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3 Ways to Build a Vibrant Community Online

Woman showing how to build a vibrant community onlineMany brands are no longer (or at least limiting) the scattershot approach to marketing. They are not intent on creating communities of loyal consumers willing to defend their brand and build their reputation. That community is a vibrant group that engages with each other, shares knowledge, and works toward a common objective.

FireRock Marketing and other Boston-based online reputation management companies list the following ways on how you can build and manage a community:

Have a Dedicated Platform and Manage

The platform doesn’t have to be flashy. What it needs is to become a place where members and managers can share data, discuss topics important in the niche, and attract more visitors. Hire a dedicated manager that will be the point person within the community. Provide them with strategies and the leeway to make decisions about the personality and environment of the communities they will manage. Having a human ‘face’ that your members can interact with allows you to connect with each one on a personal level.

Encourage Members to Create and Share Content

Engagement is a clear sign that your plan is working. Your community will not get the legitimacy you want if all the information is one-sided. Encourage your members to create and share their unique content on the site’s platform. Feature distinct ideas on your website and give credit to the users that made them. Having a voice allows you to establish a loyal following, which will help your word-of-mouth advertising efforts.

Member Focus Approach

Communities succeed because they are about the members and not about up-selling. Focus on helping the community’s needs and provide each member with solutions. Humanize your efforts by creating personas or representatives that people can approach.

These are some of the strategies that enable you to build a thriving and vibrant online community for your customers and brand loyalists. Implementing these allow you to engage members and improve customer relationship.