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Why Snowboard Maintenance is Important

Snowboarding in VailHaving the right skiing equipment is the first step towards having an excellent outing. For this reason, having all your equipment well maintained is important, especially the snowboard. You should check it regularly in order to identify the areas that need repair. Safety is important, so there’s definitely a need to maintain and repair snowboard on a regular basis. There are three areas of a snowboard that must be fixed if they are damaged. They include the board’s top sheet, edges, and base. Some skiers make the mistake of repairing their snowboards by themselves. As a result, they end up doing it in the wrong way and exposing themselves to risk.

American Ski Exchange notes the importance of proper maintenance of snowboards.

How You Know When Your Snowboard Needs Repair

There are several signs that indicate your snowboard requires repair. When the gauge is shallow and fails to contact the edge, it is an indication that it needs repair. The other sign is if the gauge is cavernous and contacts the center of the edge. Additionally, if a scratch is more than 0.5 mm deep, you should never ignore it. Now if your snowboard base has been repaired numerous times, it is a perfect candidate for stone grinding in order to smoothen and flatten the base for speed purposes.

The Most Common Snowboard Repairs

Regardless of the number of times one ventures out into the slopes, there are areas that need fixing for the snowboard to function optimally. One of the common repairs is waxing the base to eliminate friction with the snowy surfaces. Side and base damage consists of chips, cracks and gauges. Bindings and buckle breakages also fall among the common areas requiring repairs.

Having regular checks on your skiing equipment is of great importance. Repairs can go a long way in ensuring that you have an excellent time down the slopes.

Safety on Skis: Why You Should Be Aware

Safety on SkisSkiing is one of the most exciting sports around the world. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive skier who travels the world in search of the most demanding contests, you know there's a lot to love about this activity. You can learn it when you’re five and still enjoy it when you’re sixty.

That is, of course, if you always bear in mind a few things to keep you safe while enjoying your favorite winter sport.

It's cold out there

The first concern is easy to take for granted because you’re always in a cold environment. And as you enjoy blazing speeds down a hill several times, you may even forget about the cold. Never forget that the cold can hurt if you’re not careful. Always wear the right gear to keep you warm (not hot). Even while you’re choosing the right pair of skis at a ski rental in Vail CO, American Ski Exchange reminds that the size and fit will protect you from the cold and injury.

Why the right size matters

If the ski boots have too much room at your toes, your feet will move forward and backward inside them. If the boots are too tight, you can’t wiggle your toes. Both situations will give you cold feet. If you can move your feet from side to side inside the boots, you cannot control your skis. And when you’re speeding down a mountain, you need all the control you can muster.

Clothing should be of the right size, so you won’t run the risk of frostbite. Don’t wear jeans or clothing that can easily absorb water. If you fall and get your jeans wet, you'll get cold quickly and until you change them you won’t get warm again.

You will fall

Falling is a part of skiing. The thing to watch out for is falling too hard. Beginners and pros alike suffer falls, so it makes sense to practice often. Learn the tricks for keeping your balance. You can only learn them through training under an extremely patient friend or a professional trainer.

Skiing is lots of fun, but it does present some real dangers. Make awareness of the risks a part of your skiing at all times, and never try any difficult tricks unless you’re truly ready.