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3 Signs That Tells Your Business is Ready for a PR Agency

PR on a keyboardYou might search at all the ends of the world, but no legitimate public relations (PR) firm would guarantee a hundred percent result when you sign-up with them. Those who do are highly likely too good to be true and are hiding something under their sleeves. But, despite the non-guarantee, businesses are choosing to have agencies handle their public relations.

Why? It’s because they know what they are doing. If you are still unsure on whether or not you need to pick up that phone and finally contact a PR agency in Melbourne, Sphere Agency and other advertising agencies list some signs that might be able to help you:

You realise the goal of PR agencies in today’s competitive field

The role of PR agencies is to get your business a free media coverage, usually through editorial write-ups and periodicals exposure. This is different from getting paid coverage through marketing ads and posts. While the goal of free and paid media are similar, the effects to the business vary widely. PR agencies are able to get businesses a lasting connection and impression, something businesses are starting to appreciate and understand, thus the interest in PR agencies.

Your competitors have them

If your biggest and worst competitor is working with a PR agency, it is a sign you need to do so otherwise you would get left behind the competition in time.

You are ready for them

This means you have a clear business goal and is ready to strip naked and present the plans and ideas your company has in mind to your chosen agency. It might seem like a risk, presenting your company’s plan to a third party. If you are not yet ready to trust an outsider to help make your business grow, chances are you are not ready to have a PR firm yet.

After reading this article, evaluate yourself. Are you ready to have one for your business? If yes, go ahead and let your search begin.

Keep Your Business Safe With These Security Policies

Criminal background check with glasses and penSafety and security threats to businesses are not limited to exterior elements; some may already be within the organisation. And in many cases, these dangers result from lack of stringent policies.

Because you want to make sure your business, assets, employees, and clients remain safe from these threats, it is important that you have a powerful and well-designed risk mitigation plan. Part of this should prioritise strategies that keep the organisation crime-free.

Comprehensive pre-screening for recruitment

This isn’t something up for discussion: all employers must carry out a rigorous pre-employment process. Doing so will not only ensure that new hires have the skills and qualifications needed for the job, but also assess their trustworthiness and reliability.

Fast Police Checks mentions that businesses should conduct a background check on job applicants. For instance, they can file an online application for a criminal record check with an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission-accredited firm, which will help them determine whether a candidate has a clean record.

Use of reliable data security software

Company property, sensitive information, and other assets require a robust security protocol. Security breach, such as data theft, can occur online, without the criminals even being physically present. As such, it is important that organisations use powerful security software to prevent massive losses and other serious consequences.

Rigid security policies can save lives

Crimes in a place of business put not just finances at stake; they also endanger the lives of people. For these reasons, all companies and organisations should not be lenient when it comes to security, as even the smallest weakness or loophole can already cause a variety of problems.

Through the implementation of the above-mentioned policies, you can protect everything that your business owns. It is better to be prepared, so you can avoid any security issues in the future.

3 Things Ad Agencies Can Do For Your Business

Advertisement collaboration with the employeesIf you’re a fan of the hit TV series Mad Men, you probably have an idea what advertising agencies or simply ‘ad agencies’ do. No, ‘ad men’ don’t just sit on their desks smoking cigars and drinking whiskey before lunch. They can do wonders for your business.

Red Rider Creative suggests that you consider these great benefits if you’re planning to hire an ad agency in Salt Lake City.

They help you develop your brand

So you have a product or a service. It’s great. But how do you sell the brand? Brand development is not easy, even for experienced businesses with long years of being in the industry. Especially now that the competition is tight, you need to build a strong brand that will stand out. Your brand needs to evolve in order to meet new demands and changing customer behaviors.

Ad agencies not only help you sell your products and services; they also develop your brand, helping you sell not just your product or service, but the lifestyle and benefits that come with it.

They help you create your website

In the past, having that coveted business address in the city creates a good image for your brand. It shows people that you can afford a business address in the good parts of the city. Today, the same thing still applies but the battle for consumers is often more intense online.

If you don’t have a website address and a good web design, you’re not showing your consumers a good impression and the bad image can stick. Ad agencies help you develop your website based on what your target market is looking for.

They help you get your ROI

So you have this idea on how to sell your brand, but how sure are you that you’re doing it right and you’re getting the returns on your investments? Ad agencies can measure the success of your campaigns and other marketing efforts. They also have tools that show you which campaigns are working and which ones need tweaking.

Instead of just “putting it out there”, ad agencies make sure that you’re putting your money where it can generate the most income and returns.

If you want to stay competitive, hire a reputable ad agency to keep your brand relevant in your target market. Otherwise, you might be losing more customers, even loyal patrons, to your competition.

Do You Know That Billboard Ads are Banned in Canberra?

Blank billboard adEver wondered why you don’t see any billboard advertisements in Canberra?

The reason behind their absence lies on the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) ban on large signages above the ground floor. The rule dates back to 1937 when a federal ordinance prohibited the use of such ads in the capital city.

Promoting Space

Any advertising agency in Canberra will most likely recommend other channels, like online campaigns, aside from the use of huge signs. According to Brett Philips, who works for the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate, the ban on billboard aligns with city planners’ desire to prevent the obstruction of views from open spaces.

While the National Capital Plan exempted commercial roadside signs on bus shelters and mobile billboard, it still prohibited anyone from putting them along road reservations. There are, however, some cases where these have been attached to buildings under certain conditions.

An electronic sign at the Canberra Centre serves as one example, as the building is located on private property. In 2000, the Federal Government also approved the installation of billboards at the Canberra Airport.

Ad Spending

The ban on billboards in Canberra apparently doesn’t affect the industry, as online advertising continues to grow in Australia. Auto-mobile ads accounted for the highest spending among companies, with a 20.3% share of the digital display market during the first quarter of 2017.

Mobile ad spending also increased 29% to $653 million. Total spending for digital displays between January and March rose 7.2% year over year, amounting to $1.86 billion

The changing trends in advertising may have been a reason why we no longer see billboards in Canberra. As online ads become more common, it won’t be surprising if other cities follow suit in using other promotional resources aside from large signages.

Valuable Customer Service Pointers for Veterinarians

Customer engagement on a keyboardQuality customer service applies to all kinds of business ventures, including veterinary clinics. Beyond updating your records, always giving your customers a warm welcome and consistent quality services, excellent customer assistance should also include some other features and benefits specifically for vets. Here are just a few pointers that can strengthen your customers’ loyalty and commitment to you.

Let Your Actions Speak

Pet owners do appreciate the extra TLC you give their little darlings, but they don’t mind receiving some themselves. Small, caring gestures such as updating via text or online messages, going out to check on the owners during their pet’s treatments and giving information in simplified form can encourage first-timers to return regularly. Remember, sincere acts of kindness can make a great difference for any service business.

Personalize Your Promotions

Offering giveaways, contests, and other promotional programs is also a requirement for any growing business. However, you can take it a step further by placing personal touches to each of your promotional products. Create marketing and promotional schemes that are both owner and pet-friendly. Also, make sure you get quality handouts for your veterinary clinic by only contacting reputable providers like

Listen to Feedback

You won’t always get praised for your work, and that’s normal in any venture. However, supposedly negative criticism can bring fruitful and profitable pointers if you view them as productive assessments. Ask your customers questions and listen to their answers. Take their suggestions seriously and do thank them when their ideas add to your clinic’s improvement.

No matter how good a vet you are, if you don’t take care of the owners, then you will eventually lose future clients and even your present customers. After all, you aren’t just taking care of pets but the pet owners as well. Basic business rule-of-thumb: any venture will eventually fail if it doesn’t have any loyal patrons.

Understanding Contaminants That Affect IAQ in Health Care Facilities

Man checking the air duct to have an indoor air qualityNext to homes, hospitals are among the places you’d want indoor air quality (IAQ) to be at its best.

The services of companies like Clinicair are valuable in improving IAQ in healthcare facilities. It also pays to understand the components that impact the quality of air to be able to address contamination at its roots. Here are some of those factors:


While patients are among the top reasons for improving IAQ, they are also a considerable source of contamination. Patients stay at the hospital for various reasons, from infections to viruses, and certain symptoms and patient activity can contribute to the spread of these triggers.

Patient coughing, for instance, can introduce contaminants into the air. Body fluids from infections, wounds, and incontinence, meanwhile, can be transferred from the patient to bedding, clothing, and other surfaces.

Facility Staff

Staff members tend to come in immediate contact with all of the contaminants generated by the patients. For this reason, institutions impose hygiene protocols that include hand washing, the use of gloves and proper disposal of used accessories. When not followed, the facility’s staff risks exposing patients, visitors, and other staff members to contaminants.

Housekeeping employees, meanwhile, contribute to air contamination by not covering carted trash or not drying cleaned surfaces properly. Damp surfaces create the perfect environment for mold growth, which is a significant air quality hazard.

The Facility

The duct work that distributes air throughout the facility can trap contaminants and even biological organisms. Moisture from HVAC humidification, meanwhile, can instigate mold growth.

As people go to the hospital to receive treatment and recuperate, you want the kind of air quality that is conducive to your healing and the improvement of health. Moreover, good indoor air quality can help keep doctors, nurses and other staff members to be on top of their health so that they can take care of patients better. By looking into these categories, engineers and designers can develop a methodology that will address and mitigate detriments to IAQ.

Leaping into Business: The Real First Steps to Success

Men preparing for their business planThe thought of starting a business might have always been in your mind. Taking the first step, however, can feel like a big leap than when you think about it. Over time, you might find yourself daydreaming and wishing that one day you do take that step. The prospect of starting your own business does not have to be a scary thing. It’s a big responsibility, but you will not get anywhere as long as you make the active decision to start.

Now that you have decided to pursue this path, Venture Bank and other experts noted that applying for small business loans in Bloomington is not the immediate step. It’s only second to planning. Before getting your hands on money to spend, you need to take note of the following:

The Business Plan

Many people would rather take off and wing it rather than putting it all in writing. What writing a business plan achieve are the boundaries you set on yourself and the goals you wish to achieve. Without a proper guide for yourself, you might fall into some pitfalls or wrong decisions when it comes to your business. A business plan gives you an outline of what you aim to achieve every step of the way to ensure your success.

The Budget

Now that you have everything in writing, you can now see how much money your business may require getting off the ground. You should never sacrifice the quality of your product, but you also have to make sure you aren’t spending as much. You need to find that balance so you don’t end up going bankrupt on something that’s supposed to make you money.

Starting a business takes a lot of thinking and preparation. Don’t let this part of the process prevent you from starting your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Turned Down: Possible Reasons Behind a Denied Business Loan Application

business loan applicationLaunching a new business requires money. So, even if the road to business success may be tough, some might say that these business people should be thankful that they were able to start or boost their business. Less fortunate would-be entrepreneurs never get the opportunity to even establish a business. Lenders, all too often, reject business loan applicants. The rejection doesn’t even have to be due to a bad business idea but a shortcoming on the applicant’s part instead.

Entrepreneurs who are applying for a business loan should take note of these possible rejection reasons and learn from them.

Poor Credit

While not everyone has excellent credit, having bad credit just isn’t an excuse as far as lenders are concerned. Poor credit is simply an indication that debt repayment is not a priority for the borrower. Even if the applicant unintentionally misses a payment on a car, a piece of property, or a credit card, such lapses speaks volumes to creditors. Additionally, ARF Financial, a trusted business loan financial company, says that having a poor credit score can seriously affect an individual’s reputation and their chances of getting a loan approved in the future.

The good news is that bad credit doesn’t last forever. Individuals can take steps to rebuild their credit by keeping debts low, making timely payments, maintaining existing credit lines, and avoiding opening too many credit accounts.

Insufficient Collateral

Even if the borrower has a good credit score, lenders usually won’t risk lending money without some form of guarantee for reimbursement. Borrowers, unfortunately, face rejection when they don’t have (or present) enough collateral to support the size of the business loan they’d like to borrow.

One solution for this is to create a document that enumerates all possible assets for collateral. The borrower can include both business and personal assets on the list.

Inadequate Cash Flow

Apart from collateral, lenders also want to make sure that the borrower can repay the loan monthly on top of all necessary expenses. Creditors, obviously, won’t accept loan applications from businesses with major cash flow problems. There’s no point in providing a business loan if there’s not enough money coming in, after all. Some of the easiest ways to solve cash flow issues are to cut unnecessary expenses and to have an emergency fund.

Bad credit, inadequate collateral, and insufficient cash flow are just a few reasons behind the rejection of a business loan application. Before submitting any business loan application, borrowers should first do their homework by tackling possible loan application problems in advance.

How to Enjoy an Edge or Two Over the Competition

Edgy competition with the employeesEvery day, hundreds of businesses enter the market, making it all the more challenging for any new entrepreneur to enter almost any segment in practically any industry. To have a fighting chance of surviving and thriving in any business, you need to have a few advantages over your competition.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do this:

Make your products up-vote-worthy

Products that aren’t any good are not likely to make a dent on the market, even if they happen to be the cheapest. To make your product “sell itself”, so to speak, you have to make it reliable. It has to be useful and reliable enough that people remember it and recommend it to friends. Word-of-mouth is pretty strong marketing, and there are more channels (such as social media) now than ever before to use that to your benefit.

Know what the competition is up to

You can’t rest on your laurels; that’s how giants get toppled by other giants who are new to the scene. You have to know what your competition is doing and how they’re doing it. For example, competitor monitoring software like PriceManager can help you determine how much your competitors’ equivalent products cost, so you can adjust your pricing. You may also find out whether they’re following minimum advertised prices.

Provide great customer service

After a product is sold, there should be customer support in case it breaks. This is one area where you can show how much better you are as a company, an opportunity to provide the best customer service experience. People who are happy with a company’s customer service are more likely to buy again and recommend the product or service to friends and family.

It’s important to have an edge over the competition. This will not only keep your brand and your products relevant but in-demand.

4 Types Of Loans: Which Best Fits Your Needs?

Man explaining the types of loans to the clientThere are times that you might find yourself in the middle of a financial crisis or a situation where you need a hefty amount of cash. You might have exhausted all your finances, and the only option is to acquire a loan.

Loans are designed to provide people with the needed sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest. Though the end price is higher than what you borrowed, a loan can be a lifesaver. For instance, if you need money for health reasons, emergency cases or a home renovation, acquiring a loan is the best way to have the needed money as soon as possible.

However, before getting one, you should know the different types you can for which you can apply.

Home Loan

Home loans are the most popular ones in the financial market. There are many individuals applying for this type of loan in the hopes of having their own house. However, in this type of loan, there is a need for a down payment, and the payment terms depend on the plan you choose. Home loans are payable in 20 to 30 years, but for some, they can choose shorter terms.

Car Loan

Owning a car is a dream come true. There are car loans available for individuals who can’t afford to buy a car outright. The loans are also payable in certain time frames, depending on how much your down payment is.

Tax Loan

Tax Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL) or tax loans are created by a lender based on an expected federal income tax refund. The taxpayer receives a tax refund from the government, and it’s directly paid to the party who made the loan, be it a bank or a financial loan firm.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are types of loans which are unsecured. That means you don’t have to offer a collateral or down payment in order to receive the money. There are various financial companies offering this type of loan, and usually, it’s used for various purposes – business, school or personal reasons.

Loans help many people with their financial burdens, especially during emergency needs. Though there are added fees, these loans are important in providing people with financial help when needed.