual authors and the companies they write for. Guest blog authors who have been published on reliable and well-known sites are seen more credible in their field. However, writing for top industry sites may be difficult, especially for rookie contributors and startup businesses. Start building a portfolio by working on your online credibility gradually.

Guest blogging requires creativity and excellent writing skills. Take advantage of this strategy not only for the benefit of your business but your personal brand as well.

Hazardous Spills: Ways to Manage Them

firefighters tries to fend off a herbicide spill on the roadWorking with chemicals poses risks and hazards regardless of its usage. It is important, therefore, for everyone to be capable in handling such situation. Every home owner deals with such chemicals without knowing the full potential of risk it can cause.

The paint you used to colour your fence or the gas you bought to run your lawn mower are perfect examples of hazardous materials under the wrong circumstances. Your home can be at risk from hazardous spills. Oil absorbents products may come in handy, but here are other ways to address this hazard.

Securing the area

The first thing one should do when a spill occurs is to secure the area. Keep flammable materials and other things that could ignite fire away from the spill. As much as possible, it would be better to isolate the spill area by shutting off the fan to minimise odour distribution around your property.


There are different kinds of absorbents designed for different types of spills (i.e. chemical, oil, liquid). If a spill kit is absent, you can use improvised materials like sponge and cat litter. This will lessen the chances of leaving a stain on the surface as well as prevent ignitions and sparks from happening. Properly contain the absorbing materials in a secure and separate container before properly disposing of them.


After the spill has been absorbed, clean the surface with products designed to clean oil spills. These are available in your hardware stores. Otherwise, using dish washing soap and water, added with vigorous scrubbing often does the trick. It is vital to immediately as soon as possible to prevent staining the surface.

Professional help

Notify professionals if you do not have the right equipment to manage the spill or if it is too huge for you to manage. Call environmental consultants if the spill happened outside of your property.

It is important to keep in mind to prioritise the safety of you and the people inside your homes. You need to exercise better judgement in cases where a hazardous spill is possible.

More than a Police Weapon: Batons for Home Defense

A black baton A baton is a policeman’s handy device when dealing with an offender. Although they normally look non-threatening compared to a stun gun or an actual gun, they can cause serious damage if you use them properly.

We’re more likely to grab a baseball bat when we’re investigating a weird noise in the house. A powerful swing can knock out an intruder, but here are some reasons a baton can be a great alternative:

Lightweight and Expandable

Mighty Defenses believes that batons can help you be safe wherever you go because they are convenient and portable. Most batons are expandable and made of lightweight materials. You can quickly extend and retract the baton if needed, making it easier to confront a burglar.

A retracted baton is normally seven to nine inches long but will turn into a 21 to 26-inch weapon if needed.

Disabling an Opponent

With a flick of your wrist, you can target a person’s extremities, such as the arms and legs. This will cause them enough pain to stop the attack or prevent pursuit. When the attacker has a weapon, you can disable them by effectively striking at their hand to loosen their grip.

A strike to the bone can completely disable the intruder without having to cause lethal damage. A strike to the head, spine, or neck can be of lethal force, but aiming for the knees will do the trick.

The Right Strike

You can slash, jab, thrust, or do a downward circular strike with a baton, depending on the situation. The slash is the most powerful strike, while the jab is ideal in confined spaces. The downward circular strike is effective when stopping an incoming horizontal attack. The slash, on the other hand, is great for close range.

Since states have varying laws about carrying impact weapons, check out your state laws before buying a baton.