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70% of Stolen Cars Occurred Using The Owners’ Keys

Stolen CarCar owners often hide the keys to their vehicle at home for added protection. If the same is true for you, then it might be a good idea to remove bedside tables and kitchen counters from your list of hiding spots. A study by Edith Cowan University revealed car thefts in Western Australia rose by 50%, with 70% of cars stolen using the owners’ keys.

Contributing Factors

Researchers note that poor choice of hiding place of keys is the main cause of car theft. In a survey of 429 people, researchers found kitchen benches, cupboards or drawers and handbags are the most common ‘hiding spots’, all of which are places thieves can access easily. Companies like AdvancedLockandKey.com.au usually advise car owners to put car keys in uncommon hiding places with a lock and key in such cases.

The study suggests that neglect is another contributing factor, citing that breaking into parked cars accounted for 57% of total cases. About a third of the respondents admitted they don’t lock their cars when they’re at home, adding to the numbers further.

Experts note that some thieves hack cars to access the keys. They use amplifiers to increase the signal coverage of proximity keys. This allows them to open the car from a distance without actually holding the key.

Addressing the problem

Given the prevalence of car theft, researchers emphasise the importance of hiding keys in secure locations. They strongly suggest avoiding kitchen benches and other hiding places of car keys that thieves already know. Some security experts note that keeping car keys in the freezer may help protect cars from digitally inclined thieves.

Researchers also discouraged the practice of keeping keys close since thieves might do more than steal the car. There were some cases where car owners experienced assaults and more loss in property because they held on to their keys.

Stealing cars is always a possibility espite advances in auto security technology. Don’t rely on security devices that can easily be hacked. Follow the old yet tried and proven rule in protection of property – never hide your valuables in the obvious places, and not without a lock and key.


5 Essential Decision Points when Buying Used Cars

buy cars in MelbourneBuying a new car could be quite expensive depending on your income. The fact that you cannot afford a new car does not mean you can’t own one. Have you ever thought of buying used cars?

If the thought has not crossed your mind yet, you will see in the following paragraphs why this is a good choice. This is because ‘used’ does not mean that the car is not in good shape. Some car dealers and vehicle auctioneers consider first-time buyers, and who only buy used cars without damage, and they even refurbish it at times.

Since the moment has come of owning a car, consider these things before buying to avoid disappointment.

Consider Your Wants

When buying a car in Melbourne, remember that it’s about asking the right questions. ‘Is the car right for me’? ‘Is it my dream car’?

If you get positive answers from these, then go ahead and get one.


The price of the car should be acceptable. To avoid certain problems, do your own research on the prices of the car before buying time since you know the model and brand that you want. After that, compose the list of the cars and models you prefer and take it with you to the dealers. Though many used cars are mostly discounted and affordable, don’t make assumptions. Consider the year of manufacture as well.

State of the Car

Once you see your dream car, inspect it quite well, and check if all parts of the car are intact. This will let you know if the car was merely repaired and refurbished, for example, due to an accident.

Type of Warranty Offered and Road Side Assistance

You should receive a warranty at no extra cost. In addition, be keen of the way the car drives and if you notice unusual things, like funny sounds and vibrations, find out where they’re coming from. For a test drive, consider driving it on a highway, once at rush hour and the other at off-peak hours.

Check the availability of logbooks and ownership records. Availability of them means the services were done hence the car is in good shape.

With all the details at hand, you should be able to make a good decision. Find second-hand car stores or even a car auction and take your pick.