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The 3 Secrets to Raising a Super Active & Productive Horse

Horse FarmWith more people embracing horse riding for both competitive racing and leisure, breeding horses make an excellent investment opportunity. Many people are willing to pay good money for the right horse. As such, you need to take measures to keep your horses healthy and in good shape.

Ensure a proper and balanced diet

A balanced diet is essential to raising a healthy and active harras. You need to get it right from the start, though, especially when raising competitive horses. Training your horses to obey commands, jump over numerous obstacles, and learn new commands takes a considerable amount of effort.

As such, you want the colts to develop strong musculature and have the proper brainpower. The lack of proper minerals and nutrients could hinder development and lower the ultimate performance. With the proper horse feed, you give your horses a competitive edge in addition to a beautiful athletic body.

Espouse proper feeding and training habits

Unknown to many people, horses are creatures of habit so you can achieve better results when operating a tight schedule. You need to run a strict feeding and training program that hardly varies with time. Once the horses become comfortable with a routine, they register remarkable progress and master new skills quite quickly. Distractions and disruptions could lead to a drop in performance of a horse or the mastery of a particular set of competencies.

Espouse good grooming

You cannot hope to get the best performance from you horses if you neglect their grooming and hygiene. You need to keep the stables clean and tidy and have a regular grooming routine that includes brushing their coats on a daily basis. You need to sweep and clean the stalls at least once in a day and spray them several times a year. Such an approach keeps pest and diseases at bay, leaving your stock healthy and competitive.

Rearing competitive horses take a considerable amount of efforts and care. However, with proper planning and good strategy, you can keep your stock healthy and in excellent shape.

Mermaids Splashing in Public Pools Is now a Thing

Swimming PoolIn 1907, the first ‘mermaid’ and champion lady swimmer Annette Kellerman strolled toward the water of Revere Beach, to the surprise of other swimmers. She donned a short-sleeved unitard that went two inches above the knee, while other swimmers wore the standard ‘bathing suit’ at the time — skirt, blouse, stockings and swimming shoes.

This led to Kellerman’s arrest for indecent exposure, but thereafter, she introduced recreational swimming to women and became known as the ‘Australian mermaid’.

The Mermaids of Today

Swimming, since then, has taken great leaps of progress. These days, swimming in a public pool could even warrant you a mermaid sighting.

So, when you see a human with an elaborate, apparently scaly tail, having a great time in your neighbourhood pool, don’t panic. Aspiring mermaids can now enrol in professional ‘mermaiding’ schools, where students learn how to swim with their legs firmly bound in tight “tails.”

The instructors have special techniques for swimming mermaid-style. With their feet kept together, knees slightly bent, instructors tell the students to do dolphin kicks using their abdominal muscles.

Here in Perth, solar pool heaters keep mermaid lessons going. In their majestic, elaborate, 30-pound tails, aspiring mermaids can continue learning swimming techniques and underwater aerobics, despite the cold weather.

From Selkie to Siren: The Mermaid Transformation

In some mermaid schools, instructors refer to apprentices as selkies. This is after Gaelic folklore creatures that live as a seal when underwater, but shed their fur when on land to resemble attractive humans. They then advance to sirens, after mythological beings that sing seductive melodies to lure fishermen to their death.

The final level is referred to as ‘mermaid’, where students learn free-diving techniques and holding their breath underwater.

At this point, mermaid instructors also give tips on doing hair and makeup that hold up well underwater, and on posing for underwater photos. The new mermaids will also learn about choosing the right accessories and costumes.

Mermaids can design their own tails and have it made-to-measure, for about $3,300. The tail can get pricey, but it’s an accolade that shows the strict training you have received to become a mermaid.

Playground Precautions: Making It Safe and Safer

Safe PlaygroundActive learning that involves unrestricted and unstructured outdoor play is a vital component in a child's development process. However, this learning process should be safe. With strict adherence to the 5’s safety precaution, your child is bound to have lots of fun without tears.

Playground surface

Fracture and dislocations top the list of injuries recorded in playgrounds. These injuries are normally as a result of falls from playground equipment such as monkey bars and climbing frames. To minimise the risk of such injuries, parents and guardians are advised to look for a safe ground surface. That is a surface with the ability to absorb impact. Shredded rubber mulch and sand built to the required thickness will suffice as impact-absorbing surfaces.

Playground Structure

Select an appropriate playground equipment that corresponds to your child’s age. A clear demarcation of age group and playground structure should be in place. Certain playground structures come with safety devices such as the buckles in the swings. Ensure that your kid buckle is secured before she engages in a ride. Visual inspection for wear and tear is also highly recommended.

Playground Site

Look out for potential threats in the playground. Grounds with broken glasses and nails should be avoided. Other hazards include protuberances and entrapments.

Adult Supervision

Children under the age of five need constant adult supervision to ensure playground structures are used appropriately and rules enforced. Raising Children Network rates adult supervisor highly as a measure of reducing playground injuries.

Playground Safety Regulations

Parents are advised to read and understand precautions posted in the playground while at the same time sharing the same with their child. Some of the playground equipment come laden with precautions. A case in point is the trampoline. Multi-user and somersaults are some of the prohibited acts on a trampoline. Children ought to adhere to such precautions to make play time a worthy experience without tears.

Lower the risk and get rid of potential harm sources in the playground area by observing the 5’s safety precaution. That is supervision, safety, site, surface and structure of the playground.

It’s Not Pro Skiing If You Don’t Have These Items

Skiing in VailWhether it’s your first ever ski holiday trip or a routine practice, the last thing you want to experience is trauma brought by being unprepared.

For this reason, Vail ski shops suggest that you should always have a standard skier’s shopping list; because staying safe doesn’t revolve around how good your skiing boards are alone — but tons of other things not directly associated with the sport.

For a safe, responsible, and positive sliding and grooving around the ice, here is a list of things to consider buying or renting at a ski shop beforehand.

Skis, Boots, and Poles

These are your gateway to the wonderful sport of gliding through the snow. While you can choose to buy this equipment, it might be a better idea to rent them especially if it’s your first time. Skis, boots, and poles have no standard price guide and can be more expensive depending on the resort and country.

Jackets and the Pants

For hygienic purposes, though a ski jacket and pants might cost the same as buying ski gears, it’s a great idea to buy them instead of renting. Compared to the ski ledge, boots, and poles, you can wear the skiing attire on a cold night or even as you’re watching your favorite hockey team!

Goggles or Sunglasses

Depending on how fast you can go on the slopes and the weather condition, ski glasses will do a better job at protecting eyesight from potential accidents and fluctuating temperatures in some areas. However, for casual skiing with friends or families, a sunglass is a better fit for versatility and ease of use.

Helmet Gear

As a preventive measure, ski helmets are non-negotiable. Most beginners think that since they can’t yet perform tricks and traverse from different heights, headgear is unnecessary. But, considering how many fall on their first skiing trip, any impact to the head can be lethal.

On Gloves and Other Accessories

For optional equipment and gear such as the gloves, base layer, mid layer, socks, and backpack, the golden rule is to get a waterproof version of them. Remember, falling over snow sitting will soak whatever garment or material in contact. Of course, you don’t want to be feeling cold while skiing.

Skiing is a sport that everyone can enjoy. But, to keep it fun until the end, proper equipment safety and countermeasures should be included.

Finding Your Perfect Match: Reasons to Hire a Dating Coach

Hiring a Dating Coach in ChicagoDating helps you get to know a person. It gives you ample time to assess if you’re compatible as a couple. However, there are times when your judgment doesn’t hold true; hence you end up with the wrong person. If that’s the case, perhaps you should hire a dating coach. In Chicago, matchmaking services with date coaching are available to help you out. You may also want to try them.

Below are some important reasons to hire a dating coach:

A dating coach helps you clarify your values.

By knowing your values, you’ll know your worth and what you want. That will help you find the right person that you deserve.

A dating coach is an objective person.

Your family and friends, being close to you, always want the best for you. However, they might give you biased pieces of advice based on their impressions and preferences of a date for you. On the other hand, a dating coach gives you the real scenario, exactly the way it is. As a professional, he or she gives you an objective and unbiased advice without fanfare. Take note that an objective person is someone you can trust.

A dating coach considers all aspects of your life.

A love coach looks at all angles of your life and considers their impact to your work and the people around you. He or she helps you accept what you’ve been through, understand where you are at the moment, and decide where you want to go. Also, he or she gives you possible circumstances, then helps you choose the best option.

A dating coach will push you to move.

A love coach will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. He or she will push you to try new things. In this way, you’ll meet a lot of people. And who knows, you’ll meet the right person along the way.

Dating is fun, but there are numerous important things that you should learn and consider. Open your mind and listen to helpful pieces of advice.

Why Bone Loss No Longer has to be a Barrier to Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implant Treatment for People with Low Bone DensityFor a long time, a low bone density in the jaw has been considered a barrier to treatment with dental implants. Indeed, some dentists still turn patients away for implant treatment for this reason. If this has recently happened to you, you may feel despondent and depressed, thinking you will be stuck with your badly-fitting denture forever.

In actual fact, there is no need to panic. Many dental practices are now able to offer additional procedures – a bone graft for the lower jaw and a sinus lift for the upper jaw – which rebuild bone density prior to the placement of dental implants.

Dental Care Partnership in Sutton Coldfield has a highly-skilled implantology team, who have carried out many of these procedures successfully, opening up the benefits of dental implants to a wider range of people than ever before.

Bone loss happens when the natural tooth roots have been missing for any amount of time. Every tooth comprises two parts: the crown and the root. Standard tooth replacements – dental bridges and dentures – only replace the crowns, thus doing nothing to prevent bone loss. But dental implants are different.

Implants are bionic tooth roots, and because they are made from titanium they don’t just prevent the jaw bone from shrinking, they actively encourage bone growth. As soon as your dental implants are in place the process of osseointegration begins, during which bone tissue and blood vessels will grow up around your implants, providing stability for a crown, bridge, or denture that is akin to that of natural tooth roots.

The healing process for dental implants typically takes at least three months, and a few additional months will be added if you need a bone graft or sinus lift. If you currently wear traditional dentures you will be able to wear them (after adjustment) during healing. If you are having a bridge or crown fitted, most dentists will create temporary teeth for you, so that you don’t have to worry about being left toothless.

Once healing is complete, you will be able to eat, speak, smile, and socialise with renewed confidence.

More People are Getting NHS Treatments: What Does That Mean for You?

Basic Dental CareThe NHS (National Health Service) is Britain’s primary health care provider. Throughout the years, it has provided affordable health care to Britons across the UK. It began in 1948, implemented as part of the country’s continuing effort to provide accessible medical treatments to people from all walks of life.

Dentistry is one of the biggest branches of the NHS, and thousands of dentists across Slough and the rest of England participate in the programme. Moonlight Dental Surgery, for example, offers treatments from all three payment bands, ranging from basic dental care to restorative dentistry. These practices work together with the government whenever an NHS patient requests treatment, providing affordable dental care.

A Rise in NHS Dental Treatment

Currently, the number of UK citizens registered with the NHS has reached record highs. There are 4.9 million people registered under the NHS, which is an impressive 91% of the population. In fact, in just the past two years, over 3.5 million people visited an NHS dentist to receive treatment.

It seems that the NHS is now more accessible than ever, with more people seeing the merits of government subsidised health care.

With the rise of people registering for health care and benefiting from its services, what does that mean for you? What kind of effects does such an increase have on the regular citizen?

Encouraging Results

NHS is an equitable type of system. Those who need more dental work will have to pay a higher band to receive treatment.

Having a larger chunk of the population applying for NHS dental care has a positive effect on the individual. More people contributing mean more accessible health care.

In fact, Shona Robison, the current Health Secretary, notes that for the first time, there is “no deprivation gap” in dental registrations. Children from less affluent families are receiving continued dental care. This is very encouraging and shows the good of what the programme is doing for society.

For Dental Practices: How You Can Best the Competition

Dental PracticeThe prevalent opinion regarding the dental industry is that it is a highly profitable one. This is true to some extent, but not everyone gets to rake in a profit. New practices, in particular, tend to have a rough time getting their business off the ground. The trade may be profitable, but it also features fierce competition.

For this reason, there’s a greater need for dental practices to set themselves apart. But, how is that possible? Here are a few effective ways:

Assess the Business Side

Dentists focus on providing the utmost care for patients, but a dental practice is – by design – a business. Forgetting this could lead to financial problems along the way. As such, it’s crucial to take a look at how much you charge patients. It pays to provide flexible payment options as well, as certain procedures do get costly. From the insurance side, make the effort to negotiate dental insurance fees from time to time.

Taking care of the practice’s business side ensures you can run a smoother operation every day.

Encourage Referrals

Having a lot of patients is a sure way to boost your practice’s revenue – and referrals are a good way to achieve that. Come up with a scheme to incentivize referrals from patients. Let those you have treated spread the word about your practice.

Do note that although referrals work wonders, this doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your clinic – both online and offline.

Focus on Customer Service

At the end of the day, a dental practice is still 75% customer service. So, be sure you don’t lag behind in this aspect. Ensure your staff are warm and friendly to all patients. Engage them if and when you can, too. Make them as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

With these ways, you can surely propel your business to greater heights.

Three Questions to Ask Before Starting on Collagen Supplements for Joint Health

Collagen Supplements in AustraliaCollagen is one of the most important components of human bones and joints. Supplements containing this type of amino acid promise joint pain relief. They are some of the most controversial health products today. 

If you are suffering from joint pain, here are some questions you must ask first before taking the supplement.

What does collagen have to do with human bones and joints?

Cartilage is found in many joints of the human body and contains collagen. In fact, it is one of the main proteins. As people age, the cartilage becomes brittle and structurally weak. This is partly due to the decrease in collagen production — , which comes with ageing. Supplements and foods promising collage for joint health work by boosting the production of collagen in the body. With the availability of new collagen, cartilage repair ensues, and consequently, people with joint disease experience improvement of symptoms.

What exactly are the components of collagen supplements in capsule form?

Collagen supplements are not new. In fact, they have long been used to boost hair and nail health. These days, people suffering from joint pain and degeneration are interested in learning more about how collagen supplements can improve their symptoms. Collagen hydrolysate is a nutritional supplement that is rich in amino acids. The collagen comes from fish and land animals such as cows and pigs.

Is there enough evidence in favour of collagen supplementation?

Positive outcomes characterise the results of a study on the effect of dietary supplement collagen hydrolysate on athletes with joint pain. Other studies reveal similar results. Despite limitations in population size, these studies contribute to the growing body of evidence favouring collagen hydrosylate for joint health. Supplements are widely available in Australia. You can ask for type II collagen or hydrolyzed collagen at health food shops and pharmacies and they usually have more than one brand to offer.

As we age, collagen production decreases significantly, which influence the development of bone and joint disease? Collagen hydrosulfate may indeed be beneficial to bone health.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Stop You from Enjoying Hunting

Hearing LossFor several centuries, hunting has been a favorite pastime of many people. If you are like the other hunting enthusiasts, you too may find this recreational activity exciting, challenging, and something to look forward to during weekends or holidays. While this activity may provide so much fun and enjoyment, there are risks you may also have to face.

You may be fully aware of the danger of an accidental firing or slipping while moving through the grounds. But one risk you may not have given much significance is the possibility of losing your hearing function. Yes, this is a real threat that can have so much impact in your life and should be enough to encourage you to use hearing aids for hunting.

Implications of Gunfire Noise on Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss has been on the rise in the country and affects about 26 million Americans. The cause of this type of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise, whether it is a single intense sound or a continuous one over a period of time. And one source of this loud sound would be the gunfire during a hunting activity.

Medical studies state that constant exposure to sounds at 85 decibels can result to hearing loss. And the average decibel rating of a gunfire sound is 150 decibels, which is nearly double of the allowable sound. recommends hearing aids for hunting as these reduces the noise that enters the ears.

Impact of Hearing Loss on Your Daily Life

Clearly, there is always the risk of a hearing loss when engaging in your favorite pastime. And when it does affect you, you may have to deal with these consequences:

  • Withdrawal or avoidance of social contact and situations
  • Emotional effects of anger, irritability, and low self-esteem
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Impaired functional abilities such performing tasks or learning new things
  • Reduced work performance or in any activity
  • Deterioration of physical health

Hunting will always be something that you will look forward to and you don’t want to end your favorite pastime just because of hearing loss. Don’t be left out of the fun by making sure to protect your ears at all times.