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Raising the Bar: Three Things to Start your Gym for the New Year

Fitness GymThe fitness trend has come and is here to stay. With the new year coming, expect more people to start hitting fitness centres for their health resolutions. You cannot blame them. For most people, the gym is the go-to place to start physical training programs. They are temples where the mind and body work as one.

With everyone making resolutions to get fit this 2016, why not start a gym of your own? A small business venture with the right people, equipment and investments can pay dividends that may extend past 2016. Here is what you need.

The Location

You need a nice spot for the gym. Find the right location that caters to a lot of people. It can be in a small-town residential area or at a busy downtown business district where you can cater to the yuppies. Once you have the place, provide the right amenities such as shower and locker rooms.

The Equipment

It’s not a fitness centre if there are no weights to lift. Part of your investment into the gym is procuring the right exercise equipment. What you should get will depend on your target market. To cater to bodybuilders, get weight training equipment.

A dance studio suits people looking for calisthenics exercises. Workout equipment such as benches and squat racks can serve a variety of exercises. Add a set of dumbbells and barbells, and you’re set. The equipment in your home gym can give you ideas of what to buy.

The Personnel

You cannot manage the fitness centre by yourself. To run your gym, what you need is a team of professionals. These gym instructors are the experts who guide and train your clients. Former competitive bodybuilders and athletes make for good instructors, as they transition well from practitioner to instructor. The Australian company fitnessu.com.au says the Certificate IV in Fitness will help train your team to ensure you have the right people for the job.

Starting a gym is a prospective venture, because there’s no shortage of people looking to be in their best shape. Know the basics of the industry, and you will be off to a good start.

You Got This: Solving Common Furnace Problems

Blast FurnaceA good furnace can last over a decade, provided you maintain it well. Furnaces require regular maintenance due to the nature of its function, which involves so much kinetic power, heat, and electricity. Here are the most common problems and how you can fix them.

Not warming enough

This is usually a blower problem. Check if the blower is clean. The dirt may have blocked the passage of air or something may be blocking the blower. Peak into the mouth of the blower with the use of a flashlight. It needs cleaning if you no longer see the edges of the blower.

Air flow is restricted

This may be a problem in the belt or pulley inside the motor. The motor is probably disconnected from the blower, which keeps it from moving the air around. The first step is to make sure the furnace is unplugged.

Next, remove the top or side lid of the unit, depending on the type you have. Check that the belt is still securely fastened between the two gears. Replace the belt if you notice it’s loose.

Problems with the pilot or light ignition

Three factors may cause this. The power may not reach the motor, you may have a broken motor, or there may be a problem with the circuit breaker.

In situations where the power doesn’t reach the motor, fix the problem by replacing the wiring. The same goes for the motor and circuit breaker issues. These are problems you can’t fix on your own, though.

These can pose potential risks to your home and yourself because they deal with electrical and technical concerns. LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, a Bloomington company offering furnace repair, says it’s best to ask the help of experts in the interest of safety.

The first sign of furnace problems is the expended air. Check the cleanliness of the unit first, and its age next. Expect more problems in older units, but don’t be quick to dispose of them. Have your unit maintained and try to save it through repairs.