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Study Warns about Greater Risks of Dental Phobia

A Girl With Dental PhobiaYour constant decision to skip seeing a dentist may have more damaging results than you think, according to a new study.

Researchers from King’s College London Dental Institute in the U.K. claimed that your fear of dentists does not only lead to tooth decay or missing teeth but also mostly affects your quality of life, according to Dr Ellie Heidari. She and Tim Newton used data from almost 11,000 respondents in a 2009 Adult Dental Health Survey as a basis for their study.

Fear Factor

Based on responses from the 2009 survey, more than 1,300 people confirmed that they have dental phobia, whether seeing a private dentist in London or any clinic that accepts National Health Service patients. The study showed that those with dental anxiety tend to choose a short-term fix to their problem, with more women admitting to being afraid of the dentist than men.

For instance, a patient might want to undergo tooth extraction instead of following a maintenance plan, which means more trips to the clinic. Newton, however, said that an oral hygiene routine at home could help patients become more comfortable in dealing with dentists.

Greater Risks

Aside from the obvious problems associated with dental phobia, the underlying risks from always avoiding dentists may affect a person’s social and psychological well-being, Heidari said. We all know that poor oral care results to tooth decay and missing teeth, but the risks apparently extend beyond how you take care of your mouth.

Dental treatment has had a bad reputation for many Britons, simply because we’ve been led to believe horror stories on the internet. The idea of drilling your teeth may scare you, but the price you’ll pay for not seeing a dentist will likely cost you more in the future.

What Makes Composite Bonding Better Than Veneers

Girl preparing for Composite BondingOnly a few have excellent teeth. In fact, with so many factors affecting the appearance, function and form of your teeth, such as injuries, accidents, ageing, and dental hygiene habits, it is nearly impossible to achieve a 'perfect' set of teeth.

Because only a tiny percentage of the population boasts of such great-looking teeth, oral health care experts continue to look for ways to allow the rest to experience it too. Thanks to all their hard work, you and many others will now find top-notch composite bonding treatments in London. Find out more about this dental treatment option.

Features that give it an edge

Other than bonding, there are several cosmetic dentistry solutions designed to enhance the appearance and function of the teeth, such as veneers. Of course, both have their own sets of advantages over the other.

What gives composite bonding an edge is its cost. It comes with a more affordable price tag than the typically costly veneers. Some people do not like that the process behind veneer application, which involves drilling the teeth. In addition, applying composite bonding takes less time.

Simple and less-invasive

Tooth bonding continues to grow in popularity because of its simple application process. A dentist simply applies a material, typically composite resin, to the affected surface. Your dentist will choose a material with a shade that matches your teeth’s natural colour to make sure the outcome looks as authentic as possible.

Before applying the resin, your dentist may have to treat the surface of your tooth first. This way, the material will adhere to the surface better. This method of treating the tooth is less invasive than the ones used for patients getting a veneer.

Composite bonding allows you to transform the look of your teeth and improve your smile without having to spend a lot of time or money. Talk to your dentist to find out if this treatment option is right for you.

A Natural Way to Keep Your Skin’s Youthful Glow

Glowing skinAs you age, your skin loses its elasticity and glow. Fine lines develop, and deep creases begin to show. If you want to maintain your youthful glow, then you should try following a natural beauty care regimen that will keep your skin looking young and smooth.

There are many factors why your skin could look older; age is only one of them. You can help prevent this premature aging with an all-natural skin care regimen that maintains your skin’s youthful quality. Aside from this, there are other approaches that could also contribute to improving the appearance and feel of your skin no matter how old you are.

Use Organic Products

You can improve your skin by using organic moisturizing and exfoliating creams such as those made by organic moisturizing and exfoliating creams such as from Organi Philippines. Moisturizing your skin keeps it hydrated and helps retain its youthful glow. Exfoliating it helps remove dead skin cells that pile up on the surface of your skin. Regular exfoliation will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Regular exfoliation prevents your skin from looking dull and dry.

Eat Healthy Foods

Go on a healthy and all-natural diet. Clean up your system and get rid of the toxins by eating organic fruits and vegetables. Organically-grown food restricts the use of pesticides, fertilizers and additives. Vegetables and fruits contain lots of minerals and vitamins that can improve your skin’s condition.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a major role in maintaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness. According to Everyday Health, the amount of sleep you take has a profound impact on the health of your skin. Sleeping for no less than eight hours a day keeps your skin’s tone and firmness, and helps maintain its glow.

Not getting enough sleep increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to a rise in stress and inflammation in your body. All of these can damage your skin.

These days, you don’t need to risk your skin care on questionable creams and serums. With enough sleep, a healthy all-natural diet, and an organic beauty skin care regimen, you will be able to keep its healthy glow and retain its smoothness for a longer time.

Make Your Look Shine With Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry

Fashion trends change every year, which forces you to stay keep up. Your gold, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime. With a little mix-and-match, you can never go wrong with gold jewelry. Here are some tips for wearing gold jewelry to achieve a stunning look:

Update your jewelry

Give your old pieces a new life by upgrading them. You can choose a new setting to make them appear more contemporary or you can trade them for new ones. There are wholesale jewelers in Utah that buy and sell jewelry.

Choose a simple piece

Gold itself is already a standout. You can ditch the filigree and opt for a simple design that brings out the gold’s natural glow. Take note that wearing several pieces at the same time will only create a cluttered look.

Experiment with different combinations

Mix your favorite jewelry with other pieces to come up with a new look and then decide which combination looks good. Don’t forget to put it on with your clothes, so that your style will match.

Pick a different color

Not all gold are yellow. Alloys come in shades of white, green and rose. You can even mix these shades to come up with a unique style.

Mix gold with other metals

Combine your gold pieces with silver or platinum to make a statement. Whether you’re aiming for an earthy or modern look, keep things well-integrated.

Make your jewelry standout

Wear a simple and elegant outfit that complements your jewelry. In this way, your gold piece will catch people’s attention, giving you an irresistible aura.

Gold is among the most precious materials known to man. It does not tarnish or decay unlike other metals and is relatively rare. So the next time you wear your gold necklace, wear it with pride.

The life benefits of permanent tooth replacement

Tooth ImplantWhen you lose your teeth, you lose much more than just your beautiful smile. It is important to replace any teeth you may have lost as soon as possible after tooth loss, to protect both your oral and general health. In many cases, dental implants are the ideal solution.

Unlike standard dentures or bridges, dental implants are designed to be permanent. They replace the root parts of your teeth and, because they are made from titanium, they also support bone growth, which alleviates the issues caused by a shrinking jaw bone. Loss of jaw bone density contributes to traditional dentures becoming loose, and can even change the entire structure of your face.

The implant team at Northlight Dental in Milton Keynes offers a range of dental implant solutions, which can replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, whatever has caused your tooth loss.

Many people only require local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants, although most dental practices also offer conscious sedation for patients who are nervous, who are having longer procedures, or who have trouble keeping their mouth open for long periods.

Once the implants are in place, the process of integration with the jaw bone begins. This usually takes between three and six months, and will ensure that your new teeth will be held in place with a strength akin to that of a natural tooth root.

Dental implants can be restored with a single crown, an implant-retained bridge, or with dentures. Whichever option you choose, you will soon be enjoying all the benefits of a second chance at a healthy jaw of adult teeth.

  • Long-term benefits of implant treatment include:
  • Being able to eat whatever you like, meaning it’s easy to maintain good nutrition
  • The ability to speak clearly and confidently
  • Teeth that look so realistic few people will realise they aren’t the real thing
  • The ability to get back to your personal and professional life without any fears of unruly dentures causing you problems

With proper aftercare, including regular dentist and hygienist appointments, your implants and the new teeth attached to them could last for the rest of your life.

Cashmere Apparels are Superbly Personalised

Cashmere Cashmere’s induction as the ultimate kind of wool for fashion didn’t happen by accident or as a result of a forced trend or personal preference.

According to Everyday Cashmere, from the production until the prepping of the material itself, cashmere is simply tailored to be the crème de la crème. It’s the only type of wool flexible enough to be chic while being a good insulator.

The Origin of the Prestige Yarn

Cashmere wool comes from the exquisite undercoat around the neck and body of a cashmere goat, which mainly resides in the Himalayas. It’s a regional material you can’t find anywhere else.

Royalties in Asia first used cashmere 5,000 years ago. Today, manufacturers procure at least 6,000 tons of cashmere globally for various applications other than clothing.

Insulation Properties

The undercoat of the cashmere goat is a natural insulator because it’s supposed to withstand the extreme climatic conditions of the Himalayan Mountains. Cashmere is great for summers as it can absorb moisture efficiently. It’s also applicable for the wintry season due to its comfortable and warming under fleece. It’s the only wool that can be worn in all seasons.

Textile Quality

The undercoat of goats is one of the finest yet fluffiest wool in the animal kingdom. It’s several times thinner and more translucent than a sheep’s fleece, making it more refined, softer, and easier to manipulate.


With its soft texture, absorbent fibres and white to grey colour, cashmere is easy to dye. Dyeing cashmere doesn’t compromise its quality because of its porous and adaptive strands.


Pure cashmere wool isn’t only versatile, but also lightweight. Unlike other wool yarns, it doesn’t easily break or lump together, making it easy for the fashion industry to come up with limitless design applications for this material.

As a gold-standard fashion material, cashmere may cost a little extra. But, considering all its benefits, it’s worth the investment.

Man Up and Dress Better this Autumn/Winter

Winter FashionTransitioning from summer to autumn can be challenging. Meet the shedding of the leaves like a man by outflanking the biggest cold weather errors. Sub your cottons with gorgeous heavyweight wool and meet the beginning of the cold season in style and with a sip of your favourite warm beverage.

Weatherproof Your Wardrobe

Autumn can be fun, but it can also get bitingly cold. Don’t let the frosty weather bruise your style. Weatherproof your wardrobe and invest in a waterproofing spray to protect your new shearling jacket. Polish can also offer your shoes another layer of protection.

Dial Down on the Bright Colours

Fold away your summer pastels and break out pieces in black, grey, white or blue. Dial down on the bright colours and look for blocked neutral shades. You don’t have to go all monochrome. Just mimic the changing leaves in muted shades of rust, military green and mustard and you’re going to look right at home.

Invest in Accessories

Invest in accessories that make late afternoons less freezing. Put on a lightweight cotton scarf or those trendy HUF Plantlife socks from you’ve been looking to buy for so long already. A good, full size umbrella would come handy, too.

Get a Premium Piece

This is the season that makes it a crime to skimp on a new and fashionable coat. This is where money talks. Get a premium piece that looks like it’s made to last more than one turning of the season. A wool overcoat is the most versatile option, but for a more casual take, a waxed cotton jacket will do.

Layer Smartly

Just because it’s the season of layering doesn’t mean you pile on one fabric after another. Layer smartly so you not only look on point, but are also comfortable in case it rains. Breathable cotton should be closest to the skin, with wool next, for warmth and something weatherproof on top.

There. Now you look like you are made to walk the streets in autumn.

Being Stylish Without Breaking the Bank: Wholesale Jewelry

jewelry and fashionThe jewelry that you wear can make or break your outfit. They can also outlast most of your clothes. Because of this, it’s definitely much better to have a number of options around to mix and match accessories with your clothes.

Buying jewelry is not cheap, especially if you want high quality items. Save money while getting several items—that is the magic of wholesale purchases.

Lots of jewelry at cheap prices?

It’s just as you think it is: buying several pieces costs less. The price goes lower if you get more pieces in one order. This means that if you and ten friends in Salt Lake City decide to order the same gorgeous necklace, you get a lower price than if you and one friend order the same thing.

This also works if you plan to re-sell the jewelry in your neighborhood for a higher price. AAA Jewelers recommends choosing customized rings, necklaces, and other accessories that sell for good prices because they are unique.

How do you make the most of it?

Get lower prices with more items in an order. Make this a bonding moment for you and your female friends. Activities like this attest to the lifelong friendship you share.

Gather everyone, decide on a piece you all like, and place the order. Check more than one website if they have similar pieces and compare prices, too. It is still shopping, after all.

What if there’s something wrong?

With bulk purchases, and with some pieces made in very far places, there might be some damaged items. Keep this from happening by choosing only reputable wholesalers. You’d better appreciate your purchase if none of them go to waste.

That’s about it when it comes to wholesale jewelry. Try it out. Choose items you don’t see often in shops and wear them proudly.

Salon Services: Knowing What to Expect

Hair salons have evolved over time and have expanded their services. Traditionally, hair salons primarily offered hair cutting and trimming to their clients. Now, with people giving so much preference to personal care and beauty, salons have begun to offer many different services.

hair dresserChanges through time have also led salons to throw open their doors to the vast male population. Many unisex hair salons have various services, tailored to meet the needs of everyone.

The range of services available in most salons includes:

– Hair Care Services: These days, salons offer many different kinds of services to help people keep their hair stylish. Hair wash, setting, colouring, straightening, ironing, rebinding, adding highlights, etc. are just some of the services offered by hair salons.

Skin and Nail Care Services: Women love to pamper themselves with skin care services, such as facials, manicures and pedicures. Not only does it make them beautiful, but it does wonders for the skin in the long run as well.

– Waxing Services: These days, stylish men also visit the salon for waxing. Salons offer different packages and kinds of waxing services for male and female clients.

– Bridal Services: These days, most salons have exclusive bridal beauty packages that cover all the above mentioned services, explain the beauty professionals at Circles of Subiaco. This includes bridal makeup, haircut and styling, waxing, manicure and pedicure, and other related services.

– Day Spa Services: With the rise in need for people to relieve their stress, many salons have attached day spas, where their clients could unwind. Services like massage therapy, aromatherapy and mud therapy are generally offered in day spas.

– Tanning services: Spas offer people, tanning services these days too. Both men and women sign up for this service. Packages and various tan colour options are available when people choose this service.

Perth is primarily an urban city, which has numerous hair salons and day spas. If you are looking for a hair salon, ask your friends and family for reputable salons in the vicinity. Alternatively, you can check the hair salons in Perth online. Do your research and ask the right questions to help you decide which salon can offer you the best service.

Unique Wedding Ideas: Making Your Big Day Even More Memorable

weddingWeddings are supposed to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Although this might not be true for everyone, one thing is certain – a wedding has to be memorable. Regardless of how you want the ceremony to take place, you can always inject some fun ideas to make, at least the reception party, more than what your guests are expecting.

First Thing’s First

Before you start planning the details of your wedding, you need to figure out what theme and motif you would like to have. Take into consideration any commonalities you have with your future husband – places you both have been to, favorite sports or your favorite team.

Wedding experts recommend coming up with a budget before you sign any contract. This prevents you from overspending and losing all your savings by the time you get married. It would also help to have a list of expected guests beforehand, so you have an idea just how much you need to spend for food. Do not forget to consider the meals your suppliers would have on the day itself.

Ideas? Ideas!

  • If you want a unique celebration, you might want to throw in a firework display timed to go off when you and your husband kiss during your dance. There are a number of online sellers offering fireworks for sale. UK shops have some of the best selections.
  • Generally, bridesmaids have the same dress motif with the rest of the entourage. A good twist would be to have them in different colours, but with the dress having the same cut and their shoes being of the same color and design. This makes for a great photo theme.
  • If you are getting married during the summer months, consider having an ice cream bar. You can up this by a notch by having a 10-foot long banana split instead of the traditional wedding cake.
  • Doing an outdoor wedding? Use paper to cover the tables and leave a bucket of crayons. You can then have your guests write down their well wishes while they eat.

With these simple ideas, you can make your wedding day extra special for you and your guests.