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Pearly-White Pearly Whites

Teeth whitening is the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. In Northern Ireland, teeth whitening is also the go-to treatment when people need to add some glamour to their appearance for a special occasion, or to lift their self-confidence.

In Northern Ireland, teeth whitening is available from dentists such as Blue Sky Dentistry. It is very important to see a dentist for teeth whitening because the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, while very safe, can be an irritant. In fact, it is now illegal in the UK for anyone who is not medically trained to administer teeth whitening.

The perks

So why is this such a popular treatment? Firstly, because it is non-invasive. Nothing has to be done in the way of altering the structure of the teeth for teeth whitening to take place. Secondly, white teeth are associated in our mind with youth and health, so whitening is a quick way of making people look younger and healthier. Teeth can be whitened in a controlled manner making them slightly lighter, or a few shades lighter, all the way up to B1, which is the name for the brightest, brilliant white shade available. The trick is to get to a shade that looks natural. Too white and other people might find a person’s teeth rather creepy to look at, too white and teeth can almost look blue.

Generally speaking, dentists offer 2 ways to get teeth whitening in Northern Ireland.

In-clinic whitening

In-clinic whitening takes an hour or so of lying back and relaxing while the gel, which is applied to the teeth after protective barriers have been put over the lips and gums, does it work, activated by a UV light. Some dentists offer movies to watch and music to listen to. Some even have massage chairs to relax in.

At-home whitening

This uses less concentrated gel. The patient does the treatment at home using custom-made gel trays, which they wear overnight or for several hours during the day. Treatment takes about 2 weeks to get results.

Teeth whitening is not permanent, but can last longer if patients avoid things like coffee, tea, and red wine and diligently brush their teeth after meals.

Why Dental Whitening Should Be a Part of Your Regular Beauty Routine

Teeth WhiteningAn average person is no stranger to cases of stained or discoloured teeth. Even with constant brushing or flossing, it seems slightly stained teeth will always be normal. And most people are all right with it.

Ladies, however, are known for their pursuit of beauty. Whatever the reason is – vanity or for self-confidence – there is no shame in wanting to improve natural beauty. In their journey towards a prettier image, beauty routines have become a staple.

If you are one of them, know one thing – professional dental whitening should be part of said beauty routines.

The Risks of Do It Yourself Treatments

You might be wondering why you should seek professional teeth whitening in Enfield when you can do it on your own.

The abundance of do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits tempts a lot of women to head the DIY route. After all, it saves money and time; no need to drop by the dentist for an hour-long procedure.

Still, not all at-home whitening kits are recommended by your local practices. Not all DIY procedures are safe or suitable for your case. Each whitening kit comes with a different strength and form. If it is not for your teeth, it could damage and compromise your oral health.

What to Expect

When you say yes to professional whitening, expect your teeth to whiten within five to 10 shades. The actual procedure only takes 45 minutes of your time. Also, your dentist may recommend at-home whitening kits of high quality – no need to worry about DIY blunders.

Not everyone, however, can receive the treatment. If you wish to proceed, it’s important to ask your dentist first, so they can determine if you are fit, and teach you the basics.

You will benefit from the procedure once you see your whiter pearly whites. It will be easier to flash a beautiful smile at anyone. Instead of crossing this off your beauty checklist, make this your top priority.

The Unpleasant Things People Used for Whitening Teeth

Teeth Whitening in BloomsburyTeeth whitening once was an unsafe treatment compared with today. Having white teeth has always been a symbol of health and beauty, which is why people have always wanted the perfect sparkling white smile.

As advised by Fresh Dental London, teeth whitening today use specialised pastes that are cured using a whitening lamp. To ensure their efficiency, dentists undergo treatment at their practices carried out by qualified dentists. The treatment is quick, effective and harmless to the teeth.

People did not always have the medical technology of today. In the past, unpleasant and often questionable methods were used to whiten their teeth.

Pumice and Vinegar

The Ancient Egyptians, known for their use of eyeliner and extravagant wigs, recognised the value of having beautiful, white teeth. To achieve this, they would crush pumice stone into a fine powder and mix it with vinegar, then rub it into their teeth. Although being very harsh on the enamel, the method was very effective.


Urine is probably one of the most unpleasant substances used for whitening the teeth. The Ancient Romans collected urine from their toilets and swished the liquid in their mouth. Though having urine inside the mouth exposed them to a number of diseases, it did have a whitening effect due to the ammonia in the urine functioned as a whitening agent.

Sulphuric Acid

During the Georgian era in England, the wealthy used a material called dentifrice to whiten their teeth. This coarse mixture included unusual ingredients like crushed cuttlefish bone, bicarbonate of soda, and Spirit of Vitriol, or more commonly called sulphuric acid. It is extremely caustic and could cause severe chemical burns.

Fortunately, the methods of whitening have evolved with modern dentistry techniques. Dentists no longer need to use unusual, often dangerous substances for whitening the teeth with modern methods that are completely harmless to the teeth and health.