Going off-track

Woman having her teeth checkedMany adults have seen teeth straightening treatments come a long way from when they were younger. Dental braces were indiscreet, uncomfortable and disruptive to lifestyles. It can be difficult for adults to face the thought of wearing braces, especially obvious metal ones. It’s easier to imagine traditional tracks on children or teenagers. For that reason, adults would rather leave their malocclusions untreated than sport a metal smile for months on end.

With orthodontics in Stevenage, adults no longer have to dread the embarrassment of wearing traditional braces. Due to advances in modern dentistry, things just aren’t what they used to be, and that’s certainly for the better.

Six Month Smiles explained

Many dental practices, including Smilecraft, provide the discreet alternative of Six Month Smiles in Stevenage. Orthodontics has not only developed in comfort and discretion, but it also has the potential to be quick and precise.
As a clear brace, Six Month Smiles works to straighten front teeth in on average six months. Although the time frame differs from patient to patient, it serves as an efficient alternative to traditional braces, which can sometimes take years to straighten teeth. Six Month Smiles is ideal for people who want to perfect the appearance of their front teeth, as it gives them the confidence they need to show off their smile when they’re happy and laughing.

The health benefits of straightened teeth

In Stevenage, orthodontics not only focusses on the aesthetic elements of people’s teeth, but also how it benefits their oral health. Fixing a misaligned bite means that people can eat properly, without a cross bite affecting how they chew their food. Someone who may have previously had gaps between their teeth can have them shifted closer together, leaving less room for plaque to build up.

In with the new

The prospect of a discreet tooth straightening treatment can be exciting for many adults, as it allows them to reach for the smile they’ve always deserved. With clear braces, there are fewer concerns of how colleagues at work might notice them or being afraid to smile and laugh in social situations.