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Chewing over the benefits of dental implants in Leeds

Dental implant operationWhen people have to get their missing teeth replaced, deciding which restoration method to go for comes down to a cost/benefit exercise. It is easy to look only at the cost when considering which to go for, either dentures, bridges or dental implants in Leeds, but it is also really important to look at the benefits and see if the cost makes them worth the investment.

Initially, for many people, it may seem that the cost of dental implants in Leeds is prohibitive. But, when people go for initial consultations with dentists such as Enhancedental, they are given information that can lead them to choose the option with a considerably higher initial outlay. Let’s take a look at the benefits of dental implants.

Full functionality

In Leeds, dental implants are the only tooth restoration option that gives the patient something that looks, feels, and acts like real teeth. This is because dental implants replace the whole tooth, root, and crown. Replacing the root of the tooth gives a stable and secure anchor for the crowns, which can withstand chewing pressures of up to 97kg, slightly more than the average male chew.

No dietary constraints

As dental implants can withstand so much force, the patient has no restriction on what they eat or how they eat it. It’s possible to chew whatever they like and bite into whatever they like with no fear that how and what they are eating will dislodge their artificial teeth.

Better nutrition

Being able to eat raw, crunchy fresh foods rather than cooked soft foods gives patients access to more nutrient-dense foods, such as raw fruit and vegetables, thus enabling them to keep the rest of their body healthy.

Better self-esteem

Fixed teeth mean not having to worry about teeth coming loose at inopportune moments, which can reduce spontaneity and can even make people reclusive or prevent them from smiling. All these things are vital for the release of natural happy chemicals that make people smile.

Dental implants are also easy to care for, and can last decades, which can make them a cheaper option in the long run.