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Getting Started in Showbiz: Top Tips from a Pro

Amateur actress workingAmateur acting can be a great experience. It teaches discipline, artistry, and gives you an opportunity to hone your acting skills. It may also be your first exposure that gets you into show-business.

Thinking of taking acting more seriously? Here are some ideas.

Join an acting club at school

Not all the big Hollywood stars today started their career on a school stage. Some just had a stroke of luck, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was discovered by an agent when she was four years old, while she was eating at a restaurant. Not even Gellar relied on luck to make a name for herself, though. You need skills to last in the business, and the school stage is as good a place as any to start learning.

Discover other talents

You may be a natural at singing, dancing, modeling, or playing a musical instrument. Start learning early. Who knows how such useful skills might help you when you’re trying to audition for a role?

Get an acting coach

If you (or your parents) have the budget, look for an acting coach. Nothing like a professional acting coach to teach you the methods of acting.

Look for local auditions

This is how most actors get their roles, some of which lead to their big break. Auditioning is a part of acting, much like submitting an application and going through the process is a part of getting hired for a job. There may be announcements for local auditions online, in local papers, or on community bulletins.

Don’t be too picky when it comes to auditioning. Consider auditioning for commercial and modeling stints too. The more roles you audition for, the more chances you have of landing them, and the higher the likelihood of getting spotted for major roles, even in Hollywood.

Send out your photos to studios and agents. But don’t send them selfies. Treat the industry with professionalism if you want to be taken seriously. Look for a studio that specializes in head-shot photography in Salt Lake City. They can capture your image in the right light and from the right angle, possibly highlighting your assets.

Not everyone who aspires for a career in showbiz gets lucky. But you can’t keep hoping that a situation like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s happens to you. You have to get out there and work for it.

Do You Know That Billboard Ads are Banned in Canberra?

Blank billboard adEver wondered why you don’t see any billboard advertisements in Canberra?

The reason behind their absence lies on the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) ban on large signages above the ground floor. The rule dates back to 1937 when a federal ordinance prohibited the use of such ads in the capital city.

Promoting Space

Any advertising agency in Canberra will most likely recommend other channels, like online campaigns, aside from the use of huge signs. According to Brett Philips, who works for the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate, the ban on billboard aligns with city planners’ desire to prevent the obstruction of views from open spaces.

While the National Capital Plan exempted commercial roadside signs on bus shelters and mobile billboard, it still prohibited anyone from putting them along road reservations. There are, however, some cases where these have been attached to buildings under certain conditions.

An electronic sign at the Canberra Centre serves as one example, as the building is located on private property. In 2000, the Federal Government also approved the installation of billboards at the Canberra Airport.

Ad Spending

The ban on billboards in Canberra apparently doesn’t affect the industry, as online advertising continues to grow in Australia. Auto-mobile ads accounted for the highest spending among companies, with a 20.3% share of the digital display market during the first quarter of 2017.

Mobile ad spending also increased 29% to $653 million. Total spending for digital displays between January and March rose 7.2% year over year, amounting to $1.86 billion

The changing trends in advertising may have been a reason why we no longer see billboards in Canberra. As online ads become more common, it won’t be surprising if other cities follow suit in using other promotional resources aside from large signages.

Ten Mistakes People Make on Their Wedding Day

Couple in their wedding attireA perfect wedding is hard, if not impossible, to pull off. Behind all the pretty flowers, flowing satin dresses, gorgeously-adorned cakes, and tear-jerking wedding toasts is a long list of missteps, delays, extra expenses, and unmet expectations. But once it’s all over, and all the guests have gone home, you’re finally alone with your spouse, breathing a sigh of relief and happily reliving each moment that’s past – missteps, and all.

There, are however, certain aspects you can see to for a more hassle-free special day. Many a time, couples focus too much on planning their dream wedding, that they overlook the details that matter the most. Often, it is these common areas of oversight that get in the way of people having the wedding of their dreams.

1. Obsessing over Minor Details

While details are important, sweating the smallest of stuff is the sin of most brides. They tend to fret over too many small details that they forget what truly matters most. They end up micromanaging everything; treating their bridesmaids like personal assistants, and not letting the planners and vendors do their jobs.

2. Running late

Do not wait until the last-minute to get going and get it all together. Pushing the pre-wedding preparation time will only leave you in a mad scramble and cause you to lose your composure. Getting a head start and taking things at a more leisurely pace is the way to go. You will appreciate being more relaxed, and your guests will welcome your promptness in starting the ceremony.

3. Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

Brides often put themselves in unhealthy and uncomfortable situations to look their best on their big day. Big, ornate gowns and super high heels are not the norm anymore. You’d rather be able to breathe and feel light as you cherish every moment with your loved ones. If you opt for high heels, go for a sturdy and comfy chunky heel over stilettos.

4. Stretching the Timeline

Weddings are a celebration of love, not a marathon. Many couples don’t consider that their guests can get bored, too, if the celebration gets too long. Keep the ceremony short and sweet, make the reception fun and inviting, and keep the weddings toasts brief but memorable. Don’t try and cram too many things into such a short time.

5. Not Having a Rain Plan

Couples often get so excited to get hitched that they forget that the forces of nature can ruin their big day. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, but especially in the case of the latter, it’s always wise to brace yourself and have a solid backup plan in an event of a weather emergency.

6. Skimping on the Venue

The venue is a big part of every wedding, as it sets the atmosphere and reflects the kind of relationship the couple has. Wedding photographers rely on the venue and decoration to produce quality photos, so keep that in mind if you want your moments to be picture-perfect.

7. Not Giving Your Photographer Ample Time

Likewise, when you hire a photographer for your wedding, always make time for them and listen to their input. Moments go by in a flash, and photographers take advantage of every moment and of every daylight hour so you can have amazing photos to look back upon.

8. Having the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party the Night Before

Another common mistake couples make is throwing their bachelor or bachelorette party the night before the wedding. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with a massive hangover and a handful of regrets. Weddings can be exhausting, so it’s wise to reserve the day before to have a full rest.

9. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Even if you’ve meticulously planned your wedding ahead of time and down to the last detail, things can still go wrong. Couples tend to set expectations that no one can live up to or keep up with, much to their disappointment, of course. Just keep things at a realistic level, and try to enjoy your special day.

10. Ignoring Your Guests

Guests are the life of every wedding party. Keep them comfortable and entertained and they’ll treasure the experience for the rest of their lives. While you pose for the camera or change into your reception outfits, treat them with a popcorn machine, cash bar, or live music to keep their spirits up while they wait.

As one of the most special days in a person’s life, it’s only normal to want everything to go as planned. But, by listening to the pros and avoiding these mistakes, your dream wedding can become a reality.

Musculoskeletal Alert: Neck Pain Causes You May Not Know About

Woman with neck painExperts in Draper say that there are several warning things you should watch out for when it comes to neck pain, including prolonged symptoms and no signs of improvement. If symptoms persist for more than six weeks, then perhaps you should put down the hot compress and see a licensed physician. If the symptoms are not improving despite home remedies and medications for the causes of neck discomfort you can think of, however, consult a specialist like Corner Canyon Health & Wellness about it.

Here’s some general information that could help you sort out your neck troubles.

Degenerative joint disorders

People of advancing age have to be wary when they start feeling discomfort with movements of the neck. The types of arthritis that usually target the knees, hips, and hands, may also develop in the bones of the cervical or necks spine. When the cartilage between the joints of the spine degenerate, then the narrowing of passages for nerves lead to symptoms of pain, numbness, and limitation of motion. Cartilage deterioration is a hallmark of arthritic conditions.

As one grows older and the water content of the inter-vertebral discs lowers, there may also be disc bulging or herniation. This is a serious problem especially when it is progressive and requires medical attention to prevent serious complications such as paralysis.


Infection of the meninges, the tough tissue protecting the spinal cord and brain may find their way to the cervical area. What you think to be muscle strain or neck tightness may already be a manifestation of systemic infection. When the pain you feel comes with fever and fatigue, stop self-medicating and consult a physical so that proper diagnostic tests can be done.

Medication is not enough

Many cases of neck pain involve muscle strain or weakness of certain muscle groups of the neck, head, and body. After assessing the problem, your doctor may prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications and consult with a physiotherapist or physical therapists. A physiotherapist will assess your posture, the state of the muscles, and the mobility of the joints to determine measures of intervention directed at the causes of pain.

Do not dismiss the pain you are feeling on your neck. Take care of yourself and consult with an expert in pain and neck dysfunction.

Valuable Customer Service Pointers for Veterinarians

Customer engagement on a keyboardQuality customer service applies to all kinds of business ventures, including veterinary clinics. Beyond updating your records, always giving your customers a warm welcome and consistent quality services, excellent customer assistance should also include some other features and benefits specifically for vets. Here are just a few pointers that can strengthen your customers’ loyalty and commitment to you.

Let Your Actions Speak

Pet owners do appreciate the extra TLC you give their little darlings, but they don’t mind receiving some themselves. Small, caring gestures such as updating via text or online messages, going out to check on the owners during their pet’s treatments and giving information in simplified form can encourage first-timers to return regularly. Remember, sincere acts of kindness can make a great difference for any service business.

Personalize Your Promotions

Offering giveaways, contests, and other promotional programs is also a requirement for any growing business. However, you can take it a step further by placing personal touches to each of your promotional products. Create marketing and promotional schemes that are both owner and pet-friendly. Also, make sure you get quality handouts for your veterinary clinic by only contacting reputable providers like

Listen to Feedback

You won’t always get praised for your work, and that’s normal in any venture. However, supposedly negative criticism can bring fruitful and profitable pointers if you view them as productive assessments. Ask your customers questions and listen to their answers. Take their suggestions seriously and do thank them when their ideas add to your clinic’s improvement.

No matter how good a vet you are, if you don’t take care of the owners, then you will eventually lose future clients and even your present customers. After all, you aren’t just taking care of pets but the pet owners as well. Basic business rule-of-thumb: any venture will eventually fail if it doesn’t have any loyal patrons.

Online Record Checks Can Help You Get Your Dream Job Faster

Criminal background check paperworkMany industries now require a criminal records check as a condition of employment.

Adding a national police history check (NPHC) to your resume can give you the professional edge you need to get your dream job. These days, it’s easier to apply for an NPHC, as companies like now provide employee criminal record checks online. Most instances, you can have your results the next day.

Up Your Credibility

Many recruiters now require applicants to undergo criminal record checks to make sure that they are a suitable candidate for the job. Caring professions like nursing or social care, jobs with children or the elderly and driving jobs will all require a national criminal record check. Some other industries will require police checks too, at their discretion.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) can provide police checks to people seeking employment with the government, for prospective parents who want to adopt a child, for immigration purposes or for job applicants that live overseas. The turnaround time for AFP criminal record checks, however, is about 15 days or up to a month in some cases. Individuals who seek a quicker and easier way to do it can turn to online NPHC providers.

Get Checked at the Click of a Button

You can obtain a criminal history record check by filling out a few details on an online form. Simple and convenient, many companies provide checks within 24 hours. Online checks do not require printing and it will save you dollars on postage costs.

Most police record check websites are mobile-friendly, allowing on-the-go clients to fill out their application at any given time.

There’s no need to visit the police station to confirm your identity. Companies can verify your ID with their computer software and a web-cam or phone camera, so you can stay at home or at your office.

Adding a national police history check (NPHC) to your resume adds credibility to your profile, especially when looking for a career in the care industry. Luckily, the arrival of online NPHC providers made the process significantly easier.

Ways of Staying Warm During the Winter Season

Man fixing the home heating systemThe winter season can be a time when most outdoor activities are brought to a halt especially when you need to keep warm. Here are some ways you can stay comfy during those cold winter days.

Keep the house warm

Ensure that the house remains warm at all times by investing in a good home heating system such as an efficient furnace. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC recommends that when buying a furnace, you consider the different heating options and match them with your needs. Gas furnaces, for instance, are the most economical ones since they run on natural gas. Oil furnaces, on the other hand, are a powerful source of heat but require more room for storage. After buying the furnace, contact furnace services in Salt Lake City for expert installation.

Wear more garments

Layering ensures that you stay warm throughout the season. You can also wear long underwear or thermal underwear to stay warm. For those who worry about looking bulky, there is cold-weather gear that uses materials that can keep you warm even through the coldest nights.

Eat foods that warm you up

Tea, soup, spicy food, and hot coffee are good for fending off the cold. Consuming extra healthy fats also help in increasing the metabolism which ends up heating the body.

Avoid consuming alcohol

Though you may end up feeling warm after getting drunk, alcohol in the real sense decreases your internal temperature. This is what makes alcohol dangerous during winter. If you can, lessen your alcohol consumption and stick to soup to feel warm.

Keep your extremities warm

Your hands and feet are vulnerable to cold. Ensure that your feet are covered at all times. If possible, wear two or more pairs of socks to keep your feet warm especially when going out. Wear gloves to keep your fingers warm.

You can still enjoy winter if you know how to keep warm. Follow these tips and don’t let the season pass. As long as you keep warm, you can engage in as many winter activities as you want.

Outsourcing: Choosing Robust Cleaning Solutions for Your Company

A Team of Cleaning ServiceOutsourcing professional janitorial services may not yet be part of your plan, but we are here to convince you otherwise. You can make a list of top restoration, landscape management, pest control, and janitorial services in Salt Lake City, but you must dig deeper to find the best service provider. Here are a few words from the wise.

Find Committed Service Providers

Local businesses can benefit from the services of results driven cleaning companies that fulfill expectations. Routine cleaning performed by an outsourced team that is committed to providing their best makes the workplace safer, healthier, and more productive. Professional cleaners offer skill, efficiency, and precision. Why settle for an amateurish job when you can get expert services for a reasonable cost?

Greater Revenue and More Savings

When a third party provides routine cleaning services, your business can focus on its core competencies. Housekeeping tasks need not occupy the time of regular employees. When they can devote their energy to their work, they are more productive and happier. As a result, the company’s revenue increases, and everyone can revel in their success.

In terms of cost, outsourcing janitorial services is a way of reducing costs. There is no need to allot funds for cleaning equipment. There is no need to pay a full-time cleaning crew. Supplies need not be purchased since the outsourced group will sign a contract to provide labor, supplies, and equipment.

A Clean Office Is Necessary

No matter how limited your budget is now, you must allot funds for cleaning. Otherwise, the workplace will not be safe for your employees. Poor indoor air quality is the cause of many illnesses. Good hygiene does not end with wiping table surfaces. Only a thorough cleaning by professionals assures you of a safe and healthy working environment.

A professional crew provides services with the highest standards of hygiene. They employ updated and regulated sanitation practices. They use the right equipment for the job. For good health, and a productive workforce, you will do well to hire professional services now.


Understanding Contaminants That Affect IAQ in Health Care Facilities

Man checking the air duct to have an indoor air qualityNext to homes, hospitals are among the places you’d want indoor air quality (IAQ) to be at its best.

The services of companies like Clinicair are valuable in improving IAQ in healthcare facilities. It also pays to understand the components that impact the quality of air to be able to address contamination at its roots. Here are some of those factors:


While patients are among the top reasons for improving IAQ, they are also a considerable source of contamination. Patients stay at the hospital for various reasons, from infections to viruses, and certain symptoms and patient activity can contribute to the spread of these triggers.

Patient coughing, for instance, can introduce contaminants into the air. Body fluids from infections, wounds, and incontinence, meanwhile, can be transferred from the patient to bedding, clothing, and other surfaces.

Facility Staff

Staff members tend to come in immediate contact with all of the contaminants generated by the patients. For this reason, institutions impose hygiene protocols that include hand washing, the use of gloves and proper disposal of used accessories. When not followed, the facility’s staff risks exposing patients, visitors, and other staff members to contaminants.

Housekeeping employees, meanwhile, contribute to air contamination by not covering carted trash or not drying cleaned surfaces properly. Damp surfaces create the perfect environment for mold growth, which is a significant air quality hazard.

The Facility

The duct work that distributes air throughout the facility can trap contaminants and even biological organisms. Moisture from HVAC humidification, meanwhile, can instigate mold growth.

As people go to the hospital to receive treatment and recuperate, you want the kind of air quality that is conducive to your healing and the improvement of health. Moreover, good indoor air quality can help keep doctors, nurses and other staff members to be on top of their health so that they can take care of patients better. By looking into these categories, engineers and designers can develop a methodology that will address and mitigate detriments to IAQ.

3 Signs of Worn-Out Pipes

Worn-Out Pipe that needs replacementIt can be a challenge to determine the true state of your pipes since they are mostly hidden in your home’s interior. As the plumbing system of your house ages, however, there will be some outward indicators that could alert you to any plumbing problems.

While it is useful to have a State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor that specializes in full pipe restoration like Pipe Restoration Services available to regularly check your system, it still vital to know what to look out for. Here are three signs that your pipe system is in distress.

Stains on the Wall

If there are stains on your wall that are near your pipes, there’s a good chance that you have leaky pipes. Leaking pipes can damage your home, especially if they are in a hidden area. A leak can also cause mold and mildew, which are harmful to your health.

Discolored Water

If the water that is coming out your faucet is brown or yellowish, then rust could be eating your pipes away. Replace your rusty pipes before they completely deteriorate and start to leak because using rust-contaminated water for your cooking, bathing, and drinking can have some serious repercussions on your belongings.

Low Water Pressure

There are a few factors that are causing the water pressure in your faucets to drop, including mineral build-up and pipe leaks. If you notice a sudden drop in your water pressure and your electricity bill starts ballooning, you might have a leak in one of your pipes. Call a professional right away before it escalates to a serious problem.

Worn out pipes can pose a threat to the efficiency of your plumbing system. Regular checkups, therefore, are vital to ensure the pipes are in a good working condition and will save you from expensive repairs later.