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Ways of Staying Warm During the Winter Season

Man fixing the home heating systemThe winter season can be a time when most outdoor activities are brought to a halt especially when you need to keep warm. Here are some ways you can stay comfy during those cold winter days.

Keep the house warm

Ensure that the house remains warm at all times by investing in a good home heating system such as an efficient furnace. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC recommends that when buying a furnace, you consider the different heating options and match them with your needs. Gas furnaces, for instance, are the most economical ones since they run on natural gas. Oil furnaces, on the other hand, are a powerful source of heat but require more room for storage. After buying the furnace, contact furnace services in Salt Lake City for expert installation.

Wear more garments

Layering ensures that you stay warm throughout the season. You can also wear long underwear or thermal underwear to stay warm. For those who worry about looking bulky, there is cold-weather gear that uses materials that can keep you warm even through the coldest nights.

Eat foods that warm you up

Tea, soup, spicy food, and hot coffee are good for fending off the cold. Consuming extra healthy fats also help in increasing the metabolism which ends up heating the body.

Avoid consuming alcohol

Though you may end up feeling warm after getting drunk, alcohol in the real sense decreases your internal temperature. This is what makes alcohol dangerous during winter. If you can, lessen your alcohol consumption and stick to soup to feel warm.

Keep your extremities warm

Your hands and feet are vulnerable to cold. Ensure that your feet are covered at all times. If possible, wear two or more pairs of socks to keep your feet warm especially when going out. Wear gloves to keep your fingers warm.

You can still enjoy winter if you know how to keep warm. Follow these tips and don’t let the season pass. As long as you keep warm, you can engage in as many winter activities as you want.

Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills Even During Winter

Utility Bills During Winter in SandySkyrocketing heating bills during the cold winter months often pose a significant challenge to homeowners, causing them to incur hefty costs. Here are some ways to lower the heating bills for your Sandy home.

On an unusually chilly day, everyone hopes to go home to a warm and welcoming refuge from the biting cold. While it’s desirable, a necessity even, heating a home can prove costly and could significantly drive up your monthly bills.

Rather than contend with hefty power bills each month while barely keeping your home warm, here are three common heating mistakes to avoid.

Skimping on a tune up

Air conditioning units require a monthly change of air filters for maximum efficiency. Changing these filters does not need any particular expertise, so you can carry it out. However, you should retain the services of a professional to inspect and repair the unit at least once a year. Although the unit might be running fine, loose bolts and screws could lead to greater problems in the future or even a total breakdown.

Turning up the thermostat

As much as the room temperature might be freezing, you cannot rush the process of getting it warm since a thermostat does not operate on that principle. Rather than drive up you power bills, set it to the normal levels and have some patience and probably a hot cup of coffee. Increasing the home insulation capabilities reduces the heat loss from the house and keeps the temperatures well below freezing point. Consider increasing the heat retaining capacity of the home by insulating the windows and keeping the cold breeze from getting in. Stoppers under the doors work wonders.

Closing the heating vents

Some people mistakenly believe that closing the heating vents conserves heat and reduces the activity of the AC unit. Contrary, it only reduces the amount of warm, not to mention expensive air, getting into the room, since much of it remains in the heating vents. For the best results, homeowners should keep all the vents in their homes open.

Doing these things allow you to keep your home warm without spending a fortune.

Man Up and Dress Better this Autumn/Winter

Winter FashionTransitioning from summer to autumn can be challenging. Meet the shedding of the leaves like a man by outflanking the biggest cold weather errors. Sub your cottons with gorgeous heavyweight wool and meet the beginning of the cold season in style and with a sip of your favourite warm beverage.

Weatherproof Your Wardrobe

Autumn can be fun, but it can also get bitingly cold. Don’t let the frosty weather bruise your style. Weatherproof your wardrobe and invest in a waterproofing spray to protect your new shearling jacket. Polish can also offer your shoes another layer of protection.

Dial Down on the Bright Colours

Fold away your summer pastels and break out pieces in black, grey, white or blue. Dial down on the bright colours and look for blocked neutral shades. You don’t have to go all monochrome. Just mimic the changing leaves in muted shades of rust, military green and mustard and you’re going to look right at home.

Invest in Accessories

Invest in accessories that make late afternoons less freezing. Put on a lightweight cotton scarf or those trendy HUF Plantlife socks from 5Pointz.co.uk you’ve been looking to buy for so long already. A good, full size umbrella would come handy, too.

Get a Premium Piece

This is the season that makes it a crime to skimp on a new and fashionable coat. This is where money talks. Get a premium piece that looks like it’s made to last more than one turning of the season. A wool overcoat is the most versatile option, but for a more casual take, a waxed cotton jacket will do.

Layer Smartly

Just because it’s the season of layering doesn’t mean you pile on one fabric after another. Layer smartly so you not only look on point, but are also comfortable in case it rains. Breathable cotton should be closest to the skin, with wool next, for warmth and something weatherproof on top.

There. Now you look like you are made to walk the streets in autumn.