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Cashmere Apparels are Superbly Personalised

Cashmere Cashmere’s induction as the ultimate kind of wool for fashion didn’t happen by accident or as a result of a forced trend or personal preference.

According to Everyday Cashmere, from the production until the prepping of the material itself, cashmere is simply tailored to be the crème de la crème. It’s the only type of wool flexible enough to be chic while being a good insulator.

The Origin of the Prestige Yarn

Cashmere wool comes from the exquisite undercoat around the neck and body of a cashmere goat, which mainly resides in the Himalayas. It’s a regional material you can’t find anywhere else.

Royalties in Asia first used cashmere 5,000 years ago. Today, manufacturers procure at least 6,000 tons of cashmere globally for various applications other than clothing.

Insulation Properties

The undercoat of the cashmere goat is a natural insulator because it’s supposed to withstand the extreme climatic conditions of the Himalayan Mountains. Cashmere is great for summers as it can absorb moisture efficiently. It’s also applicable for the wintry season due to its comfortable and warming under fleece. It’s the only wool that can be worn in all seasons.

Textile Quality

The undercoat of goats is one of the finest yet fluffiest wool in the animal kingdom. It’s several times thinner and more translucent than a sheep’s fleece, making it more refined, softer, and easier to manipulate.


With its soft texture, absorbent fibres and white to grey colour, cashmere is easy to dye. Dyeing cashmere doesn’t compromise its quality because of its porous and adaptive strands.


Pure cashmere wool isn’t only versatile, but also lightweight. Unlike other wool yarns, it doesn’t easily break or lump together, making it easy for the fashion industry to come up with limitless design applications for this material.

As a gold-standard fashion material, cashmere may cost a little extra. But, considering all its benefits, it’s worth the investment.

Man Up and Dress Better this Autumn/Winter

Winter FashionTransitioning from summer to autumn can be challenging. Meet the shedding of the leaves like a man by outflanking the biggest cold weather errors. Sub your cottons with gorgeous heavyweight wool and meet the beginning of the cold season in style and with a sip of your favourite warm beverage.

Weatherproof Your Wardrobe

Autumn can be fun, but it can also get bitingly cold. Don’t let the frosty weather bruise your style. Weatherproof your wardrobe and invest in a waterproofing spray to protect your new shearling jacket. Polish can also offer your shoes another layer of protection.

Dial Down on the Bright Colours

Fold away your summer pastels and break out pieces in black, grey, white or blue. Dial down on the bright colours and look for blocked neutral shades. You don’t have to go all monochrome. Just mimic the changing leaves in muted shades of rust, military green and mustard and you’re going to look right at home.

Invest in Accessories

Invest in accessories that make late afternoons less freezing. Put on a lightweight cotton scarf or those trendy HUF Plantlife socks from 5Pointz.co.uk you’ve been looking to buy for so long already. A good, full size umbrella would come handy, too.

Get a Premium Piece

This is the season that makes it a crime to skimp on a new and fashionable coat. This is where money talks. Get a premium piece that looks like it’s made to last more than one turning of the season. A wool overcoat is the most versatile option, but for a more casual take, a waxed cotton jacket will do.

Layer Smartly

Just because it’s the season of layering doesn’t mean you pile on one fabric after another. Layer smartly so you not only look on point, but are also comfortable in case it rains. Breathable cotton should be closest to the skin, with wool next, for warmth and something weatherproof on top.

There. Now you look like you are made to walk the streets in autumn.