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The Smart Way to Take a Vacation

Taking a VacationWho doesn’t like to take time off every now and then? Between the stresses of the daily grind and limited time to rest after getting home, a nice, lengthy vacation is what you need. Or is it? When it comes to holidays, you have two options: go for a big, long one, or opt for multiple short breaks. Whether it’s a ski holiday, courtesy of companies such as Ski Line Limited, or a week in the Bahamas, it doesn’t matter. What you need to know is the “smart” way of spending your vacation for optimal stress relief.

The Science Of Vacationing

According to a study in the Journal Of Applied Research in Quality of Life, most people were in fact not happy after a vacation. Sounds a bit counterintuitive, isn’t it? For common people, there might be an explanation. During the holiday, it’s all good since there’s no fear of a set daily schedule. Whereas, at the tail-end of the holiday, people start becoming anxious because they anticipate a sudden return to reality.

All of this lies with the concept of chronic stress. Keep in mind that stress is a natural bodily reaction; hence, it can’t be avoided. Vacations, however, can break into its cycle. What this means is that there’s often a sense of being refreshed; a feeling of being ready to take control of one’s life again. That is, however, if the holiday is considered successful. Something that drastically differs from one’s usual routine is enough to break up the stress cycle that’s brought by monotony.

On Single, Long Holidays And Multiple Short Ones

Frequent-yet-shorter vacations are better for stress reduction. That’s the short answer. Psychologist and University of Alabama professor Dr Christopher Robinson provides more detail. “Planned” vacations (aka big and really long ones) often involve a multitude of stressors from the planning alone. Travel, sleep disruption, and changes in diet are to blame in this situation.

Other studies show the same thing. Behavioural economist and Duke University professor Dan Ariely claims that mini breaks create more happy memories. According to him and his peers, people literally get accustomed to their holiday lifestyle if they go on an extended break – and their excitement wanes over time.

Fremantle Has a Lot to Offer

Vacationing in FremantleThere is a lot to see and do in Fremantle, so you should schedule a stay of several days. You can rent Fremantle apartments with fully equipped kitchens and all the comforts of home as well as hotel-style amenities, so accommodations are not a problem. Find out more about what you can expect when you check out this city on the edge of the Indian Ocean.


There are five main beaches in Fremantle, all of which are unique in what they have to offer:

Bather’s Beach and Port Beach have calm waters, so they are ideal for families with small children. Leighton Beach offers great opportunities for snorkelling and wind surfing. Head on down to River Beach or South Beach if you want to do some real sailing. Wherever you decide to go, stick around to watch a gorgeous sunset or two.


Fremantle has a very lively music and nightlife scene. Among the famous musical talent produced in Fremantle were AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott and singer-songwriter John Butler. After the kids are in for the night, head on down to the Fremantle Markets where you can watch buskers perform. You can also catch some live music at Mojo’s, Fremantle Arts Centre, The Fly By Night Club, and Clancy’s Fish Pub. Bring home a handcrafted didgeridoo as well!


Shopping is Fremantle is a unique experience, befremantle.com.au states. You will find the Fremantle Markets housed in a National Trust of Australia Building, well over 100 years old. Inside you will have your pick of more than 150 stalls in there offering handicrafts, jewelry, art, as well as specialty foods.  Browse as much as you want and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of local beer on tap.

Fremantle is a great city to visit in Western Australia all year round.  The best time to go is in October or November during the Fremantle Festival, but make sure you book your Fremantle apartments in advance as it can get crowded.