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Level Up Your Promotional Products Without Leaving Out Your Brand Identity

Promotional ProductsFor your next trade show, you may want to level up on your promotional products. You can’t always use the usual: sticker logos and a perky sales pitch. But, you can’t do away with the mainstays, either.

Astute Promotions, for example, has personalised stubby holders and bottles that can clue you in on promo products that pack a punch and let your brand shine. Here are a few ways to level up your giveaways without leaving the good stuff out:

The Good Old Logo

You’re not ditching your logo. If you already have an effective logo design, it’ll be easier to incorporate your brand name into the items without looking too blatant.

Print them in different colours and sizes. Don’t just put them in the middle of your freebies; make patterns out of them or put them on buttons and ID holders. You may even engrave them for a minimalist and elegant look. Still a tradeshow giveaway, only it doesn’t look like one. Visitors would appreciate that.

Company Details

Your phone number on an umbrella: yay or nay? Your customers will probably say the latter. But, you can make them change their mind once they see your giveaways. Don’t print your details in blocks of text. They’ll look crowded.

State your contacts in a line or two, and use bars to separate each detail. You may also want to enclose them in basic shapes to organise them and add designs.

A Message From You

Add in a little ‘thank you’ or ‘have a great day’. It’s sure to make your visitors feel extra special. You’re introducing your brand to them, so make sure they know you’re glad to have them over, and they’re glad to know more about you.

Put them on tags, stickers or notes. One day, they may not only drop by for the freebies, but for your brand.

Levelling up on your giveaways yet? Make do, and do more with what you have. By doing this, your promo products will be good as gold.

3 Tell-Tale Signs You Definitely Need to Rebrand

Signs You Need To RebrandRebranding is a horrible truth. Just the thought of going back to the drawing board and rethink everything about your brand is already exhausting. No matter how bitter a pill it is to swallow, though, starting all over again may be for the better, especially when…

You’re Firing Blanks on Marketing

If you feel that you can’t seem to win your market over, regardless of what you do, it definitely calls for a change. Whether it’s your overall image, logo or messaging, there has to be something wrong — unless, of course, your products or services aren’t good. But if you’re 100% confident about the quality you bring to the table, you just have to reassess every detail of your brand design and every aspect of your marketing strategy. This is the only way you can connect and build positive relationships with your intended audience.

Everything Seems Inconsistent

If your brand presence feels different on every medium, then you really have to start from scratch and figure out how to make your identity solid. Inconsistency would certainly kill your brand before it even thrives.

In branding, God and the devil are both in the details. All elements should speak of one message, and not contradict one value with another. The only way to begin connecting the dots is to start fresh.

Your Competition Is Eating You Alive

It’s only natural to start from the bottom when you enter the competition, but if you still can’t get a bigger slice of the market share after some time, then you ought to give your brand a face-lift.

While you’re realistic with your expectations, you must also deal with problems realistically if your competitors are still better than you despite your strategy. If you keep on taking a beating from your competitors, a shift in branding focus may work wonders.

A brand makeover is indeed a Herculean task. Even if you know your brand more than anyone else does, seeking the assistance of a creative agency can help turn the tables in your favour.