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Give Your Dental Practice A Credible Online Presence With 2 Marketing Ingredients

Online marketing information and strategyIt is the 21st century, and the business environment continues to experience rapid changes. Advancements in medical technology keep taking the sector by storm, often spearheading the changes, particularly in the dental industry.

Despite the variations in the practice of dentistry, one thing remains constant – the patient needs. Advancements in dental technology all aim at providing a better service to meet the needs of the patients.

As such, you must make every effort to inform your prospective patients of your ability to provide them with top-notch services.

Engage in a humble brag

Most people wince at the mention of the word brag, and for a good reason. Pride and arrogance are never far behind in the line of related words. Nevertheless, that’s not the case here. As a dental practitioner, you have undergone extensive training to acquire your skills and expertise.

One way to get patients beating on your front door is to let them know just how accomplished you are in your field. No, this doesn’t mean decorating your premises with your certifications. It only needs you address the common problems afflicting your target market.

That way you can explain the causes of their dental problem, highlight the solutions, and explain how you can be of service to them. Having a credible presence on the internet is crucial to achieving this goal.

Engage your prospective clients

The most efficient form of dental practice marketing entails creating engagement points with your target patients. Dominate Dental notes that this could mean making use of avenues that allow immediate feedback.

For instance, allowing people to comment after posting on your website and social media platform creates engagement. You generate feedback and create points of interaction. Readers can seek further clarification, and you can continue to dazzle them with your skills and extensive knowledge. That way you get to build a brand following and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

As the market and consumer preferences change, you need to rethink your dental practice marketing strategy. Luckily, establishing a credible online presence presents you with a magic bullet to stay ahead of the curve.

3 Ways to Build a Vibrant Community Online

Woman showing how to build a vibrant community onlineMany brands are no longer (or at least limiting) the scattershot approach to marketing. They are not intent on creating communities of loyal consumers willing to defend their brand and build their reputation. That community is a vibrant group that engages with each other, shares knowledge, and works toward a common objective.

FireRock Marketing and other Boston-based online reputation management companies list the following ways on how you can build and manage a community:

Have a Dedicated Platform and Manage

The platform doesn’t have to be flashy. What it needs is to become a place where members and managers can share data, discuss topics important in the niche, and attract more visitors. Hire a dedicated manager that will be the point person within the community. Provide them with strategies and the leeway to make decisions about the personality and environment of the communities they will manage. Having a human ‘face’ that your members can interact with allows you to connect with each one on a personal level.

Encourage Members to Create and Share Content

Engagement is a clear sign that your plan is working. Your community will not get the legitimacy you want if all the information is one-sided. Encourage your members to create and share their unique content on the site’s platform. Feature distinct ideas on your website and give credit to the users that made them. Having a voice allows you to establish a loyal following, which will help your word-of-mouth advertising efforts.

Member Focus Approach

Communities succeed because they are about the members and not about up-selling. Focus on helping the community’s needs and provide each member with solutions. Humanize your efforts by creating personas or representatives that people can approach.

These are some of the strategies that enable you to build a thriving and vibrant online community for your customers and brand loyalists. Implementing these allow you to engage members and improve customer relationship.

On Your Toes: SEO Trends You Need to Know About

SEO Spelled on a KeyboardTo maintain a lead and get ahead, SEO experts have to stay aware of new changes made by search engines and adjust strategy and content accordingly, especially for their client businesses. Companies, especially those who primarily do business online, need to make sure they rank on searches.

Digital giant Coforge Marketing stresses one of the main struggles of these businesses, regardless of size, is the difficulty of ensuring that they are searchable by their target audience. SEO services, for example, in NYC should know the trends to provide competent service to clients.

Here is a look at some of the emerging trends and their impact on advertising campaigns.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is a new protocol developed to help create pages that load fast on mobile devices. With a few structural tweaks, sites can load faster and use a minimal amount of data. Google, the biggest search engine, is giving more weight to sites that have AMP features.

Businesses are going to have to make these changes to keep their rankings high.

Demand for Denser Content

Readers and customers are becoming more discerning and want fresh and interesting content and longer pieces. They expect content to be more explanatory and handle a topic in detail. Companies have to find ways to offer relevant and engaging content based on their niche in the market.

Personal Branding as a Secret Weapon

Personal brands are now finding favor with customers far more than corporate branding. Search engines are also refining algorithms to reflect this shift. This opens up a lot of opportunities and the same breath increases competition. Adjusting strategy is the only way to stay in the game.

User Experience Optimization

UEO and SEO are very closely related, and the former is an essential part of the latter. Search engine algorithms change to promote a better UEO – those who keep up will benefit the most.

These are just a few of the changes that are currently in the pipeline. Google and other search engines are always looking for ways to improve user experience and keep businesses on their toes. Having a finger on the pulse of the market will help companies anticipate changes and benefitting from them.

It’s All About the User Experience: Here’s How You Can Improve It

Man Working on His LaptopWhat happens when a visitor finds it difficult to navigate your website? Chances are they will click on the back button and look elsewhere for the information they need and the products they want. What separates the best sites from the rest is the user experience.

SEO specialists at Coforge Marketing share the following ways on how you can improve user website experience:

Leverage Multivariate Testing

Identifying the right mix of landing page elements is difficult; very few do well the first time. This is when multivariate testing comes in handy; this allows you to test different site features that convert at a high rate or not. You also determine the pages that need improvement and which feature works best for your objectives.

Images Matter

People are visual creatures, more so now, when attention spans are shorter. You need to make a good impression in the first few seconds; one of the ways to achieve this is to publish eye-catching photos. Adding relevant photos elicit the emotions and responses you want from visitors. Conduct A/B testing to determine which images work and use these to your advantage.

Add Product Reviews

If you run an e-commerce website, including product reviews on your pages enable customers to make decisions faster. They want to know if the product they are buying is worth their hard earned money. Including a review earns the trust of your visitors and improves conversion rates.

Offer Something for Actions Taken

People want freebies, giving visitors a discount coupon, special prices and offers and other similar promotions, whenever they take an action such as subscribing or filling out a form improves conversion rates and website browsing experience.

Highlight Testimonials

A testimonial is an assurance that people trust you; it’s natural for people to consider a brand that others trust. Highlight testimonials on your website to attract customers and entice visitors to make a purchase or subscribe.

These are strategies that improve user website experience; implementing these provides you with a competitive advantage.

Creating Content for SNS: Three Simple Hacks

Content Marketing Written on a NotebookIn digital marketing, content is king. Whether you own a big business or a startup somewhere in Connecticut or even in another country, you need to understand that a significant reason behind the success of any digital marketing strategy is engaging content.

With the number of digital media channels available, you need to understand also that optimizing content — going beyond simple SEO strategies — for each channel is a must. For now, let’s focus on content creation for social networking sites.

Focus on image, text, and design

Online content is read differently. Unlike reading print media, digital content is not read word by word, as people often just scan the page they’re reading. Therefore, it is important that your content would be designed in such a manner that would catch reader’s attention. It’s not just about using words, but how those words are actually seen on the page — color, font, design — including they layout and the images used. They need to visually stimulate readers first to induce them into clicking and actually consuming your content.

Make your content relatable and worthy

People share content when it moves them, makes them laugh, catches their interest, or they think it’s important. Produce content that can elicit some type of emotion from your target audience. One way you can do that is by thinking of what your target wants from your product or service and appealing to that. Present it in a creative manner and you’ve got the formula for a successful viral campaign.

Connect with your target market

Marketing on social networking sites heavily relies on making people share your content. Even if you follow the concept discussed previously, it won’t make that much of an impact if people do not trust your brand 100%; you need to show them that your business truly cares about their concerns. Dig through online sites and communities; look at people’s public posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Researching through the actual medium you want to use for your own marketing purposes should give you an insight on what your target market truly wants. Moreover, it will help create a strong foundation for ongoing engagement.

2017 Digital Marketing Trends: Why Your Small Business still Needs SEO

Florist in a Small Business Flower ShopIt’s 2017 and once again, those in business and in digital marketing are asking whether search engine optimization is still relevant. It seems like every year, there is a significant amount of traffic on the web meant solely for answering that question.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process or a combination of activities that make up that process, which is designed to help a website appear in the results of searches on engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Those who are still not familiar with this process may find it confusing and challenging. As a matter of fact, even those who have been practicing it for a while still find it challenging.

Optimizing a website to make them more “searchable” is challenging because search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to refine their search results. The purpose of this is to give better results that are more useful to users. Search engine companies are not always forthcoming about their new or updated algorithms, so this makes the process more of a trial and error game.

Should You Still Buy SEO?

The short answer to the question is yes. Coforge Marketing says you should still pay for SEO in Connecticut and in any other state or country around the world. Some digital marketers may be frustrated by the constant changes in the algorithms, and so they decide to just stop optimizing and choose the simpler task of posting only relevant and quality content.

Quality content is well and good – as a matter of fact, it is one of the most important parts of digital marketing efforts – but your top quality content will not get found by itself, based on its quality alone. You need to optimize your site and its content, as well as all the content you put out on the Web, to make sure it becomes easier for users to find them all and use them.

It would be great if you could do the optimizing yourself, but add it to creating great content and managing the business and you will find how difficult it would be to do it alone. The best course of action is to hire experts who are focused on nothing else but helping their clients optimize their online activities for easier and faster user searching.

The Importance of Guest Blog Contributions

"Guest Blogging" Written on a NotebookDigital marketing has paved the way for innovation and one-of-a-kind online techniques. One of them is guest blogging, a strategy that involves writing for a blog that isn’t an author’s own. Learn more about it and know how beneficial it is for your business.

Builds Expert Relationships

Guest blogging entails working with diverse companies and personalities who, like you, are also industry professionals. By providing guest content and asking other people to submit their work, you can meet and collaborate with experts who aid you in your field. If lucky, writers and companies may even invite you to their meet-ups and blogging conferences for free. Guest blogging is about building a community.

Linking and Social Media Growth

One of the biggest advantages of guest blogging is link building and a visible social media growth. According to an agency in New York providing SEO service, high-quality links come from submitting content to blogs who are part of one’s niche. Apart from this, guest blogging enhances social media growth as businesses receive a more extensive exposure online.

Captures Bigger Audiences

The analogy is simple: the more guest blogs you submit, the bigger market you capture. Guest blogging allows you to reach wider audiences since the websites you work with involve different markets coming from various industries. These people may not be part of your target audience, but online marketing is always good for business. Your circle of influence expands through guest blogging, leading to more online shares and probably a bigger revenue.

Increases Brand Credibility

Positive association with other businesses drives credibility for individual authors and the companies they write for. Guest blog authors who have been published on reliable and well-known sites are seen more credible in their field. However, writing for top industry sites may be difficult, especially for rookie contributors and startup businesses. Start building a portfolio by working on your online credibility gradually.

Guest blogging requires creativity and excellent writing skills. Take advantage of this strategy not only for the benefit of your business but your personal brand as well.

Giving Your Website a Makeover

Web Designer in RaleighWebsites, apart from social media profiles, are essential for business. With  effective implementation, this can be an excellent addition to your digital marketing campaign, as it can extend your reach, increase sales and ROI, as well as give your brand credibility.

Say you already have a website – are you sure that your interface is still relevant? Remember that how it looks and its features affect user experience. Trends change all the time. Every year, new features emerge which could make your website gain more leads. It’s good to know these things because it gives you an idea of what to ask your web designer in Raleigh, NC. How do you know that it’s time for a website update?

Not Optimized for Mobile

Most web browsing is done on mobile devices. As of 2016, mobile use accounted for 65 percent of digital media time. By now, your website should accommodate users going online on their phones and other handheld devices because soon, while it won’t make desktops obsolete, these will be the overtake the latter.

You should get on with optimization because while Google hasn’t rolled it out yet, they will soon implement mobile-first indexing.

High Bounce Rates

Irrelevant content doesn’t engage users. These visits will not convert into leads and instead, Google will consider this against your site. Slow load times, as well as unresponsive and outdated website designs also contribute to higher bounce rates?

Low Conversion Rates

Websites are there to help you make a sale. Each page has its own goal, as well: to entice more visitors to click through, subscribe to the newsletter, or make a purchase. When your website isn’t engaging your visitors, these don’t turn into conversions. Redesigning your website gives you a better chance to attract people and possibly convert them into customers.

It’s only the first quarter of the year and trends are still fresh off the press. This year, you may be looking at web designs implementing virtual reality, skeleton screens, and cinemagraphs filling your screens.

It helps to assess and analyze your web design regularly so that you know which features affect user experience the most.

Important E-commerce Statistics

E-Commerce SiteE-commerce is one of the biggest contributors to the growth of modern business. Actually, that is an understatement.

Any business owner has to take note of what’s happening in the e-commerce landscape, or risk getting left behind. Competition is tougher than ever in a predominantly online world, as companies like Disruptive Advertising could attest. Businesses looking to capitalize on e-commerce, however, should take note of a few important statistics, if they’re to reap the benefits of the trade.

Unexpected Shipping Charges

Shipping a product can be a pain, both for the buyer and the business itself. But shipping charges have to be kept under control or the company risks losing the business. Over one-fourth (28 percent) of all online shoppers abandon their purchases if they’re suddenly faced with additional shipping costs. While this doesn’t sound like a huge number, it can seriously hurt overall website engagement, conversion, and ultimately, a company’s bottom line.

It’s imperative that shipments are paid for in certain circumstances, true. For instance, shipping products overseas is hard to do for free. Business owners need to understand that customers themselves know and accept that fact. But what matters most is that they’re not presented with unseen extra costs.

Smartphone Revenues Overtaking Desktop

Mobile optimization is something that can’t be stressed enough. Companies must optimize or die, brutal as it may sound. And it’s good that most of them are taking notice. About 40 percent of worldwide e-commerce transactions were done from mobile devices. Experts predict that this will eventually overtake desktop revenue by 2017 when it would’ve grown to as much as 70 percent.

This is coming off a massive 45 percent increase in online shopping volume in 2016. According to analysts, this resulted in major financial gains in the e-commerce sector. American online shoppers spent over $320 billion last year, which is up from 2015’s $226 billion. E-commerce is continuously growing by the minute. Judging from the numbers, there are no signs of slowing down.

‘Giant Dick’s Goods’: Poor Ad Placement is No Laughing Matter for Brands

Local SEO Experts in DenverWe’ve all giggled when we spot an occasional ad prominently displayed next to an inappropriate content on the web: a GIANT Food/Pharmacy ad next to an ad by DICK's Sporting Goods, or an ad by talking about heart disease next to one featuring a McDonald’s burger. There’s also an article about anatidaephobia (fear of being watched by a duck), with an Afiac ad featuring a duck, and a car ad sitting next to an emissions scandal story.

For businesses, this is no laughing matter. You pay millions of ads a year to get the best site and placements. But sometimes, due to contextual reasons and if done so without the help of local SEO experts, these placements turn into major advertising disasters.

The Rise of Contextual Advertising + Bad Ad Placement

The Internet is such an easy venue for advertising fails, as businesses cannot easily control what type of content is placed next to their ad. In the early days of the Internet, advertisers go to established brands like Yahoo! if they want to place ads, but with the advent of the new Web came tiny sites not big enough to matter.

This gave birth to ad networks, which aggregated thousands of those tiny websites so they could combine the media buy of ad space.

That’s why the marketplace became highly fragmented. And now, the process of buying and placing online advertisements is mostly automated. No humans are involved in checking to make sure the ads are placed on legitimate websites or are placed properly next to the right content.

With the increasing use of contextual advertising, the systems automatically take note of the keywords and place “relevant” ads next to it. Brands and products then often end up in crime stories or next to inappropriate content.

The Domino Effect of Poor Ad Placement

This poor ad placement is not only a waste of marketing budget, but also a potential embarrassment, especially when shared on social media.

At worst, it can spark negative user experiences, which can then damage brand reputation and lead to loss of revenue. In a recent consumer survey, results say that around 73% of mobile advertisements fail to create a positive user experience.

The Savior: A Strategic Marketing Partner

When asked where businesses are putting the greatest effort in their mobile campaigns, ad placement was found to be the number one priority for only 15% of companies. If you want to combat bad ad placement, do so head on and make it a priority.

Work with a strategic marketing partner as well – one skilled, experienced, and proactive enough to effectively manage your ads. Your marketing partner should also be knowledgeable in all aspects of the digital ecosystem to launch campaigns successfully.

This year (and the years to come), the digital ad space will likely grow in size and complexity, creating more opportunities for your business. With that, however, comes more challenges when it comes to ad placements, and it will burn through your budget – unless you do something about it today, right now.