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A Key Factor Determining Your FUE Hair Restoration Candidacy

Patient having a hair transplantA lot of people tend to assume that their shapely eyebrows and healthy head of hair will remain the same for as long as they keep these in excellent condition and take good care of their health. And while these play vital roles in a person’s life, there are just some situations wherein they just cannot prevent hair loss, whether partial or complete.

Because hair loss that can lead to balding can occur due to many different reasons, including your DNA, age, and your lifestyle, it is important that you know you do not have to live hair-free for the rest of your life. Many thanks to improvements in hair restoration technology, you can regain a head full of hair. One such method is through the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant by Fue Clinics.

Is FUE the right choice for you?

There are several factors you need to consider when assessing whether you should undergo FUE. Some factors determine your candidacy for this particular type of hair restoration technique. It is vital you understand the basics of the procedure so that you can set the right and realistic expectations.

The first thing you have to think of to come to a realistic approach is the availability of an ideal donor area. This is the biggest factor that influences your candidacy for FUE. You have to have good donor areas to reap the best results out of the procedure.

Your choice in a surgeon also plays a significant role

Keep in mind that an experienced hair transplant surgeon is just as important as a great donor unit. Through the surgeon’s skill, experience, and knowledge, you can receive the proper guidance and advice on the various restoration techniques, and not just FUE. As such, you want to take your time in searching for a surgeon and consulting with each of your prospects to find the right professional for your needs.

Uncommon Uses of Bamboo That May Surprise You

Man using a bamboo musical instrument fluteWhen talking about bamboo, the image of a panda munching on its favorite snack always comes to mind. Aside from that, Bamboo is also known as the material of choice for decorations, flooring, and rugs. You may not be aware, but bamboo is also a great choice of bedding material. Bamboo bed sheets are comfortable and durable. The following are other little-known uses of bamboo.

Musical Instruments

Bamboo has a resonant quality. It is ideal for creating musical instruments like xylophones, flutes, chimes, and drums. The best part is that musical instruments made from bamboo are cheap.

Fishing Rods

Bamboo is a great material for making fishing rods. While you may think that it is already shaped like a rod, it is not used that way. Bamboo is first split into thin strips. It’s then put together in a way that creates different angles. Then, it is bound together. The finished product is smooth.

Bamboo Bicycles

Not too many people are aware that you can make a bicycle using bamboo as the primary material. Bamboo bicycle frames are durable. They can also dampen vibration that makes riding comfortable. The only drawback is that a bamboo bicycle can leave a gaping hole in your pocket. You need to save anywhere from $2000 to $4000 before you can brag about your new bike to your pals.

Other Little-Known Uses

You can “wear” bamboo when it’s used as a fiber. You can also produce paper from the pulp of a bamboo cane. In some countries like China, traditional toys like dominoes are made from bamboo.

These are only a few of the unusual uses of the rapid-growing grass. There are many other unique uses of bamboo in different parts of the world. The next time you hear someone talk about bamboo, you surely will not only think about a panda’s favorite meal.

The Importance Of Employee Background and Criminal Checks

Criminal background check with glasses and penAn employee background check is a very important part of any hiring process, especially since not everyone is as honest as they should be on their CV’s. Some would even try to conceal past criminal activities.

Why Is an Employee Police Check Important?

As an employer, you need to be sure that the people you hire into your company are both trustworthy and reliable. For example, if the company in question is a financial institution like a bank, you wouldn’t want to hire someone with a history of fraud. When applicants are aware that you are doing employee background police checks, it will discourage those who are trying to hide something from applying and encourage those who want to work in a safe environment. This can greatly improve the quality of your applicant pool.

Mistakenly hiring someone with a history of criminal activities such as drug abuse, violent behaviour, and fraud can legally hurt your organisation. As an employer, you have a moral and legal responsibility to protect your organisation’s assets and all those who enter your company’s premises. Various companies offer police history check services that you can take advantage. It will be a bonus if they have an online tool for this as it will be able to give you the results much faster.

Occupations That Legally Require Police Background Checks

More and more employers are doing police checks, and it is becoming a required feature in the hiring process of most major businesses. However, some occupations are legally required to have police checks. Here are some of them:

  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Building practitioners
  • The police
  • Bail justices
  • Correctional staff
  • Gaming and liquor inspectors
  • Health practitioners
  • Aged-care workers
  • Final Thoughts

While doing police checks are a great way to disqualify those with known criminal records, it is not 100% foolproof. There will still be instances where an employee without a prior history of dishonesty is capable of committing corporate fraud. You should also conduct other risk management processes like reference checks in conjunction with police checks.

The Wonders of a Good Night’s Rest

Woman sleepingWork may keep you up late at night. Play can do the same as well. As a result of long nights, you may have lost a lot of sleep, and you may now be relying on coffee and power naps to sustain you through your days at work. Although work can be important and play can be gratifying, a good sleep ranks higher than both work and play.

Remember Things

Companies like Cozy Earth say that a good night’s rest can do wonders for your health. For one, good sleep can sharpen your memory. Your brain recharges during sleep, and information you received during the day can be retained much better. When you wake up, you will be able to remember details at work and at home, remember meetings and important dates, and even find a solution to that tricky problem you’ve been trying to resolve.

Focus Better and Longer

Lack of sleep can decrease your work productivity. You may have less concentration, and you risk missing important work details in a sleep deprived state. With good sleep, you can focus on work and perform at optimum productivity.

Gain Muscle

Healthy living has become integral to the people everywhere, but you may still be having a hard time shedding all the weight you gained in the past. You may be exercising and eating right, but you may be sleeping wrong. Sleep in the evening to allow your body to heal, during which you will gain muscle.

Smile More

Are you always cranky during the day? A good night’s rest could brighten up your mood and allow you to feel less stressed. Sleep deprivation can only add physical and mental stress to you, dampening your mood. When you get enough sleep, you have more energy and feel more positive.

Have enough sleep, and you reap these benefits. The National Sleep Foundation suggests you sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Changing bed sheets to bamboo sheets, the newest trend in bedding products, can also help you sleep better.

Comfort and Ergonomics: How Theater Seating Enhances the Viewing Experience

Comfortable theater seatsPeople go to the theater to watch stirring stage performances and enjoy music. These shows last, on average, two hours, but some can run for as long as three or four. Moreover, on some occasions, theaters screen a movie that runs more than three hours. To ensure the audience’s comfort for the duration of the show, theater builders need to install comfortable, ergonomic seats.

Spinal Alignment is Crucial for Comfort

Ergonomic theater seats are essential in securing the audience’s comfort. Soft cushions and armrests are good, but they alone cannot guarantee audience comfort for more than an hour. A better solution would be to provide seating that will promote proper spinal alignment.

Gravity takes a toll on the body when you sit still on a flat and hard surface over a long period. Your shoulders begin to droop, your back will arch, and the top of your spine will soon curve forward. This posture squashes the vertebrae unevenly and puts pressure on your hips and buttocks. Your muscles will contract due to inactivity, causing the stiffness that you feel when you finally stand.

Theaters with ergonomically designed seats have a subtle incline. Along with a padded backrest that curves naturally along an adult’s back, they provide support to the hips, lower spine, and neck. This greatly increases the audience’s comfort, enabling them to focus on the show.

Distracted Audiences

In 2015, Andrew Lloyd Webber spoke about the uncomfortable seats in UK theaters, and that audiences shouldn’t have to endure it when what they hope to get is a great theater experience.

Consider also that the average age of theater audiences is now older. In the U.S., the average age of Broadway attendees from 2014-2015 is 44 years old. In the UK, it’s 52 years old. Comfortable theater seating is therefore vital today.

Sitting still in one fashion is uncomfortable at best and fatiguing at worst. These physical discomforts will soon affect an audience member’s enjoyment while watching a performance. No matter how moving an actor is or how heavenly a singer sounded, the pain in your back, neck, and joints will soon distract audiences from the show.

Fascinating Facts About Aluminium

Recycle logo with aluminium inside itIn the 1800s, man discovered the most abundant metal on our planet. Today, aluminium is the most reused material. The demand for this metal remains high, and recycling it makes a lot of economic and environmental sense. The experts at McCamish Metals know a lot about this metal, but here are some interesting facts about it:

It can last for 500 years

If you throw an aluminium can into a landfill, it can take up to 500 years for the can to decompose. That may be a lot less time than what’s needed for a glass to break down naturally (a million years), but 500 years is still several lifetimes of pollution.

Recycling aluminium repeatedly does not decrease its quality

Scrap metal dealers handle all kinds of aluminium, from foil to car hoods to lawn furniture. Using and reusing this metal will not diminish it.

Recycling aluminium cans saves energy

Making cans from second-hand aluminium is 20 times more energy efficient than making the cans from aluminium ore. Reusing the material saves 95% of the energy used to make the cans from raw material. The energy saved from one reused can is enough to power a computer for an hour and a TV for three hours.

Aluminium cans return to shelves in as little as three months

Collecting, processing, filling and distributing aluminium cans to grocers and supermarkets as new cans take as little as 90 days.

Metals are recyclable. Products made from reused metal saves significant amounts of energy and resources. Don’t throw away your used metals. Take part in metal recycling and help the economy and the environment.

Getting Started in Showbiz: Top Tips from a Pro

Amateur actress workingAmateur acting can be a great experience. It teaches discipline, artistry, and gives you an opportunity to hone your acting skills. It may also be your first exposure that gets you into show-business.

Thinking of taking acting more seriously? Here are some ideas.

Join an acting club at school

Not all the big Hollywood stars today started their career on a school stage. Some just had a stroke of luck, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was discovered by an agent when she was four years old, while she was eating at a restaurant. Not even Gellar relied on luck to make a name for herself, though. You need skills to last in the business, and the school stage is as good a place as any to start learning.

Discover other talents

You may be a natural at singing, dancing, modeling, or playing a musical instrument. Start learning early. Who knows how such useful skills might help you when you’re trying to audition for a role?

Get an acting coach

If you (or your parents) have the budget, look for an acting coach. Nothing like a professional acting coach to teach you the methods of acting.

Look for local auditions

This is how most actors get their roles, some of which lead to their big break. Auditioning is a part of acting, much like submitting an application and going through the process is a part of getting hired for a job. There may be announcements for local auditions online, in local papers, or on community bulletins.

Don’t be too picky when it comes to auditioning. Consider auditioning for commercial and modeling stints too. The more roles you audition for, the more chances you have of landing them, and the higher the likelihood of getting spotted for major roles, even in Hollywood.

Send out your photos to studios and agents. But don’t send them selfies. Treat the industry with professionalism if you want to be taken seriously. Look for a studio that specializes in head-shot photography in Salt Lake City. They can capture your image in the right light and from the right angle, possibly highlighting your assets.

Not everyone who aspires for a career in showbiz gets lucky. But you can’t keep hoping that a situation like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s happens to you. You have to get out there and work for it.

Online Record Checks Can Help You Get Your Dream Job Faster

Criminal background check paperworkMany industries now require a criminal records check as a condition of employment.

Adding a national police history check (NPHC) to your resume can give you the professional edge you need to get your dream job. These days, it’s easier to apply for an NPHC, as companies like now provide employee criminal record checks online. Most instances, you can have your results the next day.

Up Your Credibility

Many recruiters now require applicants to undergo criminal record checks to make sure that they are a suitable candidate for the job. Caring professions like nursing or social care, jobs with children or the elderly and driving jobs will all require a national criminal record check. Some other industries will require police checks too, at their discretion.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) can provide police checks to people seeking employment with the government, for prospective parents who want to adopt a child, for immigration purposes or for job applicants that live overseas. The turnaround time for AFP criminal record checks, however, is about 15 days or up to a month in some cases. Individuals who seek a quicker and easier way to do it can turn to online NPHC providers.

Get Checked at the Click of a Button

You can obtain a criminal history record check by filling out a few details on an online form. Simple and convenient, many companies provide checks within 24 hours. Online checks do not require printing and it will save you dollars on postage costs.

Most police record check websites are mobile-friendly, allowing on-the-go clients to fill out their application at any given time.

There’s no need to visit the police station to confirm your identity. Companies can verify your ID with their computer software and a web-cam or phone camera, so you can stay at home or at your office.

Adding a national police history check (NPHC) to your resume adds credibility to your profile, especially when looking for a career in the care industry. Luckily, the arrival of online NPHC providers made the process significantly easier.

The Various Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in the “Make It or Break It” Years

Middle school kids studyingParental support plays a significant role in helping your child succeed in the “make it or break it” years. The problem is, your preteen will slowly search for more independence during this time. This is why it gets more difficult for parents to determine which circumstances they should get themselves involved in or not.

Here are ways you can help your son or daughter stay on track to achieve academic success in high school in Salt Lake City.

Support Expectations with Homework

You need to understand that your kids’ homework gets more challenging during middle school. The time they spend just to get everything done each school night will last for an hour or two.

Help them get through it by ensuring that they have a distraction-free, quiet and well-lit study room that’s also stocked with supplies. Make sure that they don’t have access online and on their gaming console.

Regularly sit down with them to discuss school and ensure that they’re balanced. You can even set a homework schedule for them, so they learn to prioritize it. Moreover, inspire them to ask for help when they need it. Some teachers can suggest other resources, and there are those who are free for a tutorial.

Send them to School Ready to Learn

Get your middle school child ready for school by serving them a nutritious breakfast. Their energy will increase, and they will do better in school. Help improve their memory, attention span, and concentration by giving them foods low in sugar, but rich in protein, fiber, and whole grains. For mornings when they’re running late, provide them with a peanut butter and banana sandwich, yogurt, nuts and fresh fruit.

As a parent, you want nothing more than to help your child reach their full potential in middle school. Don’t hesitate to follow the tips listed above to bring out the best in them.

Make That a Winning First Date

Man and woman on their first dateFirst dates can be one of the most nerve-racking events in anyone’s life. Meeting someone for the first time and showing them all the different and fascinating facets of your personality in an hour can be stressful. Add to this the possibility of not having the right kind of attraction, and every interaction goes up a notch.  But there are ways to enjoy your first date without the stress and the pressure to impress the other person.

The first thing to do is to act confident

Make eye contact, keep your head up, and smile. Also, allow your muscles to relax and avoid unnecessary hand movements. Boost your confidence and improve your looks. If your Denver hairstylist recommends hair extensions, do it. Sometimes, the way to feel good and confident inside is to look attractive on the outside.


For many women, makeup is meant to emphasize your best facial features. It could also cover acne, scars, and uneven skin tone that could make you feel less confident. For some men, using a bit of concealer to hide acne can be a confidence booster.


The key to great hair is always maintenance. Washing and cleaning your hair is the foundation to a good hairstyle. Choose one that suits your face shape. If your locks are less luxurious than you wish, add real human hair extensions to give you instant length and body.

You could choose hair extensions that have thin, invisible tape wefts that are undetectable. Select from the variety of hair extensions in Denver and pick a great texture that suits your natural hair color.

Clothes and shoes

Choose clothes that suit you and your body type. You don’t have to follow trends, but you do need to choose a style and color that suits your complexion body. For shoes, choose those that give you comfort but fits your clothes. Ill-fitting shoes can make your date a disaster.

Finally, you should remember that first dates should be about having fun. You might not find the one, but you could find a new friend.