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What to Do When You’re Charged with Mortgage Fraud

Lawyer discussing with a clientThe government can charge a business or an individual with mortgage fraud if they provide inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect information during the mortgage application. Even banks may have to face the law if they falsify documents to foreclose properties, such as what happened in the 2008 collapse.

It seems grim, but you are not hopeless just yet. Here is what you should do if you are facing mortgage fraud here in Houston.

Get Help as Soon as Possible

Do not disregard summons or any letter from the court. You need to be proactive and prove that you are willing to participate in the case. This builds the court’s trust in you. More importantly, you need legal counsel so that you will not be making any wrong statement or action.

Get a lawyer as soon as they bring up the term mortgage fraud, to cover your bases.

Be Honest

Mortgage lenders and borrowers may have different versions of the events, depending on their interests. If you are facing a fraud case, the last thing you want is to prove that you are lying. Be honest about the things you have done and the information you have provided.

Your lawyers need to know the details that can build a strong case, and you need to trust your lawyer to present all the information in a favorable light.

Be Thorough

It may seem difficult to remember some details that could change the course of the case, but if anything jumps out at you that is beyond the rules, such as your partner asking you to sign mortgage papers, be forthcoming with the information.

It is important that the blame goes to the guilty party and not to someone who was unaware of what was happening.

Mortgage fraud is a serious crime. If you are not guilty of it, you need to do everything to clear your name.