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Watch Out for New Zealand’s Infrastructure Boom

Growth in New Zealand's Construction IndustryNew Zealand’s construction industry is extremely robust at the moment. With an aggressively growing economy, the demand for brand new living spaces and venues for business continues to rise. In fact, according to the 2016 National Pipeline Report released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Empowerment, people can expect much from New Zealand’s construction industry until 2021.

Constant Growth

On average, the construction industry has grown a steady 7% yearly since 2011. The biggest increase is yet to come — experts predict that it will peak this year at $37 Billion. Such a prediction means that the industry would see growth not felt in 40 the last years. Aside from construction, this boom will also help build up relevant industries, such as consultancy services for land development.

Growth in Home Building

The report also predicts aggressive activity in the residential construction industry. The annual value is expected to increase by 21%. On the other hand, non-residential construction’s value is poised to swell at a rate of 20%. The peak of non-residential building is less distinct as previously predicted, however. Instead, it has shifted into a more sustained growth over a longer period.

Auckland at the Centre

Auckland will be the epicentre of all these construction activities. Experts predict an estimated 94,200 new dwelling consents in the area by December 2021. More and more people are moving to Auckland, citing a high quality of life, strong economy and opportunities in varied sectors as main reasons for their decision. In fact, about two-thirds of Auckland’s population are new arrivals. Furthermore, Auckland’s residential building growth will account for more than half of the total construction growth in New Zealand.

The National Pipeline Report is a Great Predictor

National Pipeline Report continues to be a very important industry indicator in New Zealand. While the previous predictions named higher numbers than actuality, experts observed similar trends. In addition, the peaks, instead of being distinct, were longer and smoother upward curves for the industry.

With a sustained rise, the construction industry in New Zealand is poised to reap much more benefits from this economic boom. In addition, the government also continues to pour money into word-class infrastructure to support all these activities. An export-driven and competitive nation, all signs point to a robust economy for NZ in the coming years.

Veer Away from These Mistakes when Estimating the Cost of Construction

Construction CostEstimating the construction cost is vital so you can have an idea of how much money you have to shell out from your pocket before beginning your project. If you are an estimator, here is a run-through of the common mistakes that you MUST avoid:

Not visiting the construction site

Rookies usually commit this error. They think that they can correctly estimate the construction cost while they are in their offices. The fact is, there are particular things on the job site that absolutely affect calculations.

For example, there is a need to check out the nearness of the site to supply centers. Topography, or how the site looks like, should likewise be considered. On top of that, you also need to assess the condition of the roads near your construction site.

Number errors

Just because you have been doing the process for several years already does not necessarily mean that you are exempted from making errors when it comes to numbers. There is a possibility that estimators may make mistakes in taking measurements. There’s also a chance that they commit an error in their calculation or they use incorrect units, perhaps because they have already been working for many hours.

Not using a dependable estimation software

There is no denying that in this day and age, one can find a slew of software programs aimed to make life simpler. Well, estimation software is one of them. Such programs are deemed a boon for most estimators as these are not only easy to use – they are fast as well.

Do note that you should only go for the powerful software that can properly do the task. It should have the needed features that help in making precise estimations.

These are only a few of the mistakes that you need to stay away from when estimating the construction cost.

Three Ways to Determine the credibility of Construction Company

Employees at a Construction CompanyMany people fail to ascertain the credibility of a building firm only to end up disappointed after spending a considerable amount of money. The article highlights some of the factors to consider when hiring a construction company.

With the competition heating up in the construction industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the good firms from the bad ones. Advancements in marketing technologies make it easy for companies to present their brands in the most positive light.

As such, one needs to dig through the several layers of information before unearthing the real face of any given company. Ascertaining the credibility of a construction company is an essential step when looking to build a house as it saves you a considerable amount of pain later.

Look into their online reputation

Credible firms have a strong online presence including an official web page and social media presence. Look carefully though their mission statements, value and the areas of specialisation. Also, peruse through their social media pages to see how well they interact with their clients.

Be wary of companies with little or no social media engagement, especially if they do not let people comment on their pages. Feedback from former clients is a gold mine of information since it gives you excellent insights into the kind of service they offer.

Ask for referrals

Reputable companies would have no problem referring you to their former clients. For the best results, ask for a list of references and choose whom to contact since some shady firms can attempt to manipulate you. Be sure to ask pertinent questions when talking to the former clients and inquire into their level of satisfaction with the service.

Inquire into their working methods

The best firms embrace emerging technologies such as construction estimating software to deliver the best service to their clients. Such software allows them to streamline the entire development process, which saves you money and lots of pain. Such companies are likely to use modern equipment and technologies to deliver superior products.

Vetting a construction company insures you against hefty losses as well as shoddy works that could ruin your project.