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4 Types Of Loans: Which Best Fits Your Needs?

Man explaining the types of loans to the clientThere are times that you might find yourself in the middle of a financial crisis or a situation where you need a hefty amount of cash. You might have exhausted all your finances, and the only option is to acquire a loan.

Loans are designed to provide people with the needed sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest. Though the end price is higher than what you borrowed, a loan can be a lifesaver. For instance, if you need money for health reasons, emergency cases or a home renovation, acquiring a loan is the best way to have the needed money as soon as possible.

However, before getting one, you should know the different types you can for which you can apply.

Home Loan

Home loans are the most popular ones in the financial market. There are many individuals applying for this type of loan in the hopes of having their own house. However, in this type of loan, there is a need for a down payment, and the payment terms depend on the plan you choose. Home loans are payable in 20 to 30 years, but for some, they can choose shorter terms.

Car Loan

Owning a car is a dream come true. There are car loans available for individuals who can’t afford to buy a car outright. The loans are also payable in certain time frames, depending on how much your down payment is.

Tax Loan

Tax Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL) or tax loans are created by a lender based on an expected federal income tax refund. The taxpayer receives a tax refund from the government, and it’s directly paid to the party who made the loan, be it a bank or a financial loan firm.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are types of loans which are unsecured. That means you don’t have to offer a collateral or down payment in order to receive the money. There are various financial companies offering this type of loan, and usually, it’s used for various purposes – business, school or personal reasons.

Loans help many people with their financial burdens, especially during emergency needs. Though there are added fees, these loans are important in providing people with financial help when needed.

When Good Intentions Go Bad: Are More Loans Better Than Co-Signing?

Student Loan in Utah The student loan problem is proving to be one of the thorniest issues that this country has had to face. Not only is it a result of a broken economic system that came from the shortsightedness of the previous generation, but it also serves as a concrete obstacle that blocks the pursuit of higher education.

This is an attitude that a country that currently ranks 35th in mathematics, 24th in Reading and 27th in Science as of 2012 simply cannot have. The critical nature of the situation has led to numerous families taking measures to help their children get the education they need to compete. But, they may be exposing themselves to even more danger in the process.

Co-signing on a loan is the most common measure concerned relatives and friends choose to help American college students with the impending burden of their debt. This act – though done with the best possible intentions – will sour a lot of relations and end up doing more harm than good.

The way a co-signed loans work is that the signatories gain an equal amount of responsibility with repayment, regardless of who actually benefits from the use of the funds. In the event that the primary beneficiary of the loan fails to make the repayment, it leaves their co-signer on the hook for the bill. Lenders prefer cosigned loans, as it gives them the added assurance that someone will pay them back.

A better alternative, according to Community Lending Group, is to give students more time and leeway to pay back their loans. An unpopular, but effective method is to use loans as an interest cushion. This goes against the conventional wisdom that people shouldn’t pay off debts with money from other debts.

This option isn’t perfect, and will require a certain level of financial flexibility. But, considering this strategy will allow parents to shop for better terms on behalf of their kids, it’s an idea that can pay off in the long run.

Top Financial Sources to Fund Your Business during Hard Times

Business EmployeesThere are times that life gets too tough and keeping your head above water might be a struggle. Financial problems can hit anyone at anytime – not only you but also the other company owners. Big businesses have a higher risk of experiencing financial conflicts, whilst small businesses might need monetary assistance when it comes to financial setbacks they are currently encountering.

To go through such unfavourable business situations, there are different reliable financial sources you might want to consider.

Apply for a loan

For a small business owner like you, industry professional RapidLoans.co.nz shares that applying for a loan can help you a lot. You can apply for a business loan or simply an easy loan, if you want lower interest rate for your loan application.  Now, if you have an active loan, just try to negotiate favourable terms for you and the lender. Come up with resolutions that will help both parties in the long run.

Find another source of income

Have you discovered your unique talent? Make good use of your other abilities or special skills by finding another source of income to fund your business. Your favourite hobby, for instance, can give you additional funds, whilst having fun. If you have an active website for your business, invest on pay per click ads to have additional source of profit.

Ask help from family or close friends

There is nothing wrong with asking your family or a couple of your close friends to help you solve financial crisis. Let them know they can be your investors. You can also tell them you want to borrow some money from them and pay it for a low-interest or no-interest.

Find business investors or business partners

Just like with asking your family and friends to borrow money, you could find potential investors for your business. These willing investors or capitalists might be the ones who wanted to build their own business but cannot, or they simply want to provide capital and does not want to participate in day-to-day business operations.

Selling assets or personal items

If you are not comfortable with borrowing money from people or from certified lending institutions, you can sell some of your business assets that you no longer need. If not, sell those stuff things just left lying around the house, such as old gadgets or appliances.

Keep these things in mind when you are struggling to solve your financial issues. Just make sure to take the less risky way to fund your business. Explore ways; try everything.

Loans You Can Get Online

Man Using the LaptopAs an individual who needs to pay bills, you may get into some serious debts due to circumstances beyond your control. Emergencies do have a habit of surprising anyone, and most of the time these problems are financial in nature. What makes it even harder is you need a specific amount, but not all bank loans can speedily process your application. Here are some types of loans you may try instead.

Personal Loan

When you take a loan from lenders, you need to explain your reasons for requesting that amount. For personal loans, however, you’re entitled to some privacy, since you don’t need to specify the purpose. Lending consultants from Rapid Loans say a personal loan is a good way of consolidating multiple debts you can pay weekly or monthly.

The requirements of personal loans vary from one lender to another, but they often require proof of your capacity to pay, a certification stating you are a real person and a New Zealand citizen, and an agreement on when you are able to complete your payments. They don’t charge a big interest on top of your loan.

Payday Loan

Borrowers often use payday loans for various everyday expenses and utility bills. This financial help often has a specific timeline for paying, such as your next payday or a number of paydays after release of the amount you need. It’s easy to apply and get approved, and the loan may be granted quickly. They are invaluable for emergencies and are limited to your own salary, preventing you from accruing greater debts.

Bad Credit Loan

These are credit loans you can get despite having a negative credit record. You can take out a loan starting at a minimal amount to ensure you are able to pay it on time. Credit companies can be stringent with their requirements, but will offer higher credit limits for those who have a good standing.

Loans like these are easier to apply for. Look for them online, but before you make a decision, gather all the information you need.