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Uncommon Uses of Bamboo That May Surprise You

Man using a bamboo musical instrument fluteWhen talking about bamboo, the image of a panda munching on its favorite snack always comes to mind. Aside from that, Bamboo is also known as the material of choice for decorations, flooring, and rugs. You may not be aware, but bamboo is also a great choice of bedding material. Bamboo bed sheets are comfortable and durable. The following are other little-known uses of bamboo.

Musical Instruments

Bamboo has a resonant quality. It is ideal for creating musical instruments like xylophones, flutes, chimes, and drums. The best part is that musical instruments made from bamboo are cheap.

Fishing Rods

Bamboo is a great material for making fishing rods. While you may think that it is already shaped like a rod, it is not used that way. Bamboo is first split into thin strips. It’s then put together in a way that creates different angles. Then, it is bound together. The finished product is smooth.

Bamboo Bicycles

Not too many people are aware that you can make a bicycle using bamboo as the primary material. Bamboo bicycle frames are durable. They can also dampen vibration that makes riding comfortable. The only drawback is that a bamboo bicycle can leave a gaping hole in your pocket. You need to save anywhere from $2000 to $4000 before you can brag about your new bike to your pals.

Other Little-Known Uses

You can “wear” bamboo when it’s used as a fiber. You can also produce paper from the pulp of a bamboo cane. In some countries like China, traditional toys like dominoes are made from bamboo.

These are only a few of the unusual uses of the rapid-growing grass. There are many other unique uses of bamboo in different parts of the world. The next time you hear someone talk about bamboo, you surely will not only think about a panda’s favorite meal.

Stability, Beauty and Durability: The Merits of Bamboo Floors for Homes

Bamboo FlooringThe arrangement of houses and buildings are highly dependent on the stability of the structural flooring. As such, it is important to choose the proper flooring material for your house. Many Australian homeowners are starting to use bamboo flooring because of its numerous benefits.

Here is what you can get when you install bamboo floors:

Hard and Durable

One of the main benefits of Bamboo floors for Perth homes, as PlanetTimbers.com.au explains, is its hardness. Solid and engineered bamboos have the capacity to oppose strong forces exerted by heavy objects. Engineered bamboos can withstand heavy loads at relatively lower costs. As such, bamboo can support the weight of highly dense materials confined in a particular area in your home.

As compared to steel, bamboo flooring also has stronger resistance to compression. This means structural damage will not occur easily even with constant exposure to heavy foot traffic.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of bamboo is sustainability. You do not need complicated and time-consuming cleaning procedures to preserve its condition. In fact, all you have to do is sweep and mop your bamboo floor regularly to maintain its stunning appearance. Whether you install them in your bathroom or living area, bamboo floors will never let you down.

Wide Availability

Bamboo has become one of the most common materials in flooring stores. As there is an abundant supply of this material, you will never run out of bamboo flooring options. This type of flooring even comes in a range of designs and colours, offering a natural look for any interior décor.

Some people sacrifice the quality of their flooring because they do not know which type can effectively support their entire home’s structure. Unfortunately, this could lead to immediate breakage and instability. Bamboo flooring offers a solution to this. Consult your local flooring provider to find out more about the many wonders of bamboo floors.