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Holiday Apartments: Enjoy Luxury as You Save Money

Holiday ApartmentYou’re planning to go on a vacation with your family; and so, you’re looking for the best hotel to stay. You want a beautiful yet affordable place where you and your family can relax and enjoy. Well, have you heard of holiday apartmentsBeFremantle.com.au says that Fremantle has beautiful options that you may want to consider.

Opting for serviced apartments can actually help you save money while enjoying a really great place. Having doubts? Read on and learn about the advantages of staying in holiday apartments.

  • Yes, you can save money.

Staying in a holiday apartment enables you to save up to 50% compared to staying in a hotel. First off, the price is cheaper. Additionally, you can cook your own meals; hence you can even save more money.

  • You get to enjoy a bigger space.

A serviced apartment has separate living and dining area. For this, you can enjoy a bigger space unlike in a hotel where you just stay in a room. If you want to hang out with your family and friends, you can go to a shared area. If you want privacy, you may opt to stay in your room or other areas of the apartment.

  • You can still have that “hotel feel”.

Numerous serviced apartments provide hotel-like amenities and services. You can pools, gyms, concierge, etc.

  • You get to enjoy luxury while feeling at home.

Hotel-like amenities and services equals luxury; house-like setup equals feeling at home. Such combination is rare; hence it pays to try staying in serviced apartments.

  • You can bring your furry friend with you.

Are you a pet lover and would you like to bring your furry baby with you? That’s not a problem, for you can find lots of pet friendly apartments. Enjoying with your family while having the assurance that your beloved pet is safe – what could be better than that?

So, how do you feel about everything you learned? A holiday apartment can indeed give you an experience that is worth spending on. If I were you, I’ll definitely give it a try.

One-Bedroom Apartments: Just Enough Space for Single Living

roomIn the search for the ideal home, having enough space is your top priority. Your home should not only be a comfortable place to live in, it should also be spacious enough for you to move freely about and store your things.

This is something that’s easier said than done, especially in Australia’s congested metropolitan areas and suburbs. One-bedroom apartments may seem small, but they are ideal for single living and are surprisingly spacious and functional.

Maximising space

PointCorp notes that many one-bedroom apartments in Brisbane offer enough storage space for young professionals and students. They provide sufficient storage area where you can conveniently fit anything such as your clothes, gadgets and accessories in one place.

Since the floor space is smaller, cleaning is less tedious and time-consuming. The limited surface area also means there’s less furniture, appliances and other household items to clean, and the most you’ll probably do is just some sweeping or mopping once a week.

Another benefit of small space living is that the furniture you’ll be purchasing tend to be more affordable since they are smaller. You’ll also be less inclined to go shopping, and the things you do spend on will mostly be essentials.


Privacy is perhaps the greatest benefit you’ll get if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, which is great if you need to focus on studying or have some work that you still need to do. The dividing barriers between the units are reinforced and usually soundproof, so even if your neighbours throw a party across the hall, you’ll rarely be disturbed.

Although one-bedroom apartments have smaller living spaces, it is more than enough if you’re fresh out of university or prefer the single life. They are also good investments if you’re planning to move to a larger residence as there is no shortage in demand for them in the property market.