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4 Dryer Problems That Need a Repairman

RepairmanIf you don’t have time to hang your clothes to dry, you can use a clothes dryer machine. Most washing machines come with it. You can buy both machines as a single unit or separately. However, not all good things can last forever. After a few years of using a dryer, you might encounter issues that’ll need a professional dryer repair. Appliance Guy lists four of the most common dryer problems.

Dyer Won’t Turn On

There are three possible reasons why your dryer won’t power up – no electricity, loose wiring and broken power button. The first thing to check is the electric outlet. Try plugging other electrical gadgets. If the outlet is working just fine, check the plug at the back and tug at it so that you’ll be able feel if it is loose or not.

Having a broken power button is difficult fix. If you suspect that it’s the cause of the problem, call for repairs immediately.

Dyer Won’t Spin

Aside from a broken switch, your dryer may have a broken belt or a bad motor. If you’re nowhere near a skilled repairman, don’t try to fix it. You may cause more damage than good. Call for repair services.

Dyer Won’t Heat/Overheats

Check the setting of the dryer. You might have turned it a bit lower or higher than necessary. Read the manual for proper instructions. Look at the time and degree of heat needed for a certain quantity of clothing. If that step doesn’t work, the motor is probably not working. And yes, you may have need to in repairs for this problems.  

Dryer Too Noisy

Always place your clothes dryer in a leveled ground. Also, balance the clothes that you put inside it. Unbalanced dryers tend to move too much, thus causing loud noises.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if the damages are bigger than you can handle, don’t hesitate to get a service repair company.

For Dental Practices: How You Can Best the Competition

Dental PracticeThe prevalent opinion regarding the dental industry is that it is a highly profitable one. This is true to some extent, but not everyone gets to rake in a profit. New practices, in particular, tend to have a rough time getting their business off the ground. The trade may be profitable, but it also features fierce competition.

For this reason, there’s a greater need for dental practices to set themselves apart. But, how is that possible? Here are a few effective ways:

Assess the Business Side

Dentists focus on providing the utmost care for patients, but a dental practice is – by design – a business. Forgetting this could lead to financial problems along the way. As such, it’s crucial to take a look at how much you charge patients. It pays to provide flexible payment options as well, as certain procedures do get costly. From the insurance side, make the effort to negotiate dental insurance fees from time to time.

Taking care of the practice’s business side ensures you can run a smoother operation every day.

Encourage Referrals

Having a lot of patients is a sure way to boost your practice’s revenue – and referrals are a good way to achieve that. Come up with a scheme to incentivize referrals from patients. Let those you have treated spread the word about your practice.

Do note that although referrals work wonders, this doesn’t mean you should stop marketing your clinic – both online and offline.

Focus on Customer Service

At the end of the day, a dental practice is still 75% customer service. So, be sure you don’t lag behind in this aspect. Ensure your staff are warm and friendly to all patients. Engage them if and when you can, too. Make them as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

With these ways, you can surely propel your business to greater heights.