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Dad Fighting for Custody? Top 3 Things to Know

Child Custody in AlbuquerqueWhen you’re just about to fight for child custody, you may have all these notions of being a good father and getting more time with your child. While all that is well and good, the court has clear-cut rules on who gets awarded the time they want or demand with children.

So before you say anything to your ex about the kids, make sure that you consult a Rio Rancho divorce attorney who knows their way around a custody case. It’s important that you don’t sabotage your chances with your children, or give your ex a way to put you in a bad light with the judge.

Here are some things to know, the Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer notes, before you go through your harrowing custody case:

1. Child support and custody are two different things.

Courts differentiate between the rights and needs of the child. Your capacity to provide for the children and the time you’re supposed to spend with them are two separate issues and you cannot mix them up. Even if you’re broke, the time and hands-on care you can provide for your children is considered valuable.

2. Demand time from the start.

Don’t wait for the judge to ask you what schedule you would like. Be clear about the amount of time you want to spend with your kids — and make sure the judge knows that you’re pushing for it. Your actions and behaviour are going to be intensely scrutinized, so showing that you really want to be part of the children’s lives should leave an impression.

3. Plot out the time you want on a 30-day calendar.

Asking for every other weekend, or certain Wednesdays and Fridays is all right, but you may actually not be getting enough time with your kids. Sit down with your lawyers and use a 30-day calendar to mark the days you want. You’ll be able to see how many days you get in a month or year this way.

There are no traditional family setups any longer, but the courts still prefer that amicable co-parenting happen in the end. Good luck!

When Winning a Child Custody Case Matters that Much

Child Custody When you search the Internet about how to win in a child custody case, there are articles dedicated only to fathers and there are those for mothers. This only adds to the growing animosity between divorcing parents because the child custody case becomes a battleground for them. And with so many articles on the Internet fueling such fiery passions, pitting one against the other, more and more couples get confused.

How Courts Decide on Child Custody Cases

It is true that the court of Denver family law will typically decide in favor of the mother. If this is the case then there clearly is no need for articles that tell mothers how to win in a child custody case. However, it is not uncommon for courts to award child custody to fathers which are also the case for websites promoting winning the child custody case for fathers. The point is that courts will always decide on what is in the child’s best interest, according to expert attorneys Lewis & Matthews, P.C.

How Should You Win a Child Custody?

Whether you are a mother or a father, you need to understand that the court will often determine for the child on the basis of your parenting skills and whether it is in your child’s best interest that she be with you and not the other parent.

It is for this reason that proving to the court that you are more capable of taking care, of rearing, your child compared to the other parent is something that all divorcing parents must be able to provide. Never go mudslinging your spouse because that will still speak negatively of you. Divorce courts know it very well if the child was unjustly influenced by one parent to behave negatively towards the other parent. This will definitely not be a good way to win the custody.

In a child custody case, what the judge would like to see is who among you will the child have a better chance of leading a normal life. So, the focus is on your child and any behavior of yours or your spouse that might affect the welfare of your child. This means that the divorce process is between you and your spouse so you have better leave your child out of your squabbles.