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Home Hack: Your Quick Guide to Extending the Life of Your Appliances

Photo of a modern apartment with appliancesThe appliances at your home are your household chores companions. While people design them for long-term use, they can suffer damage sooner than expected if you do not take care of them properly; absence of regular maintenance is one contributing factor for quick equipment failure. 

Taking care of your appliances properly should not be difficult at all, given that you have the manuals and you have an idea what is bad for them. At any rate, below are some of the things that you can do to extend the life span of your appliances, especially the big-ticket purchases. 

Give them a rest

Appliance services in Salt Lake City will tell you that appliances are just like humans; they get tired when overworked. Expert All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. suggests you give your appliances some rest, especially if they are already heating up.

Or if they heat up easily, that may mean that they are not efficient; you may want to get ones with Energy Star mark. 

Clean them

Cleaning your appliances regularly will do them good. This is because the dust accumulating within the equipment may damage some parts. But before you decide to open the appliance to clean, make sure that you turn it off.

If it still has a warranty sticker and under the program, just have it inspected by your supplier.

Use the right settings

You have to make sure that your appliances are working efficiently for the tasks they are supposed to carry out. To increase efficiency, you must configure the settings of your appliance; learn which settings apply to a particular task or load. 

Extending the life span of your appliances will help you save a lot in the long run. You may want to talk to your supplier and ask for additional tips. 

Garage Door: Replacement Costs, Factors, and More

House Garage Doors

Garage doors may have become more advanced, but their use and purpose remain the same. As simple as their function may be, however, your garage door will stop working properly at some point. What do you do when you encounter an unresponsive garage door?

Clean and Oil

Your garage door needs some tender loving care in the form of maintenance. Unless you have maintained it religiously, the rollers and tracks may be dirty and in need of cleaning. You can easily brush both and oil them. Hopefully, this simple maintenance practice can solve the problem of an unresponsive garage door.

Replace to Fix or to Change

When the maintenance above has no effect on your door, Quality Garage Doors says that it may be time to replace it. Replacement is also acceptable if you simply want a change of look, especially after a major home improvement project.

Now, the cost to install a new garage door will differ from $200 to as much as $4,000. Homeowners usually spend an average of $1,061 or anywhere between $730 and $1,419.

Factors That Affect Total Costs

Costs will cover the new tracks, rollers, adhesives, connectors, fasteners, opener, and other crucial parts of a door. Other factors will include the door material, insulation, the size of the door, electrical wiring, removal of the old door, and installation of the new door. You can save up on labor by doing it yourself, but you can risk injury to yourself since garage doors are heavy.

Install a New Door

Work with a reliable garage door company to install the right replacement. Their contractors can help you with choosing the material, the style, and other customization options you want to add. Whether you want a simple or a highly modern garage door, you won’t go wrong if you consulted the experts.

With a new garage door, you can take care of it to ensure that whatever forced your old door out of service will not affect your new one.

Home Improvement Ideas That Work to Boost Curb Appeal

Home RepaintingYou don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your dreary and old-looking homes into a beautiful one. Certain curb and façade improvements will give your home exterior a face lift that will elicit 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from visitors and passersby.

Dress Up the Windows

The windows add to the overall aesthetics of your home; they allow natural light in and keep your home private from peering eyes. The windows don’t have to look dreary. Dress them up to improve the curb appeal of your house. Painting the windows to match the façade, whether it is warm or cool colours can make a difference. Buying aluminium plantation shutters from a Brisbane-based seller may be one of the ideal things you can do. Shutters add flair to an otherwise plain looking window and exterior, as they combine style and substance even for the pickiest homeowners.

Add a New Planting Bed

A planting bed for your flowers and other plants add a sense of order to an unruly garden. Plant the flowers you want in certain places to match the colour of your home’s façade. Set up the plants and flowers a certain way to attract attention and make your house look good from any angle.

Build a Walkway

A walkway that leads to the front door or garage has a form and function purpose. It makes it easier for people to walk into your house without getting their shoes dirty on mud or grass. It also has aesthetic value because it creates a unique look. If you worry about outdoor lighting costs, you can install low-voltage types.

Repaint Your Home

Repainting the façade of your home is the simplest way to revitalise its appearance. Go with colours that you think best displays your personality. The colours you choose may elicit a certain mood from visitors and passersby, so choose wisely.

These are a handful of ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Get in touch with a contractor and designer to get the look you want that is within your budget.