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Safety on Skis: Why You Should Be Aware

Safety on SkisSkiing is one of the most exciting sports around the world. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive skier who travels the world in search of the most demanding contests, you know there's a lot to love about this activity. You can learn it when you’re five and still enjoy it when you’re sixty.

That is, of course, if you always bear in mind a few things to keep you safe while enjoying your favorite winter sport.

It's cold out there

The first concern is easy to take for granted because you’re always in a cold environment. And as you enjoy blazing speeds down a hill several times, you may even forget about the cold. Never forget that the cold can hurt if you’re not careful. Always wear the right gear to keep you warm (not hot). Even while you’re choosing the right pair of skis at a ski rental in Vail CO, American Ski Exchange reminds that the size and fit will protect you from the cold and injury.

Why the right size matters

If the ski boots have too much room at your toes, your feet will move forward and backward inside them. If the boots are too tight, you can’t wiggle your toes. Both situations will give you cold feet. If you can move your feet from side to side inside the boots, you cannot control your skis. And when you’re speeding down a mountain, you need all the control you can muster.

Clothing should be of the right size, so you won’t run the risk of frostbite. Don’t wear jeans or clothing that can easily absorb water. If you fall and get your jeans wet, you'll get cold quickly and until you change them you won’t get warm again.

You will fall

Falling is a part of skiing. The thing to watch out for is falling too hard. Beginners and pros alike suffer falls, so it makes sense to practice often. Learn the tricks for keeping your balance. You can only learn them through training under an extremely patient friend or a professional trainer.

Skiing is lots of fun, but it does present some real dangers. Make awareness of the risks a part of your skiing at all times, and never try any difficult tricks unless you’re truly ready.

Beyond Six Seasons: Making Your Ski Gear Last Longer

Ski GearsSki gear is expensive, but it’s also a good long-term investment; in fact, some of the best stuff can last at least six seasons — if you take proper care of it, of course. Taking care of it will not only make your gear last longer, but also perform better. Heck, it can even get you on the slopes faster than that mad dash outside after the first snowfall of the season.

To help you avoid delaminating jackets, warped gear, rusty edges, and funky smells, and to make sure your gear lasts for more than six seasons, follow this guide:

Avoid Using Fabric Softener on Base Layers

Experts from PedigreeSkiShop.com recommend washing and deodorizing your dirty layers and buffs before storing them away. They, however, warn not to use fabric conditioners.

The odor fighting and moisture wicking properties of wool, for instance, are the result of how its fibers grow on sheep. Substances like fabric conditioners cover those fibers in chemicals, rendering them useless.

Wash Your Outerwear

No matter how many times you’ve skied this season, your ski pants and coat are probably dirty. Between loading skis, riding lifts, and falling down, ski clothes can surely take a beating all season from the grease, rogue ketchup and spilled beverages.

You might think it’s not okay to wash waterproof jackets and pants, but it’s actually okay to do so. In fact, washing your fancy shell can actually boost its waterproof capabilities — if you do it properly.

Dry Your Skis

Ski edges can rust incredibly fast if stored while still wet. Rust destroys the edges and eats away at the metal, which then hurts the carving ability of the skis.

No matter how amped and energized you are after a run, always find time to wipe down the metal edges with a towel before throwing your pair in the closet. If you don’t, all your careful tuning care will be for naught after a few days of rust on the edges.

Between the fun of winter and summer lies ski gear cleaning and maintenance, which is something no one really likes, but needs to do. As much as you hate it, start cleaning and taking care of your ski gear if you want to make the most of it.