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Your Missing Tooth Damages More than Just Your Smile

Man with missing toothMany people consider a missing tooth a simple cosmetic flaw that doesn’t need immediate treatment. Unfortunately, there are short and long-term consequences if you don’t do something to resolve the problem. It can cause more damage and make your mouth tissues and muscles weaker. The jawbone may even lose volume and structure.

Read on to learn how you can deal with the problem and avoid its complications.

Prevent the gradual, yet massive deterioration of your oral health

The good news is that you don’t have to let your missing tooth cause all the above-mentioned damages. Thanks to the availability of dental implant services in Tampa, Florida, you now have better alternatives to traditional tooth replacement appliances, such as dentures. While implants cost more than your other options, their functionalities and benefits are worth every dollar.

How implants compare with other tooth replacement appliances

The popularity of implants has exploded over the past few years. More people all over the country and across the globe choose to invest in them. There’s the obvious reason that implants help maintain one’s beautiful smile, giving it a complete yet natural and healthier-looking appearance.

But the benefits of dental implants go way beyond cosmetic terms. These appliances bring more health-related advantages to you than any other tooth replacement option.

As long as the dentist places the implants properly and you do your part in maintaining them, you can worry less about periodontal (gum) disease or tooth decay, both of which can happen with dentures. It also reduces the risks of root canal failure, and more importantly, the disintegration of your jawbone. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to learn about your oral health condition and see if dental implants are right for you.

How to Spot an Experienced Professional Dentist

Professional dentist smiling and ready to workFinding a well-trained professional dentist can really make appointments less of a hassle for you and your family. Dental specialist Smile Designs Dentistry notes that a good general dentist encourages healthier oral hygiene and makes your entire family feel comfortable during each visit.

Here are top qualities you should look for in finding a good dentist:

Prioritizes Continued Education

Good dentists stay up-to-date with the latest dental procedures. Getting a wide range of dental services also means you do not have to go to another clinic if they cannot perform a certain procedure.

For instance, if you need a professional dentist in Manteca for dental implants, porcelain veneers, oral surgery, and even restorative care, a good clinic with extensive services should be able to take care of you.

Confident in Administering Emergency Care

This is crucial especially for patients who have serious oral health issues, particularly for those who have undergone dental surgery or have very sensitive conditions. In case of an emergency, you should be able to call or message your dentist so you can get help right away.

Shows Concern for Your Overall Health and Wellness

Apart from making sure you have healthy teeth, a professional dentist is generally concerned with your health. The right dentist also asks how your oral health affects your entire body.

Since tooth problems make patients susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments, a professional dentist should be up to speed with a patient’s preexisting condition.

Manages Polite and Professional Dental Staff

Inevitably, a good dentist’s professional attitude extends to his entire staff. An able leader effectively manages his or her dental staff, which in turn creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the dental office.

Going to a clinic with unprofessional receptionists and nurses is unpleasant, and will only discourage you from attending appointments.

Taking note of these basic qualities will certainly help you find the right dentist for you and your family. So do not just settle for any old dentist, find one who will work well with you.

Invisalign: Boosting Patient´s Confidence

In the past, if a patient wanted to straighten their teeth for any reason, their best option would be to undergo treatment with fixed braces. These braces are the tried and tested method of straightening teeth, but they do come with their own set of problems.

Fixed braces can be a hassle to clean and maintain and may not be as comfortable as alternative treatments. At dental practices like One Smile Oral Care in West Malling, Invisalign treatments are recommended for those who wish to make more minor adjustments to their teeth´s position without sporting a mouthful of metal.

Invisalign treatment versus traditional train track braces

Invisalign treatment benefits from being completely removable, making it a huge improvement on a fixed appliance. When before a patient would spend a long time cleaning and maintaining their appliance, with Invisalign, when it comes to mealtimes and caring for their teeth, they can simply remove the aligners.

In West Malling, Invisalign treatment is usually recommended for patients who only need mild to medium adjustments. If a patient is looking for more drastic adjustment, a traditional brace is more likely to be suitable.

Another advantage that is likely to sway patients in the direction of Invisalign in West Malling is the fact that the treatment is almost invisible when in use. This is because the aligners are transparent, allowing the teeth to be seen underneath.

However, a certain level of discipline is needed when using Invisalign. Aligners must be worn for at least 20–22 hours a day to ensure that the treatment works on schedule and as planned.

Benefits of straighter, more regimented teeth

Teeth that are straight and meet properly when a patient bites down are more likely to wear evenly, reducing the risk of tooth damage.

Patients will notice that straighter teeth are easier to clean, making brushing and flossing more efficient, reducing the risk of tooth decay and harmful bacterial build-up. On the whole, patients’ teeth are healthier when they are straight. They also can give a patient a confidence boost that could lead to advances in many areas of life.

Give teeth the care they deserve

Woman having her teeth checkedSo many people do not think about their teeth until something goes wrong, but regular, effective care ensures that their mouths are an asset, not a cause of worry. A healthy mouth is free from pain and means that people can eat and speak properly. Beautiful teeth and healthy gums are also vital for a beaming smile, which has a huge impact on self-confidence. A Manchester dentist will carry out a range of services including preventive dentistry, emergency care and cosmetic dentistry. Early detection ensures that issues are dealt with before they become severe so regular check-ups with a dentist in Manchester are a must. It is also important that patients take steps at home to ensure good oral health including proper cleaning and eating a sensible diet.

Investing in teeth for a lifetime

Regular oral hygiene consultations and being alert for signs of tooth decay and gum problems can prevent problems developing. A dentist in Manchester, such as Smylife, also has dedicated hygienists who check for issues, teach people how to care for their teeth and gums properly and carry out a scale and polish procedure that removes hard deposits and stains. Adults with crooked teeth who missed out on corrective procedures as children may be pleased to hear that it is never too late. There are several options to realign poorly positioned teeth, many of which are faster, more comfortable or less obtrusive than traditional methods. To enhance a smile, cosmetic dental procedures including veneers, whitening and crowns are available.

If the worst happens

In an emergency, it is important to be able to access help from a Manchester dentist quickly. This may be due to damage, severe pain, excessive bleeding or a tooth that has been knocked out. A dentist in Manchester will be on hand for root canal therapy, extractions and other emergency procedures. Most dentists will see someone who needs urgent care within 24 hours. Even missing teeth are no longer a long-term problem due to treatments such as dental implants, which can replace one tooth or a whole set. Choosing a good dentist in Manchester and investing in oral health is vital for well-being and a great appearance in the long-term.

Get that perfect smile with braces in Windsor

Woman ready for her bracesMany things in life can make a person´s teeth become crooked or move them out of alignment. In most cases, it can’t be helped, factors like genetics and the way teeth erupt out of the gums can affect how straight a patient´s teeth are.

More and more practices, like Old Windsor Dental Practice in Windsor, are recommending braces in later life. This can be for many reasons, from cosmetic enhancements to correcting more serious teeth issues. There are a few different types of braces in Windsor to suit a patient´s needs.

The right fit for all patients

For more serious cases, the use of fixed braces is often recommended. A traditional fixed appliance is the tried and tested way of correcting gapped, overcrowded, and misaligned teeth. They have been used on both children and adults for years, bringing teeth to a better position.

Advances in materials used means that patients can now have tooth-coloured braces, to reduce the impact on the patient´s appearance when they are undergoing treatment.

Depending on the amount of adjustment that is needed, a fixed appliance treatment will take anywhere between 18 and 24 months to complete, and afterwards, a patient may need to wear a retainer to make sure their teeth stay in the desired position.

Modern treatments: an alternative to metal braces

If a patient doesn’t like the idea of wearing metal braces for up to two years, there are more modern techniques that don’t require such a commitment. In Windsor, braces have come a long way, new treatments like Invisalign can straighten patients’ teeth much more inconspicuously.

Invisalign treatments use a series of custom-moulded plastic trays that are changed every two weeks. These trays are each slightly different in shape and have the advantage of being completely removable, making it easy when it comes to mealtimes and teeth brushing.

Another big advantage of this treatment is that the plastic trays are almost completely invisible when they are in use. Many dentists also suggest the use of teeth whitening treatments on completion of teeth straightening to give the newly straightened teeth a fresh look.

What is the secret behind a beautiful smile?

Woman having her incognito bracesThis is question many people ask themselves as they wonder if there is any way to keep their teeth straightening a secret. Yes, there is, it’s called Incognito. In Weybridge this system of lingual braces is placed on the inside surface (tongue side) of the teeth. They are hidden completely behind the teeth and are therefore are almost invisible when people smile. They are even 100% customised to match the shape of each patient’s teeth.

How does Incognito work?

Incognito in Weybridge is available from various dentists including Weybridge Orthodontics. These braces work just like other braces, with brackets and wires. The only difference is that, instead of being placed on the outside surface of the teeth, they are placed on the tongue side, for that truly incognito look.

Incognito in Weybridge is customised to fit uniquely to each mouth, based on impressions taken from the patient’s teeth and detailed measurements. Then, the Incognito laboratory uses computerised technology to create the metal brackets to fit onto the back of each tooth. The dentist will then place the brackets into place and the patient is on their way to a beautiful smile the Incognito way.

Once Incognito braces are in place, the patient will need to take special care when brushing and flossing to avoid stains and decay during treatment. They will also need to visit their dental practice periodically so the dentist can adjust the arc wires and monitor the progress of treatment.

Are Incognito braces right for everyone?

Anyone who is a candidate for traditional braces is also a candidate for Incognito in Weybridge. Lingual braces are often chosen by patients who don’t want braces to impede their activities or job.

The benefits

In Weybridge, Incognito braces are custom-fit to each patient, ensuring a higher comfort level for every patient. Incognito braces are also a great option for both adult professionals and teens who would feel more confident with invisible braces instead of traditional fixed metal braces.

Indeed, Incognito braces are capable of far more complex treatments than some of the more well-known invisible braces, which can only really treat mild misalignments.

Strong and effective replacement teeth

Woman having her teeth replacedFor people with missing teeth in Hertford, dental implants are a way to regain the function and stability of natural teeth. They are inserted in a minor surgical procedure, and they can last for decades if properly cared for. Dental implants in Hertford are available from dentists such as Hertford Dental Implants, patients have for many years been enjoying the health benefits and aesthetic improvements that come from this procedure. It can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a whole set.

Integral formation

Unlike removable dentures, which sit on top of the gums, dental implants permanently integrate with the jawbone. This ensures the bone structure stays resilient, and does not deteriorate. The sunken look, which can characterise the appearance of people who’ve worn removable dentures for a long time, is one of the effects of this deterioration.

Method and procedure

Before the patient can receive their Hertford dental implants, the dentist will ensure that the patient’s oral health is in good enough condition to proceed. Dentist and patient will have an in-depth conversation, and detailed images of the patient’s mouth will be taken. The condition of the jawbone will also be assessed, to establish that there’s sufficient healthy bone to receive the implant. If there is, then the patient will undergo a minor surgical procedure, during which small metal posts will be placed into the jawbone. After a period of healing, the patient will then return to the dentist to have the replacement teeth securely attached to the posts.

Long-term improvements

In a process known as osseointegration, the jawbone will fuse together with the metal of the implant, creating a stable base for the replacement tooth so it will then function and feel very similar to a natural one. The patient can then enjoy biting into and chewing their food. As well as this, the implanted teeth will have reduced the areas in the mouth in which harmful food debris and bacteria can hide, thus reducing the overall risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The protection and dental enjoyment that come from having Hertford dental implants will last for many years, providing they are properly cared for.

Optimising the position of the teeth

Orthodontist showing the patient the resultPeople go to the orthodontist in Liverpool because they want to improve the position of their teeth. Doing this can bring many positive changes to the way the teeth function and how they look, as well as to the way the patient feels about the appearance of their smile. Dentists in the north-west of England, like Liverpool Smile Studio, offer several methods of realigning the teeth, according to the complexity of the patient’s needs.

Discreet and effective

Some people think of braces as a part of growing up, something that’s generally over with by the time a person reaches adulthood. But it’s not unusual nowadays for a Liverpool orthodontist to treat adult teeth with braces, because the range of modern realignment appliances can provide professional men and women with discreet and efficient solutions.

If their realignment needs are relatively straightforward, the patient might be given plastic aligners to wear over their teeth. These are transparent, and removable during mealtimes and when brushing the teeth. They are a popular option that minimises disruption to the patient’s daily life.

More complex realignment treatments might require braces that are securely affixed by the Liverpool orthodontist to the surfaces of the patient’s teeth. These appliances can be tooth-coloured, so as not to attract too much unwanted attention when the patient opens their mouth. Or they can be attached to the backs of the teeth, and so remain hidden to the casual observer.

Improving appearance and health

Moving the teeth into better positions takes time. Mild treatments may take six months, while complex ones can take two or more years to complete. Once the aligners or braces come off, the patient may need to wear a retainer at night. But the treatment will bring lasting benefits to the patient’s health, as well as improving the way their smile looks.
Straighter teeth function more efficiently, so biting and chewing put less strain on the jaw. And they are easier to clean because there are fewer awkward spaces for food debris and bacteria to hide themselves in. The risk of gum disease and tooth decay is therefore reduced after a patient completes their treatment with a Liverpool orthodontist.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing Dental Flaws With Teeth Bonding

Dentist fixing the patients cracked teethAre your teeth cracked or fractured because of an accident? Are they badly decayed or heavily discoloured because you like coffee and tea too much?

Worry no more and allow a dentist in London to perform cosmetic bonding on your teeth to fix these problems. Fresh Dental provides more information about this type of treatment.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that improves not only the appearance of your teeth, but also their functionality. It is an ideal treatment option for chipped, broken and stained teeth, as well as obvious gaps between teeth.

Dental Bonding Types

Direct composite bonding. This involves the use of tooth-coloured composites to fill cavities, close gaps between teeth and repair cracked teeth. It is likewise used to fix the worn edges of your teeth. The composite materials can be directly applied and sculpted on top of your teeth to showcase the improvement when you smile.

Adhesive bonding. This usually involves the process of attaching aesthetic crowns, porcelain veneers, inlays/on-lays and bridges using an adhesive, a bonding agent, an etchant and a high-intensity curing light.

Cosmetic Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding is a simple procedure that usually takes a single visit to complete. However, in more complex cases, multiple appointments may be necessary. The procedure would often start with the dentist applying an etching solution to the teeth to gently roughen their surface. This will make the bond between the teeth and the plastic stronger.

The surface of the teeth will be covered with a thin layer of the bonding resin and sealed with high-intensity curing light. Finally, the bonding materials are sculpted to the right shape, coloured to match the shade of your teeth, and polished until smooth enough.

Like any other dental procedure, dental bonding comes with its own pros and cons. It is true that dental bonding is durable, but it is still not as strong as your natural teeth. It can last for many years if you take good care of it. Pay close attention to your oral hygiene and avoid foods and drinks that can cause damage or discolouration to your bonding.

What Do You Need To Have Dental Implant Surgery?

Woman having a dental implantDental implants in Edinburgh require a minimum amount of healthy bone for the dental implant to secure to. If the dentist says there is not enough healthy bone to hold an implant firmly in place, this is not necessarily the end of the issue. There are options to consider that could rectify this issue.

Bone Grafting

Natural teeth are supported by their roots, which are firmly embedded in the jaw. When a natural tooth is lost, the missing root will leave an open space. A root no longer stimulates the surrounding bone, which leaves the remaining bone in the area to dissolve.

If there is too much bone loss, it could be difficult to place an implant. Therefore, the dentist may recommend a measure to preserve the natural contours of that area, such as a bone grafting procedure. This can maintain the surrounding bone level for future tooth replacement. The procedure entails placing bone material in the area and sealing it with a layer of collagen, which will promote the healing process.

With bone grafting, patients can have the opportunity to not only replace bone where it is missing, but also the ability to promote new bone growth. This not only gives the dentist the opportunity to place your dental implants in Edinburgh with sufficient support, but also gives the dentist a chance to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

In rare cases the quality of the bone may be just too poor, making the bone unsuitable for placement of dental implants. In these situations, many patients may not be a candidate for the placement of dental implants in Edinburgh. The specialists at Polwarth Dental Clinic can help patients through this journey, to give them the smile they have always wanted.

Sinus Lift

The key to successful dental implants in Edinburgh is the quality and quantity of jawbone to which the implant will be attached. If bone loss has occurred due to injury or gum disease, a sinus lift can raise the sinus floor, allowing for new bone formation for the dental implant to fix securely to. A sinus lift is one of the most common procedures for patients with bone loss in the upper jaw.