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Do You Know That Billboard Ads are Banned in Canberra?

Blank billboard adEver wondered why you don’t see any billboard advertisements in Canberra?

The reason behind their absence lies on the Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) ban on large signages above the ground floor. The rule dates back to 1937 when a federal ordinance prohibited the use of such ads in the capital city.

Promoting Space

Any advertising agency in Canberra will most likely recommend other channels, like online campaigns, aside from the use of huge signs. According to Brett Philips, who works for the ACT Environment and Planning Directorate, the ban on billboard aligns with city planners’ desire to prevent the obstruction of views from open spaces.

While the National Capital Plan exempted commercial roadside signs on bus shelters and mobile billboard, it still prohibited anyone from putting them along road reservations. There are, however, some cases where these have been attached to buildings under certain conditions.

An electronic sign at the Canberra Centre serves as one example, as the building is located on private property. In 2000, the Federal Government also approved the installation of billboards at the Canberra Airport.

Ad Spending

The ban on billboards in Canberra apparently doesn’t affect the industry, as online advertising continues to grow in Australia. Auto-mobile ads accounted for the highest spending among companies, with a 20.3% share of the digital display market during the first quarter of 2017.

Mobile ad spending also increased 29% to $653 million. Total spending for digital displays between January and March rose 7.2% year over year, amounting to $1.86 billion

The changing trends in advertising may have been a reason why we no longer see billboards in Canberra. As online ads become more common, it won’t be surprising if other cities follow suit in using other promotional resources aside from large signages.

The Importance of Engagement for Advertising Success

Engaging AdvertisingYou may think you have a spectacular ad and copy that will boost sales, draw traffic, and initiate a conversation about your brand. However, what you thought was different from reality. Instead of the positive things you dreamed of, you got nothing instead. Maybe you didn’t do enough market research or didn’t understand your audience well enough. Engaging your audience is important to the success of your online advertising campaign, so how do you do it?

Getting Into the Game

Some companies are working together with game developers to tap into their market. People love playing games because of the accessible fun it provides for long travel times or while waiting. Games like Candy Crush and Pokémon Go have started a phenomenon upon their release. Some provide in-app buying and incentives when leveling up, generating profits for partners and developers alike. Gamification is a proven tactic in online marketing, which can result in increased profit and conversion.

Staying Social

Red Rider Creative and other ad agencies in Salt Lake City agree that social media is still a potent platform to engage your audience and discuss your brand. Facebook hasn’t lost much of its appeal to advertisers despite the growing popularity of other platforms, such as Instagram and SnapChat. There is still a huge market that uses Facebook to connect with friends and family, or simply consume content.

Use other popular platforms to reach a wider audience and find a lasting connection with them. Initiate discussion by posting content that people in your niche love to read or watch. Content is still king of the Internet, producing shareable types boosts your authority and influence.

Look for Brand Advocates

The ideal recommendation you can get is from friends and family of target customers as they are likely to listen to them. Look for brand advocates who do not expect compensation, but are loyal in buying and using your products.

These are engagement tactics that boost your brand’s reputation and influence in your niche. Engage your audience to not only boost interest in your offerings, but also gain their loyalty.

Brand Development Guide for Your Business

BrandingWhether you are an established entrepreneur or a newbie in the industry, you need to advertise your enterprise’s products and services. To ensure that your company’s brand becomes a recognised one, you need to get the help of the experts. An advertising firm will help you develop strategies that can spread good words about your business. With the right agency, you’ll find that implementing the strategies is cost effective rather than expensive.

Some of the Services Provided by a Media Buying Agency

If you hire an advertising agency, you can be assured of the following services:

  • No additional costs: The advertising agency that you hire will have tie-ups with media houses. This will ensure that your company will be well advertised on all media platforms without any extra cost.
  • Expertise: The agency you hire will provide you with expert advice on developing a suitable advertising campaign, an expert from Sphere reminds. The advertising agency will thoroughly study your market and the requirements, and based on that it will advise you how to advertise your company’s products or services in the market.
  • More leverage: The agency that you hire will be able to negotiate the time slots better than a novice. This will ensure that your enterprise’s products and services are advertised in the prime time slots, ensuring that every dollar you spend is worth it.
  • Cost saving: Better advertising strategies means better brand development, hence, more customers. In the long run, hiring an advertising agency will prove to be profitable for your enterprise.

You should consider hiring an expert advertising agency if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. No matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t let your target market know about it, your business won’t reach its potential.