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Catching Zs: Lose Weight by Sleeping More

Sleeping Great news: sleeping can help you lose weight. This goes for anyone who struggles with their weight, not knowing that their sleep schedule is affecting their bodies.

For example, if you are feeling sleepy at work, you usually grab a cup of coffee to wake your senses up, or sometimes, you grab a doughnut for a temporary sugar rush. As the day goes on, you may find yourself skipping the gym and eating dinner out with your family. Once you get home, you get on your computer or laptop, spending the rest of the night online – leaving you too wound up to sleep.

Sleep deprivation helps in the accumulation of body fat and while there are weight loss clinics to guide you in shedding off that excess fat, you can also lose this by sleeping.

Sleep and Its Connection to Body Fat – A Study

According to a study, changing your sleep schedule into a regular one will keep the percentage of your body fat at bay. The research, led by Bruce Bailey, a professor at Brigham Young, involved 300 female college students, aged 19 to 26. They tracked the participants’ activities and movements, which included waking and sleeping times. They linked lower body fat with a consistent time of waking up and sleeping. They also found out that getting less than 6.5 hours and more than 8.5 hours of sleep put them at risk of higher body fat.

What Regular Sleeping Schedules Do to Your Body

Getting regular hours of sleep affects the levels of leptin, a hormone which notifies your body that it is full, and ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Not getting enough sleep boosts the levels of ghrelin, and when sleep-deprived, causes overeating. As much as possible, try to sleep within the given timeframe to maintain normal body fat.

But, this is not the only way to lose it; you must also keep a healthy lifestyle – diet and exercise go a long way.

Raising the Bar: Three Things to Start your Gym for the New Year

Fitness GymThe fitness trend has come and is here to stay. With the new year coming, expect more people to start hitting fitness centres for their health resolutions. You cannot blame them. For most people, the gym is the go-to place to start physical training programs. They are temples where the mind and body work as one.

With everyone making resolutions to get fit this 2016, why not start a gym of your own? A small business venture with the right people, equipment and investments can pay dividends that may extend past 2016. Here is what you need.

The Location

You need a nice spot for the gym. Find the right location that caters to a lot of people. It can be in a small-town residential area or at a busy downtown business district where you can cater to the yuppies. Once you have the place, provide the right amenities such as shower and locker rooms.

The Equipment

It’s not a fitness centre if there are no weights to lift. Part of your investment into the gym is procuring the right exercise equipment. What you should get will depend on your target market. To cater to bodybuilders, get weight training equipment.

A dance studio suits people looking for calisthenics exercises. Workout equipment such as benches and squat racks can serve a variety of exercises. Add a set of dumbbells and barbells, and you’re set. The equipment in your home gym can give you ideas of what to buy.

The Personnel

You cannot manage the fitness centre by yourself. To run your gym, what you need is a team of professionals. These gym instructors are the experts who guide and train your clients. Former competitive bodybuilders and athletes make for good instructors, as they transition well from practitioner to instructor. The Australian company fitnessu.com.au says the Certificate IV in Fitness will help train your team to ensure you have the right people for the job.

Starting a gym is a prospective venture, because there’s no shortage of people looking to be in their best shape. Know the basics of the industry, and you will be off to a good start.

Does Waist Training Really Work?

Waist TrainingYes — waist training really works. Wearing a steel-boned waist trainer corset regularly will gradually mould your waist to the corset’s shape. This likewise includes your fat pads and your bottom most two ribs, called the floating ribs, which are flexible since they are not attached to your breastbone.

What Results Can You Expect from Waist Training?

Pretty much, you may be able to train your waist to be as small as your body can take, but you will need time, consistency and sheer willpower. Take for instance the Guinness World Record holder, Cathy Jung, who holds the title for ‘the smallest waist on a living person’, and has been waist training since 1985. Another example is Ethel Granger, considered the person who has had the tiniest waist of all time — 13 inches.

Waist training can likewise improve posture and banish tummy fat due to the constrictive nature of the corset. Waist Trainer Australia says corsets forcibly shape the body, causing damage to the body’s internal systems.

How Do You Train Your Waist?

Although there’s really no set method, you can try to wear your waist trainer as frequently as you can for as long as you possibly can because this is the determining factor of how quickly you can see the results. All individuals have different lifestyles and tolerance levels, so this will significantly vary from one person to another. Some train their waist only five days every week or every day, from five to eight hours or 12 hours. Some people go to the extreme, live, and breathe waist training, even sleeping with their trainers on and only removing them when they shower.

However, don’t exercise wearing a steel-boned waist trainer corset because these are very stiff and will restrict your lung capacity and movements while working out. Also, there are many types of waist trainers available and these come in different materials. Take for example latex waist trainers that don’t have steel boning and are not that unyielding, women commonly use these after giving birth and those who regularly exercise.