White & Bright: Restoring Great Smiles Through Whitening Procedures

Woman smiling with her clean teethTeeth whitening is fast becoming a common cosmetic dental procedure. After all, who would not want pearly white teeth to go with their great smile?

If you are like most people who have no idea how many teeth whitening procedure would cost, fret not. Below are some important things you need to ask your dentist to make sure that you are getting the most out of your treatment.

Is it the right treatment for me?

Your teeth discolouration might not be due to drinking too much tea and coffee. Therefore, it is important to consult with your dentist and see which type of treatment best suits your condition.

How will the procedure be done?

There are two different kinds of teeth whitening — in surgery and at home whitening kit. 

The former involves a dentist, applying bleaching agents and using laser technology. The latter, on the other hand, uses a set of custom-made trays, bleach, and whitening gel. The good news is you can do this procedure on your own at home.

What can I expect after treatment?

People have different experiences post-whitening procedure. Teeth sensitivity is normal and is manageable by using specific toothpaste and other known methods.

How can I maintain the effects of the treatment?

Teeth whitening is not permanent, so your responsibility does not stop after the procedure. In fact, it starts with it. Ask your dentist for tips on how you can prolong the effects of your teeth whitening procedure.

How much would it cost?

Teeth whitening is not as costly as other cosmetic dental procedures. Discuss with your dentist early on regarding the cost of treatment and see whether your insurance company covers it.

Do not hide that smile any longer. Visit your dentist and see how their teeth whitening treatment can restore not only your smile but also your confidence.