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Trump and A Tale of Two Immigrants: the Green Card Holder and the Dual Citizen

green card lawyers in UtahWhen President Donald Trump signed his immigration executive order, confusion arose everywhere – including at airports and the agencies in charge of the implementation of the order.

The entire ordeal posed a dilemma for two groups of people: US green card holders and people with dual citizenships. For the latter, the order poses a more difficult dilemma, especially if they live in Trump nation and are originally from one of the seven “banned” nations, which includes Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, or Sudan.

It doesn’t help that Trump’s officials contradict themselves. During his talk with NBS, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said green card holders are safe from the new law. Eventually, the White House retracted, saying it will, after all, affect them.

Utah is no stranger to this law. As a result, anyone affected immediately rings up their immigration law and green card lawyer in Utah. Just like those affected in other states, they have one question:

What now?

Green Card Holder from a Banned Nation

The initial interpretation of Trump’s order was simple: despite hailing from one of the seven countries, as long as you have a green card, you should be fine. The White House, however, explained again: doesn’t matter if you hold a green card – you’re still barred.

So what are the implications, for a green card holder from a banned nation?

You can board the plane and return to the US without problems. Once you land, officials will collect fingerprints, documents, and other vital information to secure your identity. Through an interview, border agents will judge if you are a national security risk or not. They also have the discretion to thoroughly question travelers from these countries.

A Dual Citizen from a Banned Nation

The law was a point of confusion for people from the black-listed nations, in possession of valid dual passports. Initial guidelines from the State Department declared dual citizenship holders from a banned nation cannot enter the US.

This means an Iraqi traveler with a Canadian passport cannot enter the country.

Trump’s new immigration law has everyone on the edge of their seats, particularly green card holders and dual citizens. One can only hope that in the end, everything works for the best.

Your First Business Trip Preparation List

Travel PreparationsIf this is your first time to go on a business trip, then you are pretty lucky that your destination is Perth. Not only it is one of the more modern and traveller-friendly cities in the world, it has wonderful sights where you can have your business meetings in. This is the reason you have to arm yourself with the right information.

Here are few life hacks that you need to keep in mind:

Research on the Best Places

Not only are you supposed to look for the best places to have a meal or reserve a room, you should also be aware of Perth’s tourist attractions and locale happenings. You can include visiting these sites during your business deals. Plant a meal with your business partners at culturally-rich Fremantle, or close that deal at Rottnest Island. Business has never been more pleasurable than this.

Make Your Reservations

Other than your plane reservations, you also have to see that you complete the other kinds of reservations required for your trip. Have you already reserved a rental car? What about restaurant reservations for your meeting? Where will you be staying while you are in Perth? If you can make reservations for short term apartment stay, industry professional Executive Apartments says that would be a more economical option than a hotel. Make sure too that you find affordable but reliable services for your other requirements.

Complete Your Paper

Papers aren’t just about passports and travel documents. Prepare your business proposals, documents, discount tickets, gift certificates, paper money, IDs and other relevant “papers” that you will need for the whole trip. Keep these documents secure in your carry-all and possibly stored inside a moisture or weather-proof bag.  Always make sure you have all of these papers secured.

Just because you won’t stay long at Perth doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and finish business at the same time. Here’s to you having a wonderful time even during your busy days. After all, you’ve chosen the perfect place to do business.