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Invisalign: Boosting Patient´s Confidence

In the past, if a patient wanted to straighten their teeth for any reason, their best option would be to undergo treatment with fixed braces. These braces are the tried and tested method of straightening teeth, but they do come with their own set of problems.

Fixed braces can be a hassle to clean and maintain and may not be as comfortable as alternative treatments. At dental practices like One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign treatments are recommended for those who wish to make more minor adjustments to their teeth´s position without sporting a mouthful of metal.

Invisalign treatment versus traditional train track braces

Invisalign treatment benefits from being completely removable, making it a huge improvement on a fixed appliance. When before a patient would spend a long time cleaning and maintaining their appliance, with Invisalign, when it comes to mealtimes and caring for their teeth, they can simply remove the aligners.

In West Malling, Invisalign treatment is usually recommended for patients who only need mild to medium adjustments. If a patient is looking for more drastic adjustment, a traditional brace is more likely to be suitable.

Another advantage that is likely to sway patients in the direction of Invisalign in West Malling is the fact that the treatment is almost invisible when in use. This is because the aligners are transparent, allowing the teeth to be seen underneath.

However, a certain level of discipline is needed when using Invisalign. Aligners must be worn for at least 20–22 hours a day to ensure that the treatment works on schedule and as planned.

Benefits of straighter, more regimented teeth

Teeth that are straight and meet properly when a patient bites down are more likely to wear evenly, reducing the risk of tooth damage.

Patients will notice that straighter teeth are easier to clean, making brushing and flossing more efficient, reducing the risk of tooth decay and harmful bacterial build-up. On the whole, patients’ teeth are healthier when they are straight. They also can give a patient a confidence boost that could lead to advances in many areas of life.

3 Invisible Brace Options for Adults

Invisalign in a protective caseWhen somebody says ‘makeover’, many people would think about a brand new wardrobe or maybe a new hair and make-up designed to make them look better than before. These days, you can undergo a ‘makeover’ for your smile with the help of braces.

While you think that braces are only for teenagers, that is not true at all. It may seem embarrassing to have something on your teeth, but take note that even adults wear braces — it is just that you cannot see them. Yes, there are corrective braces that are almost invisible.

Curious what they are? Here are some examples:


One thing adults do not like about braces is the way it will make them look. This is the reason invisible braces are among their most asked dental treatment in Paddington and other parts of London. Invisalign is arguably one of the most popular in this category.

Invisalign are made from clear plastic, designed to look almost invisible when you are wearing them. They are removable so eating, brushing, and flossing should be no problem. The only drawback is that they need frequent adjustments (once every two or so weeks), which means they could get a little costly. They are not advisable for major adjustments, as well.

Lingual Braces

As far as invisible braces go, lingual braces are also a contender. This involves wires and brackets that go behind the teeth. This means that they are practically invisible, unless the person in front of you is paying too much attention. These require fewer adjustments than Invisalign, but they are a bit tricky to place. One major complaint is that they can affect your speech. Most people who undergo lingual braces treatment experienced slurred speech after a few days of use.

Ceramic Braces

When actor Tom Cruise opted for braces a few years back, he used ceramic braces. This type of braces is not particularly invisible, but it is camouflaged well. The brackets that hold the teeth together have the same colour as your teeth. Moreover, it uses tooth coloured wires to make the blending even better. One drawback is that ceramic can easily get stained through continuous exposure to food and other substances, making it look like you have yellowish or dirty off-white teeth.

There are many options for adults who want to get a better smile. You should ask your orthodontist to learn about what the best one is for you.

What a Gorgeous Smile Can Do to Your Career

Woman Smiling in the OfficeMany say that if you smile a lot, you will age slower. But smiling does not only benefit your age, it also benefits your career. In fact, smiling can often do wonders for your profession.

Have you ever entered an office where the first person whom you see could not even muster a small smile as she says “Good morning?” Chances are you will have the feeling of retracing your steps and heading out the door. Indeed, in the office setting, a smile can do wonders and it is always your career that you are putting on the line if you do not know how to smile.

Working Well With Colleagues

When you flash that big smile to your colleagues, it is highly possible that they would also smile back. Why? According to Psychology Today, a smile is contagious. This would mean that when you smile at somebody, he might just smile back. So in a way, you get to create that good and nice feeling in each person that you smile at. This helps build a good working relationship with your colleagues, allowing you to work in a less hostile environment, thereby increasing productivity.

Gaining More Clients

Think about this. If you have the perfect teeth, or if you wear an Invisalign, then you would have the ability to smile and talk confidently to clients. Remember that businesses would be dependent on the number of clients that they have. A winning smile can help gain more clients, and in turn, this would mean better revenues for the company that you are working for.

Getting Promoted – Eventually

Alright, this may be the best part of all. Since your boss has seen that you are a hardworking employee who has the ability to work well with his colleagues, and also bring in more revenues, then you may actually be promoted. This is something doable, one that you can just reach with the tip of your fingers. Forbes reminded that when you get promoted, do not ask from your superior so many things at once like a raise or privileges. This would be a big turnoff.

Now that you have seen how a smile can affect your work, then it is about time for you to simply keep on smiling. Whether you are at work or not, a smile will always do wonders for you and the people around you.

How the Invisalign Aligner System Can Straighten Your Teeth – In Secret

Lady with Invisalign AlignerIn the modern day and age, there are several alternatives to fixed appliances for straightening your teeth. Systems such as Invisalign have been designed to produce excellent results, without anyone having to know you are undergoing treatment.

NHS orthodontic treatment is available free of charge to children and teenagers who qualify under a strict set of clinical guidelines. Young people who don’t qualify but would still benefit from some correction are often suitable for Invisalign treatment, which is delivered on a private basis. It is also a very popular option for adults.

At Surrey Braces in Weybridge, Invisalign is one of the most popular methods of straightening adult teeth, due to its effectiveness, subtlety, and minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Whilst fixed braces require special hygiene care and often put restrictions on diet to avoid damaging the brace, with systems of removable aligners there is no need to adapt your hygiene techniques in any way, other than making sure you clean the aligner properly at least twice a day.

You can clean your aligner at the same time as brushing your teeth. Simply remove it for cleaning (using special solutions if your dentist or orthodontist recommends that you do) and brush and floss your teeth as normal. It’s still a good idea to clean your teeth after every meal, so that there are no acids, sugars, or food particles trapped beneath your aligners.

Invisalign is also removed for eating and drinking, so unlike fixed braces you won’t have to avoid favourite foods such as crusty bread or crunchy apples.

In terms of lifestyle impact, this is very minimal. You may prefer to remove your aligners if you sing, play an instrument, or play sports. It is entirely safe to do so and won’t affect your treatment time as long as you put them back straight away after you have finished.

Because they are made from clear plastic and because they are custom-designed to fit over your teeth precisely, they won’t be noticed during work or socialising. Your family and close friends will probably know you are having treatment because they are likely to see you removing your aligners for eating and drinking, but otherwise, it’s your little secret.