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The Various Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in the “Make It or Break It” Years

Middle school kids studyingParental support plays a significant role in helping your child succeed in the “make it or break it” years. The problem is, your preteen will slowly search for more independence during this time. This is why it gets more difficult for parents to determine which circumstances they should get themselves involved in or not.

Here are ways you can help your son or daughter stay on track to achieve academic success in high school in Salt Lake City.

Support Expectations with Homework

You need to understand that your kids’ homework gets more challenging during middle school. The time they spend just to get everything done each school night will last for an hour or two.

Help them get through it by ensuring that they have a distraction-free, quiet and well-lit study room that’s also stocked with supplies. Make sure that they don’t have access online and on their gaming console.

Regularly sit down with them to discuss school and ensure that they’re balanced. You can even set a homework schedule for them, so they learn to prioritize it. Moreover, inspire them to ask for help when they need it. Some teachers can suggest other resources, and there are those who are free for a tutorial.

Send them to School Ready to Learn

Get your middle school child ready for school by serving them a nutritious breakfast. Their energy will increase, and they will do better in school. Help improve their memory, attention span, and concentration by giving them foods low in sugar, but rich in protein, fiber, and whole grains. For mornings when they’re running late, provide them with a peanut butter and banana sandwich, yogurt, nuts and fresh fruit.

As a parent, you want nothing more than to help your child reach their full potential in middle school. Don’t hesitate to follow the tips listed above to bring out the best in them.

Make That a Winning First Date

Man and woman on their first dateFirst dates can be one of the most nerve-racking events in anyone’s life. Meeting someone for the first time and showing them all the different and fascinating facets of your personality in an hour can be stressful. Add to this the possibility of not having the right kind of attraction, and every interaction goes up a notch.  But there are ways to enjoy your first date without the stress and the pressure to impress the other person.

The first thing to do is to act confident

Make eye contact, keep your head up, and smile. Also, allow your muscles to relax and avoid unnecessary hand movements. Boost your confidence and improve your looks. If your Denver hairstylist recommends hair extensions, do it. Sometimes, the way to feel good and confident inside is to look attractive on the outside.


For many women, makeup is meant to emphasize your best facial features. It could also cover acne, scars, and uneven skin tone that could make you feel less confident. For some men, using a bit of concealer to hide acne can be a confidence booster.


The key to great hair is always maintenance. Washing and cleaning your hair is the foundation to a good hairstyle. Choose one that suits your face shape. If your locks are less luxurious than you wish, add real human hair extensions to give you instant length and body.

You could choose hair extensions that have thin, invisible tape wefts that are undetectable. Select from the variety of hair extensions in Denver and pick a great texture that suits your natural hair color.

Clothes and shoes

Choose clothes that suit you and your body type. You don’t have to follow trends, but you do need to choose a style and color that suits your complexion body. For shoes, choose those that give you comfort but fits your clothes. Ill-fitting shoes can make your date a disaster.

Finally, you should remember that first dates should be about having fun. You might not find the one, but you could find a new friend.

The Expensive Cost of Low-Quality Paints

Fresh paint being used on the wallA fresh coat of paint can transform any establishment. It doesn’t only refresh the look of your property, but it can also add to the overall appeal.

Picking the right paint is equally important as deciding to paint your property, though, since cheap paint can do more harm than help. Whether you’re going for a DIY paint job or are hiring a commercial painting service provider in Wellington, here are reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on paint quality.

Better Pigment

The purity of a pigment determines how much of the old paint and other imperfections will be covered by the new coat. Premium paints have better pigments that offer better coverage than their cheaper alternatives, which use bigger materials such as clay and silica. This is why quality paints are always a better option for a repainting project.

More Resins

Premium paints do not skimp on resins, either. Resins are binders that make paint more durable and longer-lasting. Their particles are also smaller, so they can deeply penetrate on wall and ceiling surfaces. They are the most expensive component of paint, so low-quality brands to reduce the resin in their products to maintain their prices.

Less Solvent

Compared to cheap paints, high-quality paints are formulated with less solvent, so they have a better consistency overall. This can dramatically affect the look of your property once the paint dries.

Contains Primer and other Additives

Some expensive paints already contain primers, and this will save you one whole step in the painting project. Others also have additives that reduce mildew and thickeners for a more even coat.

Vibrant Colours

Low-quality paints usually produce dull colours that do nothing to add to the aesthetic of your business. Choose a premium paint to get that vibrant and inviting colour that you have in mind.

Opting for cheap paint may cost you more in the long run. It requires at least one less coat of paint to cover surface area and takes more time to deteriorate.

The Various Uses and Applications Of Rubber Sheets

Window wipers with raindropsBecause of its resilience, elasticity, and durability, rubber is the basic material of tires used in cars and planes. In other industries, rubber sheets are important.

Rubber sheets come in various sizes and thickness. They are also used in a wide range of industries. Here are uses of a rubber sheet.

Medical Field

In hospitals, all beds contain rubber sheets. They protect the mattress from the patient’s body fluids such as blood and urine. They help to prevent cross-contamination from one patient to another.


Beds at home must have rubber sheets underneath especially when there are babies or kids. Since they could have bed accidents at night, the bed might get soaked with urine. It’s better to put a rubber sheet underneath the linen to ensure that the mattress will not get wet.


A rubber sheet may help shoemakers create the sole of shoes. Rubber prevent slipping especially when the person is walking on smooths surfaces. Manufacturers also use rubber in slippers and bags.

Cushion Pad

Rubber sheets make good cushion pads in cars, playgrounds, floors and walls. They serve as comfortable padding that can prevent injuries in young children.

Sound Proofing

A rubber sheet can make a room soundproof. Thus, sound studios use it to sound proof the room and reduce noise.

Window Wipers

Window wipers are made of rubber. These are used to remove water and soap from windows and cars.

Rubber is an important material used in various applications. Its durability and elasticity make it a perfect choice for various industries.

Happy Hearts: On Healthy Relationships

Man and woman happy with their relationshipConventionality dictates that humanity revolves around family life. While it is no longer the dream of many youngsters these days, starting a family remains to be the end goal for the greater part of the population. This dream often begins when one finds the right partner.

Where the Road to a Happy Heart Begins

Finding the right partner can be quite difficult, especially since every individual is unique in his or her own way. Cupid’s Cronies, which offers professional matchmaking services in Phoenix, understands the struggle that many people encounter in their search for a love that lasts. Dating is relatively easy, especially for women, but finding that one person who’s good enough to meet the parents is where they hit a wall.

Each individual, for instance, has different preferences. They look for specific characteristics in a life partner. Some men like outspoken women, while some women find intelligent men attractive. These two examples, of course, do not define a person in his or her entirety. There are a thousand things that make a person real, which can make finding “the one” taxing.

What Makes a Relationship Healthy?

There are moments when one looks at his/her current boyfriend or girlfriend and thinks, “Am I going to marry this person?” Some people can imagine their future together, while others cannot. It’s probably due to the current state of their relationships.

In Phoenix, school officials have developed a program to help teenagers understand what makes for a healthy relationship. Due to the technology-driven environment, dating has changed. As an example, online accounts and mobile phone use play a huge part in the romantic relationships of teens these days.

Consider this scenario. When a partner demands the other person’s password to his or her Facebook account, should one give in? Is it not true that a healthy relationship lives on trust, not an openness that invades the privacy of one another? In a survey of a thousand teens, aged 13 to 17, the Pew Research Center cites that ten percent admitted to modifying or deleting a partner’s social media profile. That’s a tad wrong, isn’t it?

Trust should open up the path to a healthy relationship, and people should understand this as soon as they start dating. For one to find his/her one true love, he/she must first learn how to trust another person – whether that person gives his/her Facebook password or not.

The Importance of Games in Language Learning Among Children

Children PlayingIn the article titled Using Games to Promote Communicative Skills in Language Learning, author Chen I-Jung states that games can be a powerful language learning tool. During games, children can use language to get their desired results using productive and receptive skills simultaneously.

According to a speech pathologist, children develop skills and learn important information when they are playing, and speech and language are part of it. Here are some examples of plays and games that are advantageous in a child’s language development:

Picking the Right Toys

Children come up with their own games when playing with their toys. Parents should pick toys that provide open-ended play. This means avoiding battery-operated toys, or at least keeping them at the minimum. For example, your children should make the animal sound of the stuffed toy you just bought them, rather than the toy making the sound for them.

I Spy

According to Speech Tails, I Spy is a helpful tool during speech sessions. The game entails labeling and identifying pictures on an I Spy book, or objects around the house. Describing the objects in detail will develop your child’s speech and language skills, and it is an activity similar to reading books.


Puzzles are great and fun challenges for the brain, for both children and adults. They improve problem-solving skills and pattern recognition. For example, animal puzzles encourage children to talk about the animals and the sounds they make, maximizing their interaction.

Articulation Cards

Articulation cards are a straightforward tool to improve your child’s vocabulary and diction. You can buy decks on their level of difficulties, moving on to words with more syllables as you go along.

Games enable children to have a healthy brain development and a chance to interact with their surroundings, which make them important during childhood.

The Low-Cost Bus Industry: Is it Suffering from a Lack of Safety Regulations?

A Burnt Public BusLow-cost bus services have had an explosive growth in recent years, as more and more casinos have opened around the country and the cruise industry has become more popular among tourists. In fact, discount tour buses are becoming the transport option of choice due to its affordable fare.

Even as millions of passengers ride charter buses every year, experts have questioned the safety of the commercial bus industry. Some worry passengers may need to seek representation for a potential automobile accident because of the industry’s need to deliver cheaper tickets and short travel times could also lead to less stringent adherence to safety procedures.

Current Regulations in Place for Charter Bus Safety

Charter buses already on the road are not required to have seat belts. On the other hand, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration regulates newly manufactured buses and has required them to have seatbelts as of November 2016.

Furthermore, as driver fatigue is one of the main causes of bus accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCA) proposed having national minimum bus driver training standards in 2014. The training requirement rule, which involves 15 hours of behind-the-wheel training will be implemented this 2017.

Maintaining Routine Annual Inspections and Safety Audits

The FMCA oversees and conducts inspections on 525,000 bus companies in the country, and the agency has a budget of about $300 million for truck and bus inspections. As California is more prone to bus accidents, the California Highway Patrol inspects bus company fleets at least once a year, but only about 30% are included in the inspections. With their unannounced inspections, however, it is easier to address problems for non-compliant buses.

Low-cost buses are an integral part of the commercial transportation industry and their passengers should enjoy the same road safety standards as those who ride on newer bus models. With more frequent inspections and the required driver training program under way, there is hope in curbing making the charter buses safer for everyone.

4 Ways to Save Your Sanity During the Holidays

Planning for the holidaysPreparing for the “most wonderful time of the year” can be pretty stressful. In fact, some people, especially parents of young children, are pushed past their breaking point in trying to make the holidays filled with the best of good cheers.

The good thing is that there are many, many ways on how to make the holidays less stressful and ensure that you can still have it all. Here are some practical tips.

  1. Hire people to do your decorating.

Decorating for the holidays is probably one of the most enjoyable things you can do during the holiday season. But the reality is that many people don’t have the time to do it all, even on weekends. Hire people to do your decorating. Be it friends or other family members. But when it comes to your holiday lights extravaganza, there are commercial Christmas lights experts who can set it up for you. They will handle the installation and even the removal. You’re not just guaranteed a great job but also the convenience.

  1. When shopping for gifts, keep it straightforward and organized.

It’s often hard to stay on track with all the sale items you see during the holiday season. But when it comes to gift shopping, make a list and check it twice. It is also advisable to find out who’s been naughty and nice. You don’t have to feel guilty about giving something more special to people who have been with you all year-round that to those who only talk to you or come for a visit when it’s gift-giving time. So make a list and stick to it.

  1. Don’t feel guilty about buying cookies.

The holidays are a great time to bake all those yummy cookies. But unless you have the time, the know-how and the equipment to do it, there’s no shame buying perfectly good, ready-to-eat holiday cookies from the supermarket. Want something extra special? Go for the gourmet ones and treat yourself once in a while. Like those pumpkin pies during Thanksgiving, the spirit of the holiday won’t go up in flames if you buy your mincemeat pies from the deli.

  1. Just learn to say no.

The holidays is often packed with a lot of activities and reunions. While it is often fun to say yes to a lot of things, the stress can ruin the holiday spirit. So learn how to say no to the activities that are not on your priority list like that book club holiday potluck you’re invited to, but you’ve attended only one session. Learn how to prioritize when you socialize.

Make It A Wonderful Holiday Season

Consider these tips to save your sanity during the holidays. While preparing ahead can help you avoid many stressful situations like last-minute gift shopping, asking for help when you need to can also do a lot of wonders. After all, that’s what the holidays are all about.

Dubai Council Launches 2nd Stage of Training Programme for Anti-Bullying Initiative

Training Programme for Anti-Bullying Initiative in DubaiThe Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (SCMC) launched the second phase of a training programme for Dubai and Northern region schools.

SCMC President Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak announced the plan as part of UAE’s anti-bullying efforts in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The council launched the second stage due to the success of the first one, only this time the second stage will be introduced to more schools in the country.

The programme began in early February in certain schools in Ajman, according to Al Reem Abdullah Al Falasi, SCMC secretary-general. Bullying has been a pressing concern for schools not only in Dubai but also in other parts of the world. The initiative will help the Middle Eastern city in being known as a healthy learning place for children.

Participating Schools

Al Falasi said that 36 schools in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain would take part in the country’s “Protection from Bullying Programme.” The second stage of training drew attendance from 111 teaching professionals in the region’s different schools.

Aside from local schools, most foreign institutions such as a British or Swiss international school in Dubai such as Swill International Scientific School in Dubai enforce policies that address bullying amongst students. For parents, a school that recognises bullying as a threat should be a factor for picking where they plan to enrol their children.

More Courses

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) acknowledged the need for more specialist courses among higher-education institutions in Dubai. Schools should offer more courses in health and science in particular, according to Warren Fox, KHDA head of higher education.

Health care management courses are also in need across the emirate, that’s why experts say that subjects focusing on medical education are important to shape future leaders.

In the meantime, Dubai schools still offer a wide range of courses from linguistics, business and information technology-related subjects.

The Road Ahead: What You Need to Drive on Which Terrain

Going Off RoadThe wrong vehicle on certain roads can mean disaster. You could end up stuck in the middle of a deserted highway that has no cell phone coverage, or you could end up injured in a wreck. Avoid both situations and pick the right vehicle.

Here is a quick guide:

City Driving

You’ll have a world of options. Before going with stylish models, though, consider other, more essential factors, such as fuel efficiency, safety features, handling, and space. When you live in a state that goes through heavy rains, snow, and basically, foul weather, you’ll need all-wheel drive vehicles with rain sensing wipers and good traction, among other features.

Off Road

Off-road vehicles enjoy a solid following when it comes to less than ideal road conditions. This is where SUVs and pickup trucks with 4×4 drivetrains prove their mettle. With a higher ground clearance than other vehicles, bigger tires made for maximum grip on mud, sand, snow, or even rocks, and plenty of power distributed to all four wheels, there is hardly any road that a good 4×4 can’t handle. A 4×4 pickup is also the ideal choice if you’re always lugging around spools of wire and similar items.

Beyond the Rugged Outdoors

But what if you’re heading to an area where roads end? What if you had to get across a marshy bog? What if you want to go fishing and don’t have a boat?

For challenging terrain, no other vehicle has the capabilities and power than a utility vehicle, or UTV. UTVs come in a range of 6- and 8-wheel options. They’re tremendous for backwoods exploring, fishing, and hunting. You can even combine certain activities with some UTVs. For example, the Shank’s Argo Scout S and ST models are made for fishing and hunting. Whether you choose a 6×6 or 8×8 model, you will get smoother rides, great traction, and adequate cargo racks for a range of tools with UTVs.

UTVs are such high-performance vehicles that search and rescue teams rely on these machines. Some UTV first responder models even have optional equipment for firefighting operations.

Highways. Off road. The rugged outdoors. Make sure you’re driving the right vehicle for the right conditions, so you’ll stay safe and have an enjoyable ride.